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Well, after I mailed off Sackboy, Angus found this magazine at the grocery store and showed it to me. I was a bit suprised.

(Color me clueless, I did not realize until the last few days we had him that he's from a video game - which I remembered seeing ads for a year or two ago, and thinking it looked fun. Unfortunately our most recent game platform is a Super Nintendo we got for a wedding present.)

Magazine rack
Huntington Beach CA
LG Rumor2 phone camera
9 July 2010

26. Surprise ♥
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All packed up and ready to go to Florida - we'll miss ya Sackboy!

Los Alamitos CA
Canon EOS 1000D
7 July 2010

If you'd like to see all of Sackboy's adventures with us - go here.

If you'd like to see all of Sackboy's adventures all over the world (well, Canada, U.S. and England, so far), go here, or to [ profile] mylife_onceaday with the tag "sackboy world travels."
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Watching the July 4th parade, which goes down the street a block from my house. The city has a contest for people who live along the parade route to decorate their houses; I've no doubt this was an entry.

Independence Day Parade
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
4 July 2010

Sackboy's parade experience )

04. Stars &/or Stripes [Independence Day - USA]
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Sackboy went with us to Anime Expo, although I forgot to pull him out until we were going home on the train. Here's a place that's famous sort of near me - the Staples Center where the Lakers and Kings play (Los Angeles basketball and hockey teams, for those elsewhere).

Staples Center & L.A. Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA'
Canon EOS 1000D
3 July 2010

cosplayers and something in the mail... )

21. Famous/Important place where you live ♥
(July Scavenger hunt here)
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Well, boats here, but "ships" alliterates better...

Purse Seine slip
San Pedro CA
Canon EOS 1000D
28 June 2010

this one IS a ship... )
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Sackboy visiting the Aquarium, and was trying to tell species of rockfish from one another (there are about 50 different species on the West Coast). In this pic are, a boccacio (brown), about three black & yellow rockfish, and a couple of canary rockfish (orange stripy), possibly some blue rockfish in the background. Also a strawberry anemone and a couple of sun stars.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
27 June 2010

moar )
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We went to the beach again to participate in Hands Across the Sand. Apparently the girls next to us were hestitant to hold hands with Angus; they wouldn't grab on until the last second, and then dropped hands and ran up the beach as soon as it appeared to be over. I chatted with the older man next to me who seemed to be from Northern CA and said something about having started one of the first organic farms in the state. He asked about the oil rigs visible a few miles in the distance, and I told him they were pretty much grandfathered from before the ban on drilling. However, the major oil spill we've had here was when I first started at the Department; an oil terminal right about a mile of Newland St. where tankers offloaded to the Edison plant. A captain forgot to take the shallow water and the tides into account and the ship sat on its own anchor. Guess what company it was. >:( The guy shook his head and nodded at Avalon running back and forth among the pier pilings and in and out of the water, then said, "We aren't doing this for ourselves. It's for people like her."

An older woman up on the pier looked down disgustedly and yelled, "DRILL, DRILL, DRILL!"

Hands Across the Sand
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
26 June 2010

civic duties )
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Sackboy visits Zippy's playground sculptures.

Lake Park
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
25 June 2010

taggers )
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(Sackboy is officially off to visit [ profile] florida_fotog today, traveling by luxurious Priority Mail - I had him much longer than I meant to. Still a few more days to post of him, though, so just scroll on by if you're tired of him.)


Out on the pier again. This time maybe we'll actually make it out to the end; last time it just got way too cold and windy. Yay, California - not all that warm and sunny after all. Well, a little sunny. After the June Gloom burns off in the morning.

Lifequard tower
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D

Out to the end... )
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The kids demanded Slurpees, so off we went to find a 7-11. While there, I remembered there was a geocache in this parking lot. Even though we didn't have the GPS with us, I thought I might know where it was, and indeed, we found it. Sackboy signed the log too. I would have taken his pic with the cache but there was too much birdshit everwhere.

At the 7-11
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
23 June 2010

+2 )
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Out for a walk around the neighborhood again. Sackboy decides to climb my favorite pepper tree.

Just... a little bit... higher....

Lake Park
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
22 June 2010

Farmer's market day... )
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Used our passes to go to Disneyland one last time before they block us out for most of the summer. We were waiting for my brother to arrive so we poked around Downtown Disney (the shopping area outside the park) until he did. Sackboy really liked the Lego store.

Downtown Disney
Anaheim CA
Canon EOS 1000D
21 June 2010

+? )
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I suppose this could be in honor of the world cup...

Surfboard art
Huntington City Beach
Canon EOS 1000D
18 June 2010

A walk downtown... )
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Sackboy watches Evil Bob the Alien (Gareth) and his minion, the Black Dragon, kidnap the Princess.

Last Day of School Festivities
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
17 June 2010

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Sackboy with Darwin Francis Goyakai; our office mascot who is supposed to do the same thing as Sackboy, but he hasn't actually travelled much lately.

Los Alamitos CA
Canon EOS 1000D
16 June 2010

By the way, if anyone's interested, you can see the community's posts on his travels here, and I have all of mine here.
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[ profile] mylife_onceaday has been having a project where we send Sackboy (crocheted by moderator [ profile] garnet62900's mom) to each other and spend a week or so taking photos with him around our hometown, or anywhere we happen to go. So he will be showing here in the next few posts. He actually arrived - all the way from Nottingham, England - the day after I got back from a Council meeting, so he missed going to the Bay Area with me - not that I saw anything interesting there.


In case everyone was wondering, Sackboy did arrive here in OC safely last week. He's been finding my backpack quite comfortable, and visiting quite a few places with us. He just missed going to the Bay Area with me, as he arrived the day after I got back, so I hope he'll be able to visit someone else there eventually.

Los Alamitos CA
LG VX8350Music/Phone Camera
15 June 2010

Out to the docks... )


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