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Wow, a 40% price increase between months for your 300min beyond talk?! Thanks a lot Virgin Mobile, at least Netflix sent me a warning first before they asked me to bend over. It's now only $5 less than the 1200 min one (used to be), which I only used 130 minutes of last month, so I thought I'd try save few bucks this month. No love. You're still cheaper than everyone else so I can't afford to go elsewhere, but that was a very rude shock when I went to top up this morning. Which now is going to have to wait until I get paid - because I think getting bread and milk instead so my kids can have breakfast this week is probably more important for this last week of the month.

It's quite interesting that it still says $25 for the lowest beyond talk plan on this page for submitting reviews. Updating the whole site would polite, don't you think?

Getting a little tired of the "We're still the best deal around even though we now suddenly cost about half again as much!" routine from some businesses lately. Not quitting Netflix either, but they'll be getting $2 less a month from me.

Edit: submitted as a review to their website (less the bending over part). They rejected it and suggested I review the guidelines which said: 1) not to mention retail partners phone prices; 2)or mention competitors. Since I didn't mention Target's/Walmart's phone prices, I didn't realize DVD rentals were a competitor of cell phones.
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Wow, I just realized I only need about 448 points to get another $25 in gift cards (for a total of $75) at I've gotten over 1000 points in the last few months for only putting up a few things. I should really start posting more pictures and photo essays over there. People seem to look at those more than anything else. Does anyone else here post over there? I'll look at your stuff if you look at mine... ;)

I know I also have enough points at for over $100 worth of something - I should really cash these in before the holidays. It'd help a lot. The last time I did I got Starbucks cards for my coworkers, which then got lost before I could give them to them. Derp.

Speaking of gift cards, I keep seeing these ads for selling gift cards you don't want, with someone (a graduating senior maybe) pulling one out of a card and saying, "A gift card? Again? Why is everyone giving me these?" Or another person throwing them into a drawer in annoyance. Really? People hate them that much? With the exception of getting one from a place you absolutely would not want anything from - say, my giving everyone on my friend's list a card for Bass Pro Shops - would you really throw away a card, just because it's a card instead of a gift? We were regularly giving gift cards for bookstores when my kids went to birthday parties. Reading is always good, but that way, we're not stepping on toes in case other parents - who we don't know well - don't care for our selections of books - some people are pickier than others. Then again, if there's someplace I can buy a gift card for myself or other's at a discount, more power to it.

I guess it must come down to me not being very practical. Even when I was eating the same pot of lentil soup for a week in college, or back east when I was a fisheries observer, I would have appreciated a card for books or music, if such things existed at the time. A good story'll take your mind off the fact you've been eating the same thing for that long.
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Oh dear, I meant to keep up better on the scavenger hunt thingies. Here are a good 50 toes, and maybe a finger and front paw or two...

moar... )

25. Bare feet ☺
6. Something that helps you start the day ☺
10. Contents of your friend's wallet ☺
20. Game ☺
27. Birthday Candles ☺
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So, midsummertime. Angus's last day of summer school was yesterday, to his great relief. "Who invented summer school, to torture kids!" he said the day after regular school got out, and shook his first. The days of taking summer school for fun things is gone forever, I guess. His report card came back as everything "progressing towards goals." I think he's excited to go to Dwyer this fall; certainly he was disappointed that summer school didn't take place there.

I don't think we're going to be able to go camping this summer like we did last year; gas isn't so expensive, but with more than a month's salary gone...I don't think we'd better. John's been looking for something, but he just met yesterday morning with one of his old bosses, who told him Ralph's/Food 4 Less will be going through another round of layoffs, so not very likely there. He would love to go back to cooking, but we don't think his health could stand it, since his asthma seems to keep getting progressively worse. We are probably going to have to take out a loan to get tutoring for Avalon and cover a few bills we are short on.

Outside my office window, tiger swallowtails chase each other through the sycamores surrounding the building. They seem to be pretty aggressive for butterflies. I've been wondering why they seem to be attracted to these trees when I had thought that swallowtail caterpillars liked dill and fennel. Well, I should've searched earlier - it's Black Swallowtails that like those plants. These are Western Tigers (maybe explains the aggression, too, heh), and they do prefer trees.
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Finally, all $12.50 of it - Alaska never did show up in any of our change, so [ profile] runsamuck finally went to a coin store and bought a couple. This was started by [ profile] runsamuck's brother as something for the fry. He passed away in 2002, so when we finally filled in all the holes, [ profile] runsamuck got a nice frame and put a little plaque at the bottom of it in memory of Jay. "In Remembrance of" became "For..." because Things Remembered wanted $3 a word.

I had actually started the little books of these coins that had two spaces for each quarter, so you could save front and back, one from each mint. But the kids were much littler then; they got into them and ripped them all up, scattering the quarters everywhere.

"For Jay, Gone but Not Forgotten..."
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
30 January 2009
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Yesterday was our 13th anniversary. Given the year we've been having, that's probably appropriate. Anyhow, it was pretty low key, given that we are broke until payday. The last thing I bought was my bus pass and while I was at the grocery store getting it, my gaze fell upon these silly little figures with a tillandsia glued on the side in the plant section. The figure I spied was a pair of blue rainforest frogs, and they struck me as looking like a fat, middle-aged couple, leaning on each other and holding each other up. Perfect. A whole $4. I've never given John a plant before; although he's been know to give his mother a cactus for gifting occasions ("Because you're prickly, and you're a thorn in my side!"). I didn't give it to him until this morning, because he confessed to not having gotten me anything either, and didn't want me to. However, the little plant was getting squished in my purse, so I gave it to him anyway, and it made him laugh.

I wasn't really expecting anything, but actually, I was kind of wondering if he'd gotten me a camera or something. My great aunt's estate sent me $800 last month, apparently the last bit left after all the taxes and all had been paid, and I told John we needed to put it aside and not spend it, so we could put it toward the trip he wants to take later this summer. It seems to be gone already, and I have no clue where it went. I know I havn't really made any big purchases, and neither has he, that I know of. And I'm quite sure we didn't spring for pizza that often. I mentioned this to VT on our walk at lunch and she offered to send me a spreadsheet she uses for a family budget - not that they always stick to it but it helps. Something we should have started a long time ago, I know - I'll try to put it to use.

Anyway, when I got home, the house was empty, except for Dad, who said "Happy Anniversary!" and explained that he'd sprung for Chinese take-out. When John got back with our regular orders, he laughed and told me the woman at the counter is always happy to see us and remarks on how the kids have grown, but her husband in the kitchen gets cranky, because he knows he's gonna have to cook something; most of their customers just seem to order off the steam table - but I like to order something off the menu, usually mu shu. So she yells into the kitchen and he yells back. We don't know Chinese, but it sure sounds like he's swearing.

So, thirteen years. Where has the time gone?
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The new vending machines downstairs take $5 bills. For change on a package of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (one of the only peanut butter snacks I can stand - I'm rather a purist), I got one of every dollar coin issued in recent years, except for Sacajawea. :(

Los Alamitos CA
Sharp VE-CG30
03 April 2008
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$20 Protest

I can only think this little protest was written before the last election, as the numbers seem a bit low and it's a year til the next one. I'm a little surprised it's still in circulation.

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Hmmm, according to my calculations, we should have the Trooper paid off by November. Yay.

At which point, it will probably completely fall apart.

Honestly, we spent so much on repairs for it this year, we probably should have just bitten the bullet and bought something new. The bill for fixing always sounded more reasonable than trying to scrape up a down payment, though. Now it sounds like a bearing is going out, with all the squealing it's started doing when it starts up lately. Sigh.

At least after next week, we won't be forking out for school lunches until September. I would make them take lunches, but Angus constantly brings his home completely untouched, and while Gareth will eat a bag lunch, it seems unfair to let one buy one and make the other take his...
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It turns out I should've thought good thoughts about Angus's spelling test, but I didn't know he was having one. He only missed one on his math test, but on his spelling test he only wrote the first letter of each word.

Sigh. I think I know what this conference is going to be about.

We had over $1100 worth of work done on the Trooper the week before last, having an oil leak fixed, the water pump and the starter replaced and a couple of other little things. The day after we got it back, I noticed a slight whirring as it accelerated, which stopped when I braked. I didn't notice anything after that, but two days later, we stopped at a store to get some change for Angus's lunch. When John put it in gear afterwards, it didn't want to move, but suddenly did with a clunk. The noise was back accompanying by a grinding sound. He took me to work, but then it quit on the way home and he had to have it towed back to the mechanic.

We didn't hear what was wrong Friday afternoon, but today we found out the transmission is completely gone. At first he said it would be up to $1200 to get a new one (too expensive to fix) but then he found a reconditioned one for $700. So, a lot less, but still more than we have.

We're looking into a loan. Might as well pay everything off at once.

Yay for debt.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] agentcooper! If you see this, that is...

John sent me to the store for a craving of his last night, and in my change I got a dollar bill marked with, which I had heard of when reading an article about, but had never checked out. I went and entered the bill, and it had originally been registered in New Jersey, and had been 197 days since last being entered. So I hope someone's day has been made, hearing about this bill again.

You can see where it travelled here.

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Since [ profile] konoichi reminded me a little bit ago, I put some banners on my profile. They're for worthwhile causes (Nature Conservancy, feeding the hungry, breast cancer, child health and animal aid), and it won't cost you anything but a few minutes. Of course, if you need to do some shopping and use their links, that helps, too. When I buy something from Amazon, or any other store on their list (and there are quite a few well-known companies), I use their links; that company will make a donation based on how much I spent.

I don't click everyday, but I try to remember a few times a week. I figure every little bit is useful.

edit 10/4/03: I moved these to my website. I'm not sure but I think they might violate LJs TOS, because they are not a non-profit company.
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Yay! The credit union approved the Santa Skip on our car loan payment - which will probably add to the length of the loan, but means we have almost $500 more dollars for Christmas. Much needed!
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Where has this month gone? It's almost Thanksgiving! Ack!

At lunch, the support staff organized an early Thanksgiving feast, which everyone paid $7 for. Since I didn't have the money at the time, I told P. that I would just bring my lunch and eat with everybody else. Yesterday, I got an email that the licensing staff was going to pay for my lunch - which, I felt funny about, since several other people were going to bring their lunch too. I told P. at the lunch how I felt about it, and I saw some hurt looks across the table, so I explained to them too. J. told me it was ok, B. had paid and wasn't able to come; they would just give the money back to her. And there was plenty of soda and pumpkin pie, so at least help myself to that. Now I feel bad for turning down someone's generosity.

Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I will go to the holiday party though.
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Capitol One approved my sorry ass for a platinum credit card. What in blue blazes were they thinking?
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Advise the ruler to govern the state as one cooks a small fish - that is, don't turn it so often in the pan that it disintegrates.
-Lao Tzu

This was quoted for August on our Marine Region calendar. One wonders if this was meant as a barb at the legislature or the governor, since the budget is late every goddamn year, especially this year since there is a gubernatorial election (and dammit, the Republicans just have to teach Gray Davis some kind of a lesson). It really hobbles us trying to do our jobs.

I heard they finally signed a budget this weekend. We have had a spending freeze since the beginning of May. God help us if we had run out of dish soap for the wetlab during that time. Things would have gotten pretty smelly around here.
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You know, getting a paycheck only once a month really sucks.

I am grateful to be getting one tho'.
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T. is our union president and has been spending all kinds of time in Sacramento trying to negotiate some kind of emergency measure so, hopefully, we can get paid our full salary come July 1. Apparently the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association sued the State government and won, saying that if the state budget isn't signed, state workers can only be paid minimum wage. The budget is not likely to be signed immediately since it's an election year and the legislature has some bones to pick with Governor Gray. Even when the economy is positive, the budget is rarely signed on time.

Does this group just assume that state employees aren't taxpayers too? Because of this group, California has the worst school system in the country. Now we get this. Even from the grave, Howard Jarvis is screwing us.

I suppose minimum wage is better than IOUs, which has happened in the past
AND if that weren't bad enough, the state employee payroll database was hacked, so we all have a chance of getting our identities stolen. Not that I'm too worried about that; anyone trying to bilk credit off my name and SSN will definitely be getting a sow's ear instead of a silk purse.


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