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A few years ago my dad had me sign him up for Tin Can Sailors - a group for people who served on naval destroyers. I think I mentioned before he served on the USS Stormes in WWII. This morning I got an email from someone in that group who'd put up some movie footage of that vessel - although 12 years later. I emailed him back thanking him for it and wished I could show it to my dad. He knows someone who may have been aboard the same time my dad was, and they might have known each other. I linked him to some pics of my dad in earlier journal entries here although after almost 60 years, who knows if someone would remember.

Dad would have also liked that there was a Navy Week this past week in San Pedro. We tried going to see the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln Wednesday when I had the day off, but it got shut down early for security reasons. So we went to the Maritime Museum instead, which I haven't been inside of since we took Dad there for his birthday when my mom was still here, although I drive by it every time I go to the docks. Then [ profile] runsamuckwas starving, so we had some lunch at the Crusty Crab (not the Krusty Krab; this one's been there since before Spongebob) at Ports O' Call.


I had to work Thursday, but the rest of the fam damily tried again on Thursday, along with some friends from school. They left about 8 am (ships didn't open until 10 am) to secure parking and get aboard the mandatory shuttle to the ship. It was all a self-guided tour, but the most exciting thing, I hear, was the plane elevator from the lower deck to the flight deck. Quite the E-ticket ride, I understand. Gareth took some video of it, but being 11, excited and not a trained videographer makes for a rather motion-sickness inducing recording (plus it takes freaking forever to upload); but I may put it up later. Some photos here.
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Theme: Oceans of Life - Celebrating the Diversity of Oceans, and efforts to keep them that way.

About four years ago, I started a marine life art group at focusing on just that theme. It was inactive for awhile, but since they changed their groups format, I got it active again recently. There have been some pretty good artists who joined just in the last couple of weeks, so if you'd like to see some pretty cool marine life art, please check it out.

(Well crap, forgot to put on a blue shirt today...:p )
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Morning Fog
Los Angeles Harbor
San Pedro CA
Canon EOS 1000D
23 October 2009

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Smoke from the Santa Barabara fire. We heard later that even downtown SB was very close to a mandatory evacuation.

Oddly, I thought the horizon was tilted in this photo, but when I went to straighten it, it really wasn't that far off (less than a degree).

Wildfire smoke trail
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
6 May 2009
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Went for a walk with fry down to the beach again, and turned out there was a kite festival going on. These two were absolutely huge, maybe 10 feet across. The way the octopus's tentacles moved was rather hypnotizing (video here, if interested).

In like a lion
Huntington Beach CA
Casio EX-Z80A
1 March 2009

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Docks - it was a gorgeous morning after a rain. There were no boats out, but I went up to Pt. Fermin for a few minutes just in case. While I was there a pair of ravens soared by below me, which I thought was a great perspective. I caught this one, perilously close to passing over the sun streak on the water.

Pt. Fermin raven
San Pedro CA
Sharp VE-CG30
16 December 2008

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The fry wanted to go the beach again, so we checked out what some recent rain had done. The concrete pyramid is placed in from of some drainage pipes for street runoff; to prevent erosion, I guess. However, there is a big channel cut into the sand all the way down to the water, so I don't know how effective that is.

Huntington City Beach
Sharp VE-CG30
29 November 2008

Very low tide... )
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The sky was just flaming as I drove home from work, so I had to stop at the Dog Beach to watch for awhile...

Dog Beach, looking toward L.A. Harbor and Palos Verdes
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
15 October 2008

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This is a really nifty little video. I always wondered why flying fish have that extra long lower lobe on their caudal fin (tail); sort of the opposite of a shark. This shows what it's used for - the fish is actually extending his glide out of the water with it by beating the water as if he's swimming!

Longest recorded flight for a flying fish:

Around here, flying fish are more active at night, and in Avalon, out on Catalina Island, there's a very old tourist attraction of boats with spotlights taking visitors out to see them skimming along the water. This reminds me of a story someone told me when I first started working here; one of the older biologists - retired now - was piloting a small boat at nighttime out there. He was standing up, driving the boat along at a pretty good clip and looking over the windshield, when a flying fish jumped and smacked him right in the face - and they are hard bony little fish, too. He went flying into the back of the boat, while his coworkers were wondering why they'd suddenly stopped. Broke his nose, I think. Ouch. Hazards of being a biologist?
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plane raft

Hmm, a decent picture or a not-so-good picture with an interesting story. The latter today, I guess. We went to the Aquarium today. And there were lots of fishy pictures. However, after we left the Aquarium, we walked around Rainbow Harbor to the park (and my real camera's batteries were dead by this time - time to get new prechargeables, I think; they're only lasting about 10 minutes before they die on me). On the way, we noticed people working on this raft, which had a small plane fuselage sitting on it. Some signage on the dockside explained that the raft's floats are entirely made of plastic bottles, and when constuction is finished, it's due to embark on a cruise from Long Beach to Hawaii (!) in order to raise awareness of the problems of plastic in the ocean ecosystem. The craft is called Junk and the project is being run by the Alagalita Marine Research Foundation. Here's the raft's blog, if you're interested.

More power to em, but yeesh! I'd be leery if it tried to go to Catalina! That's about 20 miles offshore, and they're supposed to be towing it there for a shakedown cruise this coming Sunday.

Rainbow Harbor
Downtown Long Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
10 May 2008

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First grunion observation for the Grunion Greeters of the season (for us anyway). We kept hoping the run would get stonger, but it never did; fish were only coming up on the beach in handfuls at a time. Meanwhile, I had to replace my batteries and then discovered my 1GB card was full and had to clear the thing! One lone beach escapee was all I got.

Then later I realized that I'd only uploaded the previous weeks photos to Flickr and never downloaded them to my harddrive. I can at least save them from there, but they're only half the resolution they would have been. >:( Oh well, at least they're not lost completely.

Crescent Cove grunion
Laguna Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
07 May 2008
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shades of gray

Driving home from work. Damn, I love shades of gray.

Oil rigs and Santa Catalina Island
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
02 April 2008

Also, there are dolphins here. Srsly! )
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On my way home from work, I saw a bunch of purse sieners circling around off Huntington Beach. Not someplace I usually see them fishing, so I tried getting a pic of them. Unfortuneately, not much of a telephoto on my camera. Later, [ profile] runsamuck and I went out for dinner and there must have been lights from more than two dozen of them by then. There must have been a lot of squid out there.

Downtown Long Beach was more interesting... )


Jul. 29th, 2007 12:00 pm
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After a soak of about three hours, the set is hauled. A small mako coming up on the line - the line across the top is the mainline; the shark is hooked on the gangion. As the line comes in at the side, the gangions are taken off, and hooked sharks are walked to the stern where the scientists tag tag them.

...And I got to help tag today! Whee! )
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Humboldt squid, also called jumbo squid, (Dosidicus gigas) have been showing up in huge numbers off the coast here recently, more than the usual summer appearance; commercial fishermen are complaining that they are catching too many (and there being no market to sell them) and the squid are eating stuff they are usually catching. The local sport boats are running special charters for them. One of our managers was recently heard saying she hoped they were preying on all the Pacific mackerel that supposed to be out there now (very high harvest guideline this season) and not the rockfish, whose populations are recovering. There is a concern about effect such an influx of voracious high level predators has on an ecosystem; it's the symposium topic for the CalCOFI conference this coming November. I'm looking forward to hearing those presentations.

My boss sent this link to a video posted on Orange County diving listserv.

Wow. Fascinating video - I wasn't sure if they were changing colors that quickly or it was just the flicker of the lights, but I'm assured they really do flash that fast. Unfortunately, one squid seems to be caught on a lure. I'm not sure I'd actually want to be diving with them without a little more protection, and these are only little guys, about two feet long (they get up to two meters, I think). Those suckers have teeth on them.

(The rest of his site has some other pretty neat underwater video as well -
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My middle son got to go to Universal Studios with his grandmother as a belated birthday present, and the other two progeny wanted to go somewhere too. So we went to the beach at sunset, about a mile away from my house. This is just after the sun disappeared behind Santa Catalina Island.

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Haven't had time to read the entire article (or set of articles) yet in New Scientist, but it looks fascinating....


Special report

Unfortunately, to read many of the articles linked to, it looks like you have to buy a subscription to the magazine. A worthy magazine, I'm sure, but I'm not subscribing to anything right now. Poop.
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Two related studies found that two-thirds of male fish near the Orange County pipeline had egg-producing qualities.

Holy crap. Two-thirds?! That's pretty scary.

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Well, it's finally happened. For the first time, Oregon landings of sardines have surpassed Southern California's in 2005 by about a third. And they only start fishing in June. Wow. I'm wondering what this will mean at our next management team meeting. Whether this will be a continuing trend, is the climate going to change back to a cold regime and sardines will disappear from up there at some point, or this is a permanent change because of global warming, and the small sardines are here in So. Cal to stay, all remains to be seen.


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