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Hope everyone had a Happy 4th (here in the States, that is). Pretty par for the course here. Parade, fireworks. We thought about going to Anime Expo on Sunday, but at least one fry decided they didn't want to go, [ profile] runsamuck pouted about possibly staying home from his friend Jerry's (they have a standing Sunday video game playdate), and most importantly, I neglected to buy tickets ahead of time, not to mention Angus is no longer in the child ticket range, and definitely won't pass for twelve anymore (I think he's as tall as me now, and starting to get acne and a peach fuzz mustache. Pretty sure he's outgrown the Sesshomaru costume I made for him few years ago). It would have been $170 at the door just to get in for one day, which I really can't justify right now. Maybe a smaller convention later, if we can find one nearby. Angus likes to remind me, "I kept telling you!" Yes, dear...

Also, on Saturday up there, there was a bomb scare, but people seem to be less freaked out by hordes of costumed fans descending on downtown Los Angeles. Although I find it a little odd that these articles were all in the OC Register, and I didn't come across any from the LA Times. Oh well.

Aquarium... )

7/4/2011 )
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Sackboy visiting the Aquarium, and was trying to tell species of rockfish from one another (there are about 50 different species on the West Coast). In this pic are, a boccacio (brown), about three black & yellow rockfish, and a couple of canary rockfish (orange stripy), possibly some blue rockfish in the background. Also a strawberry anemone and a couple of sun stars.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
27 June 2010

moar )
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The kids demanded Slurpees, so off we went to find a 7-11. While there, I remembered there was a geocache in this parking lot. Even though we didn't have the GPS with us, I thought I might know where it was, and indeed, we found it. Sackboy signed the log too. I would have taken his pic with the cache but there was too much birdshit everwhere.

At the 7-11
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
23 June 2010

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I originally thought this was a pigeon guillemot, but it lacks a black wedge in the white patch, so it's a black guillemot, a small seabird that lives off the West Coast (related to murres and puffins). Those birds were here too, but moving around too quickly in the habitat which is pretty dimly lit, not to mention the birds splash droplets all over the glass; all of which contributes to blurry pictures. I'm amazed I got this one.

14. Black & White ☺
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Trip to AOP today; this was a new resident I had not seen before. This is a ribbon seadragon.

Ribbon seadragon
Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
12 July 2009
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I am so far behind on these - good thing I'm not doing it every day right now...from back in June...


Had the day off since I worked over the weekend, so went to the Aquarium on a Monday! Found another couple of geocaches and took this pic from one of them; messed about in Picnik with it a bit.

Queen Mary
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
15 June 2009

here be dragons... )
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Cesar Chavez Day here in CA - it's a state holiday, so it's one I get off work. The kids don't though, so they came home and said "Why are you home so early?" I pulled a few weeds while I was home, and then later, the Aquarium was having an Autism families night,where the aquarium was open late until 9:00. It was very quiet and relaxed, hardly anyone there, which I suppose was the point - although I also wonder if even the discounted price might have been a hardship for some people.

Spiny lobster
Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
31 March 2009

Apparently, some fish like... )
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Pencil urchin, two sponges, and "sexy shrimp"- so named for the way they sway their abdomens back & forth when walking. First time I'd seen these, although they are apparently fairly common home aquarium animals.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Casio Exilim EX-Z80A
15 February 2009

Burdz!...and this camera shoots VIDEO...squee! )


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