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Angus has been playing a Pokemon Blue emulator he downloaded lately, and thinking of my drawing of Nathan Explosion as a grass-mouse Pokemon, and a little inspiration from this CreepyPasta story, drew me this:


Well, I guess Curse wouldn't be too effective against Nathan, since he's part of the Curse of Dethklok already. Maybe the Ghost better keep his distance! ;)
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On the last of school before Winter Break, Angus's core special ed class will be sharing family traditions and having a "Cultural Feast," for which each child is encouraged to bring some type of food, whether from a family tradition or cultural background. Huh. About the only traditional thing I make every year is clam chowder on Xmas Eve - which I actually changed from my mom making oyster stew (I like the flavor of oysters but not necessarily the texture). Last year when we went up to my brother's in his new place in LA, it morphed again into clam dip; he'd made something else, and had us make something my grandparents used to traditionally put out at family gatherings (that and celery sticks with Lawry's Seasoned Salt). I'm not sure how a bunch of seventh graders, some with allergies, and probably others with texture/sensory issues, are going to feel about clams, much less soup that might get kind of messy. Angus suggested calimari - ha! Even better! I can just see some kid's reaction to tentacles.

As far cultural, haggis? Irish whiskey ([ profile] runsamuck's suggestion)? Can't see those going over real well either. ;p

He did also bring up Hoppin' John, more of a New Year's thing. We've made it a few times, but I wouldn't quite say it's a tradition (and no one in either of our families is even Southern) - we could always make it one though.
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So, Angus has decided, on a few viewings of reruns (seen fairly often in this household because my father recently became a fan), that he's soured a bit on Avatar: The Last Airbender because he didn't care for the ending.* Turns out that at 12, he's a total Zutara shipper. He decided to come up with his own solution. After viewing a few Kaput & Zosky episodes on YouTube (to jog his memory - it hasn't been aired in some time), he announced his latest comic book project is an ATLA/Kaput and Zosky crossover.

(Kaput & Zosky being another Nicktoons animation no longer being aired - a French import by way of Canada, I believe - about two bloody-minded bean-shaped aliens who go from planet to planet attempting to conquer them, usually being abysmal failures at it. It has a very simple, stylized art style, which I very much like, but it's very different from ATLA.)

Spoilers? But who's watching anymore... )
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Angus has been digging into all things Invader Zim lately and one of his favorite sites is the Zim Wiki. He's borrowing my phone at present, because I've been trying to figure out how to fix the PC - the both browsers suddenly stopped connecting, although everything else that connects to the internet still works. Grrr.

Anyway, he just brought the phone over to point out a particular caste of Irkens (Zim's species) called Advisors - who provide input to the leaders, the Almighty Tallest. The type specimen's name is Rarl Kove.

And then I had to explain why it made me laugh.

I love Invader Zim, but still haven't seen all of it yet. Or at least don't have the memory Angus does, to remember all the tiny details...Also, despite the number of times I've watched, I only in the last week recognized the voice of Tallest Purple as that of Kevin MacDonald (formerly of Kids in the Hall). Duh; thought I was better at voices than that.

Finally a Zim fan animation I favorited ages ago at DA, but it still makes me laugh.

Avalon wants to be Gaz for the next costume-appropriate holiday....
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Sackboy visiting the Aquarium, and was trying to tell species of rockfish from one another (there are about 50 different species on the West Coast). In this pic are, a boccacio (brown), about three black & yellow rockfish, and a couple of canary rockfish (orange stripy), possibly some blue rockfish in the background. Also a strawberry anemone and a couple of sun stars.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
27 June 2010

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We went to the beach again to participate in Hands Across the Sand. Apparently the girls next to us were hestitant to hold hands with Angus; they wouldn't grab on until the last second, and then dropped hands and ran up the beach as soon as it appeared to be over. I chatted with the older man next to me who seemed to be from Northern CA and said something about having started one of the first organic farms in the state. He asked about the oil rigs visible a few miles in the distance, and I told him they were pretty much grandfathered from before the ban on drilling. However, the major oil spill we've had here was when I first started at the Department; an oil terminal right about a mile of Newland St. where tankers offloaded to the Edison plant. A captain forgot to take the shallow water and the tides into account and the ship sat on its own anchor. Guess what company it was. >:( The guy shook his head and nodded at Avalon running back and forth among the pier pilings and in and out of the water, then said, "We aren't doing this for ourselves. It's for people like her."

An older woman up on the pier looked down disgustedly and yelled, "DRILL, DRILL, DRILL!"

Hands Across the Sand
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
26 June 2010

civic duties )
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To tell the truth, I copied down the [ profile] mylife_onceaday scavenger hunt list at the beginning of the month, but have suffered travel, stress, Flickr account expiring, lack of computer access (read one computer and 4-5 people wanting to use it) and lack of motivation to keep track of it. Hell with it, let's just say I'm a lazy ass. Given that I did take pics without the list in mind I thought I'd at least go through my April photos and see if any matched up with the prompts.

Angus and I went for a walk downtown; given that I've lived here since being younger than he is, there are a LOT of childhood memories here. The tree above, more horizontal than vertical, is one of several like it I used to climb regularly when my Girl Scout troop had day camp (called Camp Puk-Wudgie) for a week each summer. We'd spend Thursday night in a tent in the park - one time we were kept awake all night by a screech owl in a nearby palm tree.

Ostensibly we were looking for a geocache in the tree, but there were so many people with dogs around we gave up.

Farquar Park
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
2 April 2009

other memories, I can't decide... )

14. childhood memory ☺
30. hands ☺
6. damage ☺
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Wow. This is a fantastic set of blog posts I've been reading in stages over the past week or so. Today, the author was kind enough to make a post with links to all the connected pieces in one place (oh yeah, that's called a Table Of Contents, right). My brother had asked me for stuff to read to help him understand Angus a bit better, and while I've been meaning to sit down and make up a list, I think this is a great place to start. I would encourage reading even if you don't think you know anyone autistic, because chances are, you do, and you (or even they) don't know it.
(Series of posts linked to in this post is what you want to read)

Angus is not exactly like Bud; he's a couple of years older and fairly good at talking - although he does use some scripts and echolalia, he's not dependent on them. He's in a regular classroom for subjects he's good at (so far, science, social studies and computer lab), and in core classroom for subjects he's not so good at (language arts and math). He's now in middle school where classes in different periods are arranged like this anyway, so he's actually had a headstart on getting used to that. He's had an aide for four hours a day to keep him on track, but his latest IEP plans for aide time to be faded to about half that. He's not on any medication. However, there are quite a few similarities - he gets anxious and frustrated easily, gets very anxious when he realizes an adult he knows is not in view, does not deal easily with sudden changes -i.e. family changing their minds on what movie they're going to watch. He hums a lot (so do I). Loud environments stress him, although he's getting better at that. He definitely needs the movement breaks; we call it gallumphing and he's done it almost since he started walking; the spinny thing is fun, too (hell, I used to do that when I was a kid). His shoes wear out in front first, because he still tends to walk more on his toes. We have never made a big deal out of his issues, which are fairly mild compared to some; he's just Angus to us and quite frankly we had to have them pointed out to us to realize he had them. However, with people who get impatient with him, maybe this will help. I wish I had been creative enough to come up with something like this. I also wish everyone could have the kinds of teachers Bud's seem to be.
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Six tigers; Angus (1998), me (1962), and my dad, Robert (1926) were all born in the year of the Tiger, plus two toys and our newest little tiger, Scooter. 

And the last of my Feb. scavenger hunt... )

And I'll be back for the next scavenger hunt, because this one is done!

3. Tiger ☺
13. A kiss ☺
28. Something you want to spend your tax return on ☺
8. A sign of jealousy ☺
18. Self portrait at work ☺
22. The cover of a book with the word "home" in the title ☺
9. Laughter ☺
7. An object you always have with you ☺
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Oh dear, I meant to keep up better on the scavenger hunt thingies. Here are a good 50 toes, and maybe a finger and front paw or two...

moar... )

25. Bare feet ☺
6. Something that helps you start the day ☺
10. Contents of your friend's wallet ☺
20. Game ☺
27. Birthday Candles ☺


Jan. 19th, 2010 11:30 am
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Well, I would have written something about the torrential rain yesterday, but Wil Wheaton did it much better than I could...

moves by just like a paper boat

We didn't really venture out much yesterday as it was really pouring all day; more a day for watching that Inuyasha movie in the box we hadn't gotten around to yet, making frozen cookie dough cookies, and putting away the last of the ornaments we hadn't yet. However, Sunday afternoon Angus and I did walk out to the end of the pier in the drizzle, had a snack at Ruby's, and came back. We cheated a bit then, by driving half-way down and parking. We discovered a mural we hadn't seen before around the corner from Perq's, and discovered the antique shop in the old Helme/Worthy Buiding was still open, so we had to check that out as well. I pointed out a 40's-50's era tea set to Angus, if ever his dad needs an idea for gift-giving, ha-ha, and he asked me several times why someone would want to buy some very old Coke bottles - still with original Coke, which must be really stale by now - or another Coke bottle with its neck stretched and twisted, probably from a carnival. He seemed dubious that people would ever want to buy such things.

The day before we had walked all the way down there from home and back. Some very big surf was coming in and swells were breaking past the restrooms and bait shop, much further out than usual. I practiced shooting the surfers for a few minutes, slightly envying the woman with a much bigger telephoto lens; then Angus tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the pigeons getting a drink from the faucet at the fish cleaning station. Large-lens lady started taking pictures of them too.

So it seems Angus is becoming my walking buddy; the other two will go as well, most of the time, but he's the one who most often bugs me about it, which is a good thing. He no longer holds my hand like he did when he was little, but often takes my elbow as we're walking. It could be he might decide soon that's not something middle school-age boys do (Gareth, almost two years younger decided that a couple of years ago already), but for now it's sweet. Maybe in twenty years or so, it'll be the other way around.
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Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
26 Spetember 2009

Angus watching a spider building her evening web - the bottom strands were anchored to this park bench, and the upper part of the web was in the overhanging tree 10-15 feet up. Shortly after this, a couple of families nearby stopped to talk and one of their younger boys came over to watch the spider as well. He told Angus his father had sprayed some spiders in their garage, and Angus got a little offended, shaking his finger and telling him a bit loudly (volume control is something we have to remind him about fairly often) that spiders shouldn't be killed. I stopped him and was telling him speak more calmly when the kid's dad called his son back to him by saying loud enough to be heard by us that Angus was "creeping him out." I went over and explained that Angus gets a little pedantic about things he feels strongly about, but he just has a different way of speaking and the dad kind of went, "Oh, ok," but it got my hackles up a bit (although I suppose the other parent's were too). I was standing right there; did he think Angus was going to do something to his child or that I would have allowed it? No such thing would have ever occured to Angus in any case - his little sister picks on him and he never thinks to fight back.
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In front of a furniture store having an outdoor sale. It has lobster claws but I swear that's the face of a spot prawn.

Giant prawn
Fountain Valley CA
Canon EOS 1000D
05 September 2009

goofing around... )
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So, midsummertime. Angus's last day of summer school was yesterday, to his great relief. "Who invented summer school, to torture kids!" he said the day after regular school got out, and shook his first. The days of taking summer school for fun things is gone forever, I guess. His report card came back as everything "progressing towards goals." I think he's excited to go to Dwyer this fall; certainly he was disappointed that summer school didn't take place there.

I don't think we're going to be able to go camping this summer like we did last year; gas isn't so expensive, but with more than a month's salary gone...I don't think we'd better. John's been looking for something, but he just met yesterday morning with one of his old bosses, who told him Ralph's/Food 4 Less will be going through another round of layoffs, so not very likely there. He would love to go back to cooking, but we don't think his health could stand it, since his asthma seems to keep getting progressively worse. We are probably going to have to take out a loan to get tutoring for Avalon and cover a few bills we are short on.

Outside my office window, tiger swallowtails chase each other through the sycamores surrounding the building. They seem to be pretty aggressive for butterflies. I've been wondering why they seem to be attracted to these trees when I had thought that swallowtail caterpillars liked dill and fennel. Well, I should've searched earlier - it's Black Swallowtails that like those plants. These are Western Tigers (maybe explains the aggression, too, heh), and they do prefer trees.
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I am so far behind on these - good thing I'm not doing it every day right now...from back in June...


Had the day off since I worked over the weekend, so went to the Aquarium on a Monday! Found another couple of geocaches and took this pic from one of them; messed about in Picnik with it a bit.

Queen Mary
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
15 June 2009

here be dragons... )
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Another walk with Angus, where I let him use my old camera, and we took pictures together. We walked through a small office complex a few blocks from home, across the street from the Civic Center, mainly because he wanted to see the ducks that hang out in the waterscaping there. I know we've walked through here before, but for some reason I'd never noticed this old silo (I think that's what it is), right in the middled of the complex. When my family first moved here, long before the offices were built, there was an old mansion a hundred yards away (it burned down - rather conveniently - shortly thereafter retirement apartments for senior were built), and stables not far in the other direction. Huntington Beach used to be a big farming community, and this is about all that's left of it in this neighborhood.

Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
15 May 2009

+2 )
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Avalon attending a birthday party at one of the last bowling alleys around here (along with ice rinks they seem to be going the way of the condor, around here at least). Nothing like a gaggle of squealing 2nd graders bowling in their pajamas. Also (funny if you live here), not only was there an Avalon, there was a Catalina, too.

Floating round things
Fountain Bowl
Fountain Valley CA
Canon EOS 1000D
2 May 2008

Later... )
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Angus and I went for a walk this evening. The Civic Center is at the end of my street a block away, and Angus's favorite part of it is this tile mural mounted outsided the police station entrance. First to be spinny in front of...

HB Civic Center
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
25 April 2009

then to feel... )
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We found out this week that Gareth's mission model had been entered by the school in the county Youth Expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds. That's his, closest to the hay bale on the lowest level. The one just behind him is a classmate's; she decided to make hers out of gingerbread, with red licorice for the roof tiles - pretty creative, but it was looking a bit tired and crumbly after all the travel. I brought along the Big Camera, but unfortunately forgot the spare battery; after a few rabbit and chicken pics in the 4-H section, it died, so had to rely on my phone.

OC Youth Expo
Costa Mesa CA
Kyocera Switchbach phone camera
18 April 2009

By the way - the Fairgrounds really needs to label their entrances for events a little better. There was a Pet Expo going on at the same time, which took up most of the grounds and for which there was a $12 admission. There were signs on the main street for the Youth Expo (which was free), but no other direction. We parked at OCC, the community college across the street, and walked to what we thought would be the entrance, but both the main fairground entrances were to the Pet Expo. By the time we figured out the entrance was in the back, near the Equestrian Center, we had had to walk all the way around the Swap Meet (also going on, and charging admission so we couldn't take a short cut through it), and up Newport Blvd., nearly a complete circuit of the entire Fairgrounds. Which I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was HOT!!! and I hadn't brought any water with me. Plus three kids who weren't necessarily wearing walking shoes. Also, when we finally found the correct entrance, there was no sidewalk and very little allowance for pedestrians; I did not feel real comfortable with three kids, dodging cars to walk in the driveway.

other youth crafts, animals and balloons! )
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Yeah, the tutu and gold bra is just what I want to wear to the beach...
Angus was really antsy, so we decided to go for a walk, just the two of us. It's nice to get in some one on one time and no one else wanted to anyway. So we drove a little way down Main St., parked near the Art Center and walked the rest of the way down to the pier and back. The shop windows are always fun to look in. It was relatively quiet down there; during the summer, the sidewalks will be jammed even in the evening.

Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
9 April 2009

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