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Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
26 Spetember 2009

Angus watching a spider building her evening web - the bottom strands were anchored to this park bench, and the upper part of the web was in the overhanging tree 10-15 feet up. Shortly after this, a couple of families nearby stopped to talk and one of their younger boys came over to watch the spider as well. He told Angus his father had sprayed some spiders in their garage, and Angus got a little offended, shaking his finger and telling him a bit loudly (volume control is something we have to remind him about fairly often) that spiders shouldn't be killed. I stopped him and was telling him speak more calmly when the kid's dad called his son back to him by saying loud enough to be heard by us that Angus was "creeping him out." I went over and explained that Angus gets a little pedantic about things he feels strongly about, but he just has a different way of speaking and the dad kind of went, "Oh, ok," but it got my hackles up a bit (although I suppose the other parent's were too). I was standing right there; did he think Angus was going to do something to his child or that I would have allowed it? No such thing would have ever occured to Angus in any case - his little sister picks on him and he never thinks to fight back.
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And my brother tells me I need to relearn how to knit because this pattern is free!
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Pencil urchin, two sponges, and "sexy shrimp"- so named for the way they sway their abdomens back & forth when walking. First time I'd seen these, although they are apparently fairly common home aquarium animals.

Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach CA
Casio Exilim EX-Z80A
15 February 2009

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Grainy Jelly
Aquarium of the Pacific
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
01 February 2009
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stumbled across this in a blog somewhere...filled with testy goodness...
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Hey, someone just sent us two of these! Was it you Dave? I know you frequent and

Hee! Kyoot! Thanks!
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So [ profile] runsamuck called me at work today to ask if I'd seen the insurance commercial where the lizard is talking to a jellyfish (yes, I had but couldn't remember the dialogue - or monologue, as it were; the jelly never actually responds).

The gecko says something like, "Where is your face exactly? It's hard to talk to you when I don't know where your face is. Is that your face? Oh, I thought it was your bellybutton!"

Obviously, jellies don't have bellybuttons, not to mention faces. What [ profile] runsamuck was compelled to point out to me was his bemusment as to why the gecko is making such a big deal of this, because lizards don't have them either.

They hatch from eggs.

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Last week's Divebum's Photos of the Week has some beautiful video (2:44 minutes) of marine life off Cabo San Lucas, Baja...
(last in the list of photos)
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Humboldt squid, also called jumbo squid, (Dosidicus gigas) have been showing up in huge numbers off the coast here recently, more than the usual summer appearance; commercial fishermen are complaining that they are catching too many (and there being no market to sell them) and the squid are eating stuff they are usually catching. The local sport boats are running special charters for them. One of our managers was recently heard saying she hoped they were preying on all the Pacific mackerel that supposed to be out there now (very high harvest guideline this season) and not the rockfish, whose populations are recovering. There is a concern about effect such an influx of voracious high level predators has on an ecosystem; it's the symposium topic for the CalCOFI conference this coming November. I'm looking forward to hearing those presentations.

My boss sent this link to a video posted on Orange County diving listserv.

Wow. Fascinating video - I wasn't sure if they were changing colors that quickly or it was just the flicker of the lights, but I'm assured they really do flash that fast. Unfortunately, one squid seems to be caught on a lure. I'm not sure I'd actually want to be diving with them without a little more protection, and these are only little guys, about two feet long (they get up to two meters, I think). Those suckers have teeth on them.

(The rest of his site has some other pretty neat underwater video as well -
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L's pics 088

King crabs playing King O' the Mountain.

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Angus's Pictures 092

Over the kid's Spring Break, so [ profile] runsamuck took the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific. In a recent cleanup, Gareth's stuffed friend Whalie, an orca, disappeared, and he's been very upset about losing her. So Dad got him this octopus; Gareth has dubbed him "Blue." I think he's supposed to be a blue-ringed octopus - larger than actual size, but hopefully, less toxic.

very realistic, for a plushie... )
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My boss turned me on to this - is a website dedicated to the San Diego area, but most of what you see there is representative of my area, too. They have a Photos of the Week page featuring local underwater photography, although quite often people submit photos of where they went on vacation. You can sign up for an email reminder and they'll send you a link to the week's page. This week I received:

It's that nudibranch time of year...



A few of my favorites, Spanish shawl nudibranchs, in this one...

You may even see me there occasionally (waves fins).
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Hmm, just got notice a few minutes ago that a story about CA Department of Fish and Game wardens making a bust on illegally caught spiny lobster will be featured on "All Things Considered" this afternoon (Listening to it now). Don't know if it was recreational or commercially caught.

That took place in my office yesterday. My friend IT asked us to borrow a uniform shirt, because we have a drawer full of them, and his was at home. He was volunteered in case anyone had questions on lobster biology and said today he thought he was going to get out of it without saying anything, then at the last minute they wanted an entire formal presentation on the lobster fishery and lobster biology. The office was full of wardens and as I walked by the conference room, I could see one entire table covered with spiny lobsters - many still alive, I could see their antennae moving. The local NBC and ABC news affilliates were here as well, although I guess it wasn't a slow enough news day for it to appear last night.

The sad thing is, all those lobsters will have to be killed (probably frozen), because they are evidence for a court case, although later they will probably be donated to a shelter.

(Ah, here it is - they were fishing in protected areas, caught in a sting operation using marked lobsters. Interesting how enforcement refers to perpetrators as "gentlemen.")
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(crossposted to [ profile] urban_nature)

We saw tons of mourningcloak (Nymphalis antiopa) caterpillars this summer. I haven't seen this many for years. When I was a kid, they used to colonize the few elm trees on my street, but the city began spraying the trees for pests, and they became a lot rarer. Lots of people don't like the caterpillars because they are spiky and scary looking, and leave lots of droppings beneath whatever tree they are feeding on. This website has some nice background infomation on them, and it's even from my county! :)

We noticed this small tree in June. I'm not sure; I think its a type of Australian willow. I walk past it from the bus stop to my house. There were so many caterpillars, they completely stripped it of leaves three times over the summer. I never noticed so many on any other tree on my street, even though there are others of the same type only a few houses away. The third time caterpillars appeared on the tree, they got about half grown and then one day I came home from work to find that the property owners had ripped the entire tree out of the ground.

mourningcloak caterpillars

more stages... )
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Haven't had time to read the entire article (or set of articles) yet in New Scientist, but it looks fascinating....


Special report

Unfortunately, to read many of the articles linked to, it looks like you have to buy a subscription to the magazine. A worthy magazine, I'm sure, but I'm not subscribing to anything right now. Poop.
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This was given to me by a friend in my book group...

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Nature has some neat photos and video (via Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) of Gonatus onyx, a squid that broods her eggs while holding them in her arms. Apparently the only only squid species known to do this.

(cross-posted to [ profile] molluscious)
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Although it was created by the same person as Rocko's Modern Life, which I enjoyed, I haven't gotten so much into Camp Lazlo. However, my kids like it, so I do watch it occasionally. One character that does amuse me is Assistant Scoutmaster Slinkman of Camp Kidney's loyal Bean Scouts. He's a banana slug, and if you've spent any time in the Pacific Northwest, you're familiar with these critters. The biologist in me rebels against a slug with arms and legs though, so I had to depict him a bit more realistically. I put him perching in Scoutmaster Lumpus's antler (he's a grumpy moose), the better to remind him of the duties he tries to avoid.

(This is what they're actually drawn like.)

I drew this twice. I spent about 90 minutes on it Sunday night, and then I clicked "modify canvas" instead of the "save" button, and lost the whole damn thing. Tonight, the oekaki board would not let me save it (Image data transfer error - please retry...), so I had to take a screenshot and save it onto my hard drive instead. I don't know if it's my browser or computer settings or what. It's only OekakiBBS - Paint BBS seems to work ok. If anyone's got any ideas, let me know...

(Oh, and I'm nuts - I made a community at DA. alt - for marine life art.)

I still need to work on my holiday card, dammit...


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