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Hope everyone had a Happy 4th (here in the States, that is). Pretty par for the course here. Parade, fireworks. We thought about going to Anime Expo on Sunday, but at least one fry decided they didn't want to go, [ profile] runsamuck pouted about possibly staying home from his friend Jerry's (they have a standing Sunday video game playdate), and most importantly, I neglected to buy tickets ahead of time, not to mention Angus is no longer in the child ticket range, and definitely won't pass for twelve anymore (I think he's as tall as me now, and starting to get acne and a peach fuzz mustache. Pretty sure he's outgrown the Sesshomaru costume I made for him few years ago). It would have been $170 at the door just to get in for one day, which I really can't justify right now. Maybe a smaller convention later, if we can find one nearby. Angus likes to remind me, "I kept telling you!" Yes, dear...

Also, on Saturday up there, there was a bomb scare, but people seem to be less freaked out by hordes of costumed fans descending on downtown Los Angeles. Although I find it a little odd that these articles were all in the OC Register, and I didn't come across any from the LA Times. Oh well.

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Good grief, June is almost over. How did it fly by so fast?

The second week of June I had to go to a PFMC meeting in Spokane, WA. If you're wondering why a body having to do with mostly ocean-going fishing meets occasionally on the eastern side of Washington (and sometimes in Idaho), the answer is "salmon." Which I have nothing to do with, but salmon drags everything after it. My flight had a transfer in Seattle and I had a 2½ hour layover between planes. [ profile] tikistitch was kind enough to come down and meet me at the airport and chat between planes; we got some dinner and I hope I didn't babble at her too much - I really didn't expect that glass of wine to be so big, especially at an airport, and it turns out I'm really a lightweight lately. I brought her a little Stitch something from Downtown Disney she'd mentioned she couldn't find, just in gratitude for all the fun I've had reading her Mythklok stories. Really great to meet you, Pam, and thanks for putting up with me!

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Jun. 27th, 2011 04:07 pm
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So, backtracking a couple of weeks (I just haven't had the time/access to sit down and make a proper post), [ profile] runsamuck and I were gifted with two tickets to see Star Wars in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. John was initially reluctant because 1) he'd seen something similar on TV once, and 2) when I mentioned taking the bus up there, he thought I meant getting on the regular LA Transit bus, with a stop every block. No, no, I assured him, it was an express bus run by a company that just runs shuttles straight up there. I tried to buy tickets online the day before (I couldn't), and when we went to Lakewood to board, it turned out they stop selling a couple of weeks before the event, presumably so there are enough for the people who just show up - like us; something to remember if we ever get tickets for something up there again. John had never been to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl before; I think I went there once before to see Garrison Keillor. I can't think of the place without remembering the Bugs Bunny cartoons with the opera singer.

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My work family (and people here do seem like a family, especially those of us who've been here a long time) not only made a donation in my dad's name to the American Heart Association, but also sent us a tree seed from Seeds of Life. It's a Canyon Live Oak, a native Californian, as he was, so it's very appropriate. They even grow around Oxnard and Moorpark, where he was born and grew up.

We planted it in its biodegradable pot a couple of weeks ago, and the acorn is sprouting! Very exciting!

I don't know if we're going to be able to plant it here at the house, once it gets big. I'm wondering if maybe the Shipley Nature Center in Central Park might let us plant it there? Then it would still be here in HB, and we'd have a nearer place to go and visit.
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Last summer, [ profile] runsamuck and Gareth built a birdhouse as a kind of father-son woodworking project.


We stuck it up on the Moreton Bay Fig tree in front of our house, just on a whim. I thought it would be purely decorative - it's a rather odd size, and the hole is bigger than ideal. It's also located only about 10' above the sidewalk, with people walking their dogs under it every day.

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One of our last walks around the block before he went back in the hospital. It was a gorgeous day, having rained that morning; you can see the clouds in the background. He saw me taking these and told me, "Eh, you don't want me in your nice pictures." I assured him that I did, very much so. Then we went home and I packed to go to the Bay Area for work for the weekend. The next Wednesday, after an xray by his doctor, he was admitted to the hospital once again; he'd only been home for about a month and a half.

The following is an account of my father's death. I'm leaving this public because after my mother passed away, I found similar stories comforting, but maybe I'm just morbid. Please skip if you find such things distressing, or if needed I could make a filter, because there's likely to be more related stuff here for a while.

Alternatively, other entries from this journal about my dad are here - or by clicking Dad in the tag cloud on the right on my LJ page. They may be happy or not so much. Also, I had made a journal for him where I was transcribing some of the stories he told me at [ profile] deadwood_bob, although I always intended to write down more of them. If you knew my dad and have a story about him, I would love it if you could write it down and send it to me, and I'll include it there as an entry.

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Apr. 14th, 2011 06:05 pm
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I stopped by to see my dad in the hospital after work yesterday - stressful enough in itself as I'd forgotten to get back to someone who'd requested a data summary of me, I couldn't get hold of my boss all afternoon, and had a newspaper call about shark populations - I hate media calls, and oh btw, must remember to submit a media contact form! :p He told me, after a course of stronger medication than he's been taking at home, the doctor told him he's much improved and should be able to come home soon, maybe even tomorrow.

That's a relief...

So have a funny...

Where do new fake tree cell phone towers come from? )
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While getting gas this morning...


Well, at least he's honest...

He could flip and fold it to say "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" and "FREE TO GOOD HOME!" as well.

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So Gareth wanted this shirt from Old Navy last night. Sometimes he's not very self-confident and other times he's just the opposite. I asked if anyone said anything about it at school and he reccounted the following with his best bud Connor:

Connor: Well, that's certainly not true!

Gareth: Nope! It's an understatement!

Clothes make the man, I guess?
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I'd always kind of wondered how Google Maps got its Street View pics. This morning I was driving to work and, trying to be a good driver and constantly keep my eyes moving, noticed something odd in my rear view mirror. A small car with a very large Thingie...

and unfortunately, then I was a very poor driver because I tried to take a picture of it... )
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(because it popped up when I opened the LJ post page instead of Semagic - I must have written it and then closed the page...)

[Error: unknown template qotd]

You mean I don't have that right right now? When did it become illegal to bore all my LJ friends with endless pictures of my progeny? Actually you don't get that unless you look at my Flickr account, which you won't look at unless you're nuts.

Seriously though. It seems to me that everyone posting that no one should post any pictures on the internet at all are being a trifle paranoid. Does this apply to school yearbooks? Pictures in the paper? A crowd shot on television? For god's sake, anyone can see your face any time you go to the store. Are you going to put a paper bag over your head every time you leave the house? Fears of photos "getting into the wrong hands"? Yeah, creepy, but it's a file or a piece of paper; it's not my child. Pedophiles have always been around; they just get more media coverage now, and we can find out better where they are. There is no personal or locational information except for first names (I haven't gone as far as making up nicknames for them, like some people do) attached to any of them; they may be in a public place, but anyone can be in a public place. And very few people look at my stuff anyway.

I started this journal to remember stuff and I take photos for the same reason. And I reserve the right to embarrass them on any occasion - up to and including the nekkid baby pictures to their first date, except I don't actually have any of those. I thought that was a parent's job. ;p
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After his surgery on a Wednesday, Dad spent through the weekend in the surgical ICU because he still had some fluid in his lungs that they wanted to be sure was cleared up, so it didn't turn into pneumonia. Then he spent two days in DOU, and another couple back on the Telemetry floor, waiting for a bed in a convalescent home to open. On Friday evening when I went to hang out with him for awhile, he had just arrived in the room twenty minutes before, and they'd moved him during dinner time. It was going on 9 pm and he hadn't had a meal yet. The nurse managed to find him a turkey sandwich and some milk and applesauce. However, he took two bites and declared it inedible; it was plain, but I tried it - the bread was fresh and the filling was the same kind he usually buys when he goes grocery shopping. He just does not have any appetite and everything tastes awful to him. I remember my grandmother complaining of the same thing after she was moved to a senior apartment with a dining plan, and we wondered at the time if any of her meds were affecting how food tastes. I wonder if the same thing might be happening with Dad - he's also lost nearly 20 pounds since being in the hospital, although part of that is several days of not eating at all, diuretics, and probably losing muscle mass from being bedridden as much as he's been (although he was fairly sedentary before this).

He's now been moved to a nursing home, which seems to be a fairly nice place - recently renovated in any case, and much closer to our home - but on trying to verify the address to give to my brother I found this, which is rather concerning:

It's actually improved to "below average" from "poor" when I first found it yesterday. There are links to the state website, which lists citations it's gotten, but I still have to look up what the code violations are. We'll be watching this place very carefully. On the plus side, there is no age restriction for visitors, so the kids have been able to come and see him. They've missed each other, I think. Animals are welcome, too, but I don't think the cats would find it very fun.

Anyway, he's getting cranky being in bed for so long, and since the move, as of last night, he hadn't been out of bed since he got there because of the current place "needing to do its own evaluation." In the meantime, he's lost a couple days of progress he's made with physical therapy and walking, but supposedly that's supposed to start tomorrow. He still doesn't feel up to reading or anything, but Doug brought in an anthology of "Historical Whodunits", which we've read to him and he's liked that. We were thinking of the three of us going in together on a Kindle or a Nook for him, because he's also been saying books, especially hardbacks, are getting kind of hard on his hands. Plus a lot of free older books that are out of copyright is a plus; I'm leaning toward the Kindle because it also has a text-to-speech function - not quite books on tape, but at least he can listen instead of using his eyes (although he does say he tends to fall asleep). Doug also finished a pair of stripy wool socks while visiting and decided to just give to him. They have one blue toe because he ran out of green and was tired of ripping them out and redoing them; toes are almost always inside your shoes anyway, right? ;) We just have to remember not to put them in the dryer.


We've asked how long his stay here is expected to be, and apparently that mostly depends on him. I've told him recovery is something he's going to have to work at; he can't just lie there and expect to get better. I want to sign us up to go do this with him this summer, so maybe that'll be some motivation for him.

Dave had to return home the next day after this surgery because of his work schedule (he does network security for one of the big power companies back east), but Doug has been coming down from LA, 2-3x a week. It's been nice to actually gets some one-on-one time with each of them. Meanwhile we're going to have to clean up and rearrange Dad's room so it's easier for him to get in and out (not to mention the rest of the house) - John's already taken out an entire recycling bin of boxes from he's mail ordered out of there, but a lot still remains to be done.
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Wow. From oppressive heat to pouring down rain; weather is bouncing like a rubber band...*

Well, I had been putting up [ profile] mylife_onceaday photos that I'd posted to the community here, but then I got sidetracked by the scavenger hunts they started doing, and Sackboy Travels and other things. I still carry my camera around everywhere, but I guess I haven't been inspired to use it all that often, unless something really special or different happens. I feel like I seldom go anywhere new, and I'm constantly taking pictures of the same things, maybe just a different sky or another angle.

Anyway, the last non-themed thing I posted (here and in the community) was this, so I thought maybe I'd start catching up from there. And in a timely enough fashion, the next chronological photos are apropos for the month (and show I'm almost exactly a year behind - typical)...

2009 Dia de Los Muertos

LA Dia de Los Muertos.. warning - photo heavy )

Fantastic show. Great fun, the music was great and all the creations wonderful. I'm agnostic leaning toward atheistic, but if there is an afterlife, this is the way to celebrate it.

By the way, today is my mom's birthday. I think she might have liked this.

Link to all photos in this set. This year's Dia de Los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is on October 30. You might see another post like this after that date.

*this damn post started on 10/5 when the weather was being really record-breakingly weird. Need to get 'puters fixed...
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Lunar landing

...and a photo... )

AX 2010

Jul. 30th, 2010 12:09 pm
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Well, FAIL at the post-once-a-day-in-July thing; I got a bit distracted in the last week. o_O

I meant to keep up better on the monthly scavenger hunt. And I think these are out of order because I already posted a couple with Sackboy's photos. I am a big loser. :p

Anyhoo, we went to Anime Expo for the first time three years, as it moved from Anaheim/Long Beach, closer to where I live, up to Downtown L.A., which can be more than an hour's drive away, depending on traffic. Finally decided to take the train from Long Beach and not have to deal with parking/gas, etc. My favorite part is just watching all the cosplayers - which I'd love to do, but I'm really only fit to dress up as Kaede from Inuyasha. If you'd like to look at all of them and help me out with characters I know nothing about, you're welcome to go here for the whole set.


Goku in Funimation booth. - then asked if kids wanted photos with him. Picking Avalon up was a complete surprise (and a thrill for her).

Anime Expo
Los Angeles CA
Canon EOS 1000D
3 July 2010

a few more, including OMG LOOKIT TEH KYOOT!!!!1!!!!1 )

09. Repetition ♥
28. Robot ♥
25. Train ♥
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Well, after I mailed off Sackboy, Angus found this magazine at the grocery store and showed it to me. I was a bit suprised.

(Color me clueless, I did not realize until the last few days we had him that he's from a video game - which I remembered seeing ads for a year or two ago, and thinking it looked fun. Unfortunately our most recent game platform is a Super Nintendo we got for a wedding present.)

Magazine rack
Huntington Beach CA
LG Rumor2 phone camera
9 July 2010

26. Surprise ♥
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The June Gloom is being rather ferocious this year, here by the coast of the Southern California Bight. Usually it ends right about the 4th of July - this summer, not only did the 4th only barely clear up in the middle of the day, but lately has been heavy and cool enough to be drizzly, and sometimes never clears - usually it's light enough it burns off by 10am at the latest. We did get a few days of high pressure last week, and temps in the hundreds inland - Beth came in from Riverside to go the beach and cool off last Thursday - but after some chubasco-type weather (as a fisherman at the docks referred to it, saying it felt like Mexico) Thursday evening/Friday morning it's now back to The Gloom.

chubasco weather... )
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All packed up and ready to go to Florida - we'll miss ya Sackboy!

Los Alamitos CA
Canon EOS 1000D
7 July 2010

If you'd like to see all of Sackboy's adventures with us - go here.

If you'd like to see all of Sackboy's adventures all over the world (well, Canada, U.S. and England, so far), go here, or to [ profile] mylife_onceaday with the tag "sackboy world travels."
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Watching the July 4th parade, which goes down the street a block from my house. The city has a contest for people who live along the parade route to decorate their houses; I've no doubt this was an entry.

Independence Day Parade
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
4 July 2010

Sackboy's parade experience )

04. Stars &/or Stripes [Independence Day - USA]


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