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Me: (raising an eyebrow) You're playing Othello against a cotton candy eating Tyrannosaurus named Marvin?

Him: Yup. And losing. Badly.
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Well, crap, I missed yesterday. So much for the every day in July thing. The major obstacle is at least four people, sometimes five, competing for one PC at home. We try to set timers, and I regularly kick everyone off if there's something important I need to do (like pay bills), but still, there's a lot of squabbling. I really need to set aside some money to get my laptop fixed - it's been sitting since last summer (or was it the summer before? It has Vista on it, that should be a clue), but there just hasn't been enough extra to have it done. Ha. I should know there is never anything extra, especially this year with three furlough days a month, and everything else that needs fixing.

Gadget news - hey, the meme said your mundane life...  )
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I get an email newsletter from a business IT website; most of its articles are way over my head as they're geared toward network managers of big companies - however, I keep it because every week they send me, along with the links to articles, something funny, usually a video, a quote, and a little this "day in history" blurb.
The quote this morning made me snigger for a couple of minutes:

"If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside."

- Robert X. Cringely, InfoWorld magazine

What can I say, I'm a bit sleep-deprived lately.
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Odd. I got an email saying wants to follow me on Twitter.

I don't have a Twitter account.

Granted, I follow several people on Twitter through Google Reader, and some people actually use it to post to their LJs. Occasionally like listening to one side of a phone conversation, but fun (as in this one, thank you [ profile] angelsmum, that's hysterical) but I'm afraid I find restricting myself to 140 characters almost impossible. I may not talk much, but usually once I get typing...well, you can see this post already. It's the same reason I don't text much, probably, although I'll answer if someone sends me something.

Ah, I see that site has something to do with You-gi-oh! (sp?)card games - maybe something Angus signed up for in the past, before he had his own email.

I dunno, I haven't been posting here much lately either. Too much competition for the computer at home (we only have the one right now), and when I do get on, I spend more time reading than writing. I'm pretty boring lately, I'm afraid.
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skip if not a iPod user... )

(Btw, for more free music, the Amazon mp3 newsletter has at least 10 free songs every week, sometimes up to 20, all genres)
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I'm amused to see my department's IT intranet page has a link to the Wikipedia entry on emoticons.

\ ^_^ /
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Grr. Spent a lot of day trying to figure out why the descriptions of a computer attached to a certain serial number weren't matching up. Our IT guy was looking at a fax I sent and, granted, while I don't have the neatest handwriting in the world, to be fair I also included the number in the original email I sent.

And is it just me, or does it seem like no one reads past the first paragraph? I always think people would prefer (and more polite of me) one email with several questions in it, rather than a barrage of them from me with one question each. But it seems like I only ever get an answer to my first question and no one reads any further, unless I email again and rattle their cages.

Anyway, sounds like we may have a new wetlab computer in the works. Our Access data entry program developed a glitch and we keep getting an error when the computer is supposed to open the ports to the bitpad and the balance, so we've been having to measure, weigh and enter our fish data by hand. After much searching for solutions and even having a few helpful people from give me clues, I gave up trying to fix it for free, and called the guy who wrote the program for help. He could come out to fix it, but after looking at the equipment - the computer is still Windows 98, and the bitpad is 12 years old?!? (but nevertheless a model you can still buy used) - the money might be better spent on an upgrade. Then we can spend his $100/hr. towards revamping the program instead of fixing the old version. Our time for processing samples is greatly slowed in the meantime, though. I was thinking a few hundred bucks might be worth it so it could at least be used until such time as the new equipment became available, but he says it could take 2-4 hrs. just to figure out what the problem was, before he could get to fixing it.

Ah well. I suppose it was overdue, anyway.
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Cool! Use your >2GB of Gmail as a hard drive!

I have sent myself large files before, so I could access them from other computers, but this sounds like an easier way to do it. I think google wouldn't let me send certain types of files though (like *.exe ); I wonder if this would get around it? Except for the fact that it only works on IE...

(I've still got a ton of invites....)
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We recently acquired two new computers for the use of our sci aides - and they came with flat panel LCD monitors! Since I have easily one of oldest monitors, VT thought it would be nice to swap out my computer's monitor with one of the new ones...

So I hooked it up this morning. It came with a USB cable, which baffled me for a moment; upon closer inspection, there's a hub on the side of monitor. And I had no idea there were that many dust bunnies breeding behind my old monitor.

Oh my, such a difference. It's better than the difference between days when I forget my glasses! The colors, so bright and sharp and prettiful...

You might want to cover your ears. I'm going to squee now.


(Hey, I don't do it that often. Some things call for it.)
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I have a Neil Finn CD (Try Whistling This) that I occasionally like to listen to in my computer at work. One annoyance with this CD is every time you put it in, it wants to install an ancient version of Earthlink. But that's fairly minor, and easily opted out of.

The big annoyance is I like to use WinAmp to listen to music, and it cannot find the tracks on this CD. (normally, I would just use Windows Media Player, as it has no problem finding them, but somethings haywire with it on this computer). Even if I look in Explorer, they don't show up.

The only way I can get this to play in WinAmp is if I put in another CD first (with the same or greater number of tracks), and then change the disks after it starts playing. WinAmp will then recognize the tracks, one at a time as they're played, titles and everything.

Weird. Was this some early form of copy-protection Sony was trying out? This album came out in 1998, and I know some CDs have come out recently that will not play in computers at all. If it is, it only works on this one media player.

'Spose I should post this in WinAmp's forums...
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If you use Firefox, you might want to make this change; I always run it this way anyway because one of the reasons I use it is I can have only one window open and still be looking at a bunch of different pages.

3. Browser hole affects Firefox 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

Secunia reports a frame-injection vulnerability in Firefox 1.0.3 and 1.0.4. Mozillazine has details, including a comment that you can close the hole (until 1.0.5 is released) by clicking Tools, Options,
Advanced, Tabbed Browsing and changing "open links in a new window" to "open links in a new tab in the most recent window":

A Secunia bulletin also notes that a similar hole has existed in Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x since June 2004 and has not yet been patched by Microsoft (but there is a workaround):


May. 12th, 2005 09:25 am
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The new patch for Firefox is out (1.0.4).

Based on this post in [ profile] firefoxusers, I thought perhaps I should backup up my profiles, etc. before I did the update, even though I never have before and been fine. I followed the procedure here.

I should have left well enough alone. Yes, I have the folders with my profile names on them, but they all seem to have reverted back to default. No bookmarks, no extensions, etc.

Dammit, should have used the Bookmark manager, at least. I''ve been using Firefox since last July so it isn't my entire collection, but still...

edit: I guess it was because I accidentally moved them first instead of copying them. I copied them back, but that's when they got reset. John set the mouse to one click instead of double-clicking, and I am constantly doing the wrong thing first.
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Never mind.

Since the price came down and it's only $5 more a month than we've been paying, we finally made the plunge and signed up for DSL. I've been trying to get it installed for the last week. I delayed hooking up the equipment because the instructions said to install the software first. Verizon's little website scanner said that my computer measured up, even tho' it's so elderly; however, every time I try to install the software, it tells me "You don't have an Ethernet adapter!" Never mind that I went and bought a Netgear External Adapter last weekend, installed it after several false starts, and yes, the Device Mangler says it's there, working and installed properly. I called their Support, and they walked by through a diagnostic which told me what I already knew, said they would check our line and to wait 48 hours and try again. In the meantime, I could set up the equipment.

So I installed everything Friday, turned on the modem, and lo and behold, I have a DSL connection! Oh it's wonderful; forgive me, but after so many years of dialup, this is heaven! I'm listening to and KCRW with no skips or hangups, and gotten several phone calls during that time. Amazing (to me)! I've emerged from the dark ages.

The software still says I don't have an Ethernet card.

I'll probably call them again, since the software has all the antivirus crap and such connected with it, but I'm tempted to just skip it. I've pretty much got what I want right now, right?

*the Little Penguin Vineyard, SE Australia - do you ever buy a product just because of the label? It brought back good memories of seeing little penguins coming ashore near Melbourne and getting to help tag the babies....
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Those of you struggling with adware/spyware may want to read the latest Windows Secrets Newsletter.

Anti-adware misses most malware
80% percentent of PCs are infected, and AdAware/Spybot only remove about half of it.

Sigh. Looks like the freebie programs just aren't covering it anymore. Even stuff you have to pay for doesn't get all of it. I know someone recommended CWShredder (mentioned in the article) to me, but it consistently says my PC is clean, while AdAware finds it in the registry every time.

Well, I was preparing to spend money at Fry's this weekend anyway. We just got the DSL equipment package yesterday, but I want to get everything backed up first before I install it. I don't want to spend forever changing out CDs, so we'll be purchasing either a DVD burner or external hard drive this weekend. The prices have come down enough it's affordable. And maybe one or two of those things mentioned in the article.
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Finally did it. Consulted with the man in charge of the phone bill, mein vater. He agreed to add DSL to it and we'll add the cost to our rent payment. I'll be looking into having the phone bill put in our names in the near future; I hope we can do it without changing our phone number of more than 30 years (or my friend Mike will no long be able to point out I'm his only friend from high school who still has the same phone number). I have not the extra brain cells to memorize a new phone number. Never mind that I still remember another high school chum's phone number, even though she hasn't lived there for nearly two decades. The house isn't even there anymore. Anyway, no more CompuSwerve/Great ISP Evil. Yay.

I'm sure friends and relatives will be happy I'll no longer be tying up the phone.

So will the bill collectors.

Can't wait.
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Last month, VT and her husband offered to sell us their computer. It's only two years old, but said spouse wanted a faster one for gaming (he used to play EverCrackQuest, but has lately gotten into the new War of Worlds World of Warcraft [sorry, [ profile] dipster - I knew it was WOW, but wasn't clear on the words]). They were going to get their new one this month, but unforeseen difficulties caused them to spend more on travel than they planned (think of David Spade in that NO! commercial), and they decided to put off the computer purchase till summer. However, they had already gotten a new LCD monitor, and we could have the old (but still fairly new-to-us 19" screen) one now. She brought to work on Tuesday so I could take it home, and it rode around in the back seat of my Dad's car for two days because I forgot to have John take it out the minute I got home.

Turns out it was just in time. Last night when I got home, John told me Angus had done something (I still don't know what) and now the old monitor doesn't work. I fiddled with it a bit; it's plugged in and everything, but there is no reaction in it at all. Maybe the switch gave out. However, we have a nice new (to us) big one, so maybe I'll just hook it up and see how it works.

My poor ol' pc is getting crankier and crankier. My hard drive is almost full, I can't figure out what else to remove, and the poor thing is slightly older than Gareth anyway. I just hope it doesn't die completely before we get VT's.

Angus was unusually cooperative about doing his homework last night - he actually volunteered to write out more iterations of his spelling words, and we got most of it done in one sitting. John thinks he felt bad about the monitor and was trying to make up for it.
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I'm sitting in the lobby of the Best Western Inn by the Sea in La Jolla, paying to use an internet kiosk, which wasn't quite as expensive as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I only have 14 minutes left unless I feed it again, which I reall can't afford to. I'm in La Jolla for 4 day of listening to people talk about sardines and their ecosystems, and climate regime shifts, and all manner of sardinopean things. I gave a talk yesterday on the Status of Coastal Pelagic finfish fisheries in California; I nearly imploded with nerves before I gave it, but everyone said I did a good job, and the animation I stuck in a couple of my slides was a big hit (I made some little clipart fish swim across before a photo faded in - whoopie snort).

Two more days here, and then home to make up to John that I missed his birthday (tomorrow). I wanted to post the morning before I left, but our phone wasn't working for some reason, and I got up to find some oily substance all over the laptop keyboard; I think one of our cats pissed on it. Great. It's probably shot now.

OK, I have seven minutes to check my friends list, but I don't think I'm going to be able to comment on anything, dammit!
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Bleah. Trying to get our 135 page sampling manual to print (because we have a new scientific aide starting soon) on a different printer and it's not cooperating. I don't want to have go through the damn thing and change all the margins. I wonder if it'll print as a PDF document? Hmmm.... (tries that). It's taking forever....(looking at the print queue). Jeez, does the whole thing have to load into the buffer before it starts? It's been 10 minutes and 6 mb out of 17mb! *Grumble, grumble*

My father loves to order stuff off the television. When he got a CD he said he was going to give to my brother, it sat on the counter for a month or two and he never did anything with it. I thought it sounded interesting and decided to give it a listen before he did. This is actually kind of neat. Twelve women from the People's Republic of China, playing Celtic music on traditional Chinese instruments. Among other things - Coldplay's Clocks is included, and some songs that sound Middle Eastern. The more Asian stuff is very soothing. There is one instrument that starts out sounding like a vocal, until I realize it's some sort of a string. Very trippy. The album comes with a DVD too, which I haven't looked at yet. I think I'm going to have get Doug another copy of this, because I'm absconding with this one.

edit: except for the last track - New Classicism. Does anyone remember Hooked on Classics? Erk.
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New version of AdAware out (1.05) - maybe it will finally get rid of that stupid VX2 infestation. Off to install it. We'll see...

As it happened, it didn't, but wow. The AdAware forum was actually of some help. This guy was having the same problem I was, in that the program would clear out that stupid VX2 malware, but it would just reappear when rebooting. Turns out it was a different thing that was being detected as VX2:

Vx2 not being removed...most likely because this is not a VX2 object! Why peper trojan is being detected as VX2 is beyond me. Ad-aware in Safe Mode will remove this since the peper files do not start in safe mode and are easy to clean. or use my PeperFix and scan/reboot all peper files will be moved to a backup loctaion.

Well, safe mode didn't work, but the PeperFix seems to have. Also clearing out my temp files seems to have gotten rid of the ads234 com thingie that was redirecting my browser.

*huge sigh of relief*
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If you happen to be looking for song lyrics, avoid LetsSingIt dot com like the plague.

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