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Just a few things I was reminded of or linked to lately...

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Apr. 14th, 2011 06:05 pm
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I stopped by to see my dad in the hospital after work yesterday - stressful enough in itself as I'd forgotten to get back to someone who'd requested a data summary of me, I couldn't get hold of my boss all afternoon, and had a newspaper call about shark populations - I hate media calls, and oh btw, must remember to submit a media contact form! :p He told me, after a course of stronger medication than he's been taking at home, the doctor told him he's much improved and should be able to come home soon, maybe even tomorrow.

That's a relief...

So have a funny...

Where do new fake tree cell phone towers come from? )
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Now I'm amused. Half-heartedly hoping Google will find me some images of vintage early 1900's swordfish harpoon boats for the big boss's presentation so I don't have to dig through dusty filing cabinets or do a lot of scanning. I'm getting the odd picture of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop - probably because of Spike's craft, the Swordfish. Coincidentally, the Bebop of the title itself is supposed to be a converted spacegoing fishing boat, which, working with commercial fisheries like I do, I always thought was intriguing - just how did that work?


phbbbt. I crack myself up. Probably not anyone else tho'.

Also, MARLIN ARE NOT SWORDFISH! STOP LABELING THEM AS SUCH! They're in different families, jeez!

And whale harpoons. Do not want.
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Heh, the little writing meme I posted the other day actually got a review in the Monitor. In which it reveals Margaret Atwood got "You write like Stephen King."

It also provides a link to a spoof of said memage, which may, in my case, be a lot more accurate...

I actually write like
something rolling about at random on the keyboard, possibly in pain

I Actually Write Like Analyze your writing!

...And I now see why the author didn't post his/her actual results...


Apr. 1st, 2010 11:45 am
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In case you missed the Star Trek Movie cereal...

yum... )
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Hee. Read now, as this thread will disappear after a time.

I think I enjoyed the comments more than the strip. I need to read Sinfest more; I always miss it or forget about the feed on my FL...suppose I should add it to my Google Reader instead (but then I'd miss those comments).
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I get an email newsletter from a business IT website; most of its articles are way over my head as they're geared toward network managers of big companies - however, I keep it because every week they send me, along with the links to articles, something funny, usually a video, a quote, and a little this "day in history" blurb.
The quote this morning made me snigger for a couple of minutes:

"If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside."

- Robert X. Cringely, InfoWorld magazine

What can I say, I'm a bit sleep-deprived lately.
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Can I get this to work in my workplace's email system?

(This page mentions shark, so I consider it work-related. PS note the date...)
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Hey Jeff, there's this little thing called a Homeowner's Association you might want to look into...

Which, according to most people I know who live in a neighborhood with one, seems to be the way for control-freak busybodies to get themselves elected and fullfill all their martinet fantasies on their neighbors...
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My brother recently sent my spouse and I these t-shirts as an early birthday present; we opened the package and started cracking up.

Mr. Who? )
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"Mom, what do you look like if you're tow-headed?"

"Well, it means you have really light-blond hair. If your friend Connor's hair got a little longer and he got it really bleached out in the sun this summer, he's probably look tow-headed."

(Silence - thinking a bit)



"I thought it meant your head looked like a toe."


Feb. 6th, 2008 10:10 am
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(Orginally posted as a comment to [ profile] megthelegend but I've been meaning to put it here as well.)

Gareth brought home a list of everyone in his class because Valentine's Day is coming up. I noticed one of his classmates, who goes by the nickname for Robert, had had his name spelled "Booby."

I have been bugging John to point that out to the teacher because she's so anal about everything else - but he's afraid of her. Hopefully, at least Booby's mother stood up for him. ;)

Seriously, though - teachers have got to be some of the most organized people on the planet. Having to keep thirty eight-year-olds focused and on track for six hours would leave most of us ready for nervous breakdowns. Gareth's teacher picks up her class before any of the other teachers, and sometimes we have to go get a late slip even when other classes are still waiting, because his class is already gone. But she does do one thing John likes a lot. Before everyone goes into the room, she stands at the door and shakes each kid's hand and greets them by name, and askes them something. So I guess this is why she gets them early, because it takes an extra few minutes to get everyone into class. So I guess one mispelled name can be excused.

I don't know how Booby feels about that, though.
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...make me chuckle for a change...

Burtonesque Snape...


Good morning, Sunshine...

Kid's cereal...

On vacation...

Snape kilt...

Snape's favorite t-shirt

Snape meets Spock...

Snape meets Alan Rickman...

That strangeness in your smile...

Thanks, DeviantArtists, for cheering me up...
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End of the OC bus strike

Until all the drivers were back to work, buses were free til the end of the week. Some of the drivers who came back early found this humorous.
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I was pretty much an adult already when Transformers first aired, so I'm not too worried about Michael Bay ruining my childhood, as these folks are. However, I still found this little hyper-caffeinated tribute to the cartoon pretty giggle-inducing (but maybe you have to have at least watched some of it with your kids)...

I lactate geometry... )

edit: I'm still confused though; does Bumblebee=Hotshot or not? And, as a friend of mine said at lunch today, how much did Chevy have to pay to get them to use American cars, considering this was a Japanese show in the first place?

Hmm. Ebert liked it. Sort of.
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People in my office quite often bring in any extras they have ( or don't want to be tempted by) and leave them in the breakroom. Today someone deposited some leftover candy from Valentine's Day. It elicited strange noises from one of the mysterious beings known as a senior biologist.

"Ooh, look! Gummy worms! And they have smiley faces!"

(Although this individual isn't that all that mysterious - we were roommates for about a year once upon a time - and he's been married to a friend of mine for ages.)


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