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Good grief, June is almost over. How did it fly by so fast?

The second week of June I had to go to a PFMC meeting in Spokane, WA. If you're wondering why a body having to do with mostly ocean-going fishing meets occasionally on the eastern side of Washington (and sometimes in Idaho), the answer is "salmon." Which I have nothing to do with, but salmon drags everything after it. My flight had a transfer in Seattle and I had a 2½ hour layover between planes. [ profile] tikistitch was kind enough to come down and meet me at the airport and chat between planes; we got some dinner and I hope I didn't babble at her too much - I really didn't expect that glass of wine to be so big, especially at an airport, and it turns out I'm really a lightweight lately. I brought her a little Stitch something from Downtown Disney she'd mentioned she couldn't find, just in gratitude for all the fun I've had reading her Mythklok stories. Really great to meet you, Pam, and thanks for putting up with me!

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(Sackboy is officially off to visit [ profile] florida_fotog today, traveling by luxurious Priority Mail - I had him much longer than I meant to. Still a few more days to post of him, though, so just scroll on by if you're tired of him.)


Out on the pier again. This time maybe we'll actually make it out to the end; last time it just got way too cold and windy. Yay, California - not all that warm and sunny after all. Well, a little sunny. After the June Gloom burns off in the morning.

Lifequard tower
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D

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I suppose this could be in honor of the world cup...

Surfboard art
Huntington City Beach
Canon EOS 1000D
18 June 2010

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Jan. 19th, 2010 11:30 am
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Well, I would have written something about the torrential rain yesterday, but Wil Wheaton did it much better than I could...

moves by just like a paper boat

We didn't really venture out much yesterday as it was really pouring all day; more a day for watching that Inuyasha movie in the box we hadn't gotten around to yet, making frozen cookie dough cookies, and putting away the last of the ornaments we hadn't yet. However, Sunday afternoon Angus and I did walk out to the end of the pier in the drizzle, had a snack at Ruby's, and came back. We cheated a bit then, by driving half-way down and parking. We discovered a mural we hadn't seen before around the corner from Perq's, and discovered the antique shop in the old Helme/Worthy Buiding was still open, so we had to check that out as well. I pointed out a 40's-50's era tea set to Angus, if ever his dad needs an idea for gift-giving, ha-ha, and he asked me several times why someone would want to buy some very old Coke bottles - still with original Coke, which must be really stale by now - or another Coke bottle with its neck stretched and twisted, probably from a carnival. He seemed dubious that people would ever want to buy such things.

The day before we had walked all the way down there from home and back. Some very big surf was coming in and swells were breaking past the restrooms and bait shop, much further out than usual. I practiced shooting the surfers for a few minutes, slightly envying the woman with a much bigger telephoto lens; then Angus tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the pigeons getting a drink from the faucet at the fish cleaning station. Large-lens lady started taking pictures of them too.

So it seems Angus is becoming my walking buddy; the other two will go as well, most of the time, but he's the one who most often bugs me about it, which is a good thing. He no longer holds my hand like he did when he was little, but often takes my elbow as we're walking. It could be he might decide soon that's not something middle school-age boys do (Gareth, almost two years younger decided that a couple of years ago already), but for now it's sweet. Maybe in twenty years or so, it'll be the other way around.
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Morning Fog
Los Angeles Harbor
San Pedro CA
Canon EOS 1000D
23 October 2009

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Since the meeting didn't start until 1 pm, I now had a working GPS and hadn't done any geocaching since last September, I spent my first morning in Spokane walking around the riverfront and downtown area, which was lovely. There are waterfalls here, and the Riverfront Park was once the site of the 1974 World Expo, which a couple of the structures in the background were part of. This rock formation in the middle of Upper Spokane Falls is an Earthcache, a type of virtual cache that gives you a little geology lesson of the area. The lesson here being that much of the area around Spokane was once volcanic, and this formation is made of the same columnar basalt that is used in building a number of structures in the area (it looks very manmade, but it's the actual stucture formed by the rock as it cooled). This was taken from one of two pedestrian footbridges that cross the Upper Falls, both connecting to an island in the middle of the river.

Upper Spokane Falls
Spokane WA
Canon EOS 1000D
12 June 2009

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Fog in Fish Harbor
Terminal Island CA
Sharp VE-CG30
7 May 2009

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Smoke from the Santa Barabara fire. We heard later that even downtown SB was very close to a mandatory evacuation.

Oddly, I thought the horizon was tilted in this photo, but when I went to straighten it, it really wasn't that far off (less than a degree).

Wildfire smoke trail
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
6 May 2009
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My dad went a little crazy and bought a boat. He's been thinking about a kayak for years, but at 83, a solid one is a little difficult to handle. Sea Eagle was having a sale, so he splurged and bought this. Sort of a cross between a kayak and and a Zodiac. We took it down to one of the little sandy beaches in Huntington Harbor, blew it up - it comes with a foot pump, but we cheated and used an electric inflater plugged into the minivan - and spent a couple of hours taking turns paddling around on it. I have absolutely no upper body strength and didn't want to overdo it, so I didn't go very far; thought I'd be really sore the next day and was surprised to find I wasn't. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera while we were at the harbor (we also forgot the paddles and [ profile] runsamuck had to run home and get them), so I took these while we were rinsing the saltwater off after we got home.

435ps Paddleski
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
26 April 2009

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Two of the fry had coupons for a free meal at Ruby's that they got as a reward from school, so we walked out to the one on the end of the pier for lunch. Had to wait for 45 minutes and [ profile] runsamuck was about to lose patience and leave.

HUntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D (Sorry, but that's much shorter than typing Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS - besides it sounds so pretentious)
15 March 2009

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Went for a walk with fry down to the beach again, and turned out there was a kite festival going on. These two were absolutely huge, maybe 10 feet across. The way the octopus's tentacles moved was rather hypnotizing (video here, if interested).

In like a lion
Huntington Beach CA
Casio EX-Z80A
1 March 2009

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Gareth wanted to try to fly kites Saturday, and Avalon's had gotten its tail tangled up with a bunch of kite string. By the time I got that mess unraveled, it was an hour or two before sundown. Instead of parking on one of the residential streets across from the beach, for some reason I chose to park right on PCH where the parking meters are, which I was chagrined to see have increased their fees. A quarter only gets you 10 minutes, and the time of day they were active used to end at 6 p.m., it now extends to midnight. And the damn thing didn't register 50¢ of the coins I put in, so it ripped me off.

Anyhow, we got down on the sand and I took my clogs off as I hate walking in sand-filled shoes. There is what looks like a riverbed cutting through the beach to the water where storm run-off from the recent rain has cut a path. There are three foot sand cliffs where the water cut through the berm. The sand was freezing and my toes were getting numb, so I forbade any getting near the water, as someone always gets soaked, even when they're not supposed to get any wetter than their knees.

We had left the kites in the car because the wind was absolutely dead (probably because we'd brought kites). But once we got to the beach's berm, we did get to watch a pod of wild dolphins swim by. The kids had never seen wild ones before, but I noticed birds circling and told them to watch the water below them. Sure enough, dorsal fins surfaced in groups, and once I saw a little one leap clear of the water. The kid's attention had shifted to chasing each other around by that time, so they missed it.

I like the beach in winter time - although I suppose it wasn't actually winter just then, but the last day of fall. It's nearly deserted except for a few who've come to watch the sunset and some devoted surf fishermen. I only saw one surfer.
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I attended a workshop on Data Poor Fisheries in Berkeley, and so was stuck in a hotel for three days. I am starting to dislike travel in winter for work, because by the time you're done for the day, it's dark already and it's hard to explore new surroundings when the sun has already gone down. We weren't in Berkeley proper either, but on a little penninsula sticking out into San Francisco Bay and not really within walking distance of anything. During break on the second day, I was determined to get outside for a least a few minutes and walked along the nearby marina. A lot of people had put in planters, places to sit, and impromptu art among the rocks along the marina embankment.

Berkeley Marina
Berkeley CA
Sharp VE-CG30
03 December 2008

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The fry wanted to go the beach again, so we checked out what some recent rain had done. The concrete pyramid is placed in from of some drainage pipes for street runoff; to prevent erosion, I guess. However, there is a big channel cut into the sand all the way down to the water, so I don't know how effective that is.

Huntington City Beach
Sharp VE-CG30
29 November 2008

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The sky was just flaming as I drove home from work, so I had to stop at the Dog Beach to watch for awhile...

Dog Beach, looking toward L.A. Harbor and Palos Verdes
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
15 October 2008

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new faucets

Nifty new motion-sensitive faucets and soap dispensers in the restroom at work. We had noticed them downstairs (outside of our office) and were wondering why we didn't rate, but finally they showed up. Maybe this will cut down on not only water use, but the masses of paper towels used by the germ-phobic admin staff.


Sorry. Peeve of mine.

Office, Los Alamitos CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
17 September 2008
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Spaghetti for dinner; we started using the organic whole wheat kind from Trader Joe's about six months ago, and damned if anyone can tell the difference.

Huntington Beach Ca
Sharp VE-CG30
27 July 2008
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Not suprising...


You are a Waterbender!


The first waterbenders learned how to bend water by watching the moon control the tides. Waterbenders use Chi, the energy that flows through life, in combat. They redirect their opponent’s Chi rather than using direct strikes. Waterbending is stronger at night and strongest during the full moon. Waterbending is not possible during a lunar eclipse.

Which Element do you Bend?

Seriously, I am so far behind on Avatar - I love it, but I only seem to catch the reruns. I think I've seen half the second season (but sporadic episodes), none of the third, and I swear I've seen the first episode at least a dozen times. I should just break down and buy the damn series... Ah well, this way I can stretch out the limited time I have left with Uncle Iroh...

Edit: Looking up a link below, and I found this - Live Action Movie by M. Night Shamyamalan? If I went to ComicCon, I might know these things. Not sure, I've really liked some of his stuff, but he's sure had some clunkers, too.
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(posted from the bus; consolidated & photos added later)

Ok, freaky weather we're having, much? This morning when I was getting Angus ready for school, I looked out the kitchen window to the west and thought "Boy, that sure looks darker than our usual marine layer..." then put the boy on the bus and promptly forgot about it. By the time I caught my own bus, it was sunny, if pretty hazy, and remained so most of the day. VT remarked at lunchtime that her spouse had called after dropping their son off at daycare, and reported it was thundering and hailing in Irvine, but it was still sunny and hazy in Los Al.

Just before I shut down for the day, I noticed it agian looked awfully dark. I checked if the sidewalk was wet-it wasn't-and with a vague hope that I could get home before I got wet, headed for the exit downstairs. walked down the hall and got the door opened at the exact time the heavens decided to do the same thing. Soaked before I even got to the bus stop; one of the admin staff leaving at the same time stopped and handed me an umbrella out her car window.


Very tiny redwood forest at the corner of our building's property...


grr, guess there's a char. limit on email posts from the phone too...
Anyhoo, I usually hate brollies because it seems to me you need at least three arms to use them properly and I would rather just wear a hat. But grateful this time cuz I didn't have one-'tho there was thunder along with the downpour so I stuck close to the wall 'til the bus came. And yeah, Crocs are waterproof but they ain't WATERPROOF, so I have a wet shirt and wet feet. ACHOO! Frank, the driver, told me to have a glass of wine when I get home-sounds good to me! (Dammit, why don't the Enter key on this phone work?)
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So hot today - we had the kiddie pool in the front yard all day, and I sat out there and read while the kids splashed around. Although I was feeling a bit guilty about all the water use; damn I hadn't realized that thing holds nearly 700 gallons. I did use it to water the planters after.

Tidal Wave!
Front yard
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
17 May 2008

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