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What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

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I had a year of French in first grade, and three years of German in high school, because at the time, guidance counselors told us a language (and specifically not Spanish*) was required for science programs in college. Can I still speak it? Not a bit, but I sort of get the gist when I hear people talking. Or in a movie, if it doesn't have subtitles. I was on a Japanese ship for month and a Polish ship for two months, and by the end I was recognizing words and phrases, but speak it, no. Polish seems to involve a lot of buzzing and rarely even moving your teeth apart. And growing up in Southern California, you seem to pick up a lot of Spanish words just by osmosis, and I can pretty much read the abstract of a Spanish journal article and figure out what it means, but no still can't speak it. Just your general ugly American here.

*Not sure why this is, Mexico, South America and Spain have as many scientific publications as any other countries. Given that I work in fisheries that cross borders, I attend a conference fairly often that has as many presentations in Spanish as in English, and the occasional one in Japanese (part of same ocean current system).
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A few years ago my dad had me sign him up for Tin Can Sailors - a group for people who served on naval destroyers. I think I mentioned before he served on the USS Stormes in WWII. This morning I got an email from someone in that group who'd put up some movie footage of that vessel - although 12 years later. I emailed him back thanking him for it and wished I could show it to my dad. He knows someone who may have been aboard the same time my dad was, and they might have known each other. I linked him to some pics of my dad in earlier journal entries here although after almost 60 years, who knows if someone would remember.

Dad would have also liked that there was a Navy Week this past week in San Pedro. We tried going to see the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln Wednesday when I had the day off, but it got shut down early for security reasons. So we went to the Maritime Museum instead, which I haven't been inside of since we took Dad there for his birthday when my mom was still here, although I drive by it every time I go to the docks. Then [ profile] runsamuckwas starving, so we had some lunch at the Crusty Crab (not the Krusty Krab; this one's been there since before Spongebob) at Ports O' Call.


I had to work Thursday, but the rest of the fam damily tried again on Thursday, along with some friends from school. They left about 8 am (ships didn't open until 10 am) to secure parking and get aboard the mandatory shuttle to the ship. It was all a self-guided tour, but the most exciting thing, I hear, was the plane elevator from the lower deck to the flight deck. Quite the E-ticket ride, I understand. Gareth took some video of it, but being 11, excited and not a trained videographer makes for a rather motion-sickness inducing recording (plus it takes freaking forever to upload); but I may put it up later. Some photos here.

Um, what?

Aug. 1st, 2011 11:39 am
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I admit I am very behind in the hair product world - I basically need conditioner to get a comb through it and I have [ profile] runsamuck whack a few inches off now and then when it starts feeling bristly - but this Daily Deal from made me scratch my head.

We're putting mp3 players in what now?

And I'm not sure why I even looked at it; I usually just delete them because even if something's a deal, I usually still can't afford it.
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One of you here on my friends list here turned me on to Great Big Sea a while ago, I can't remember who it was - but I've always loved folk, celtic and sea songs anyway, so it was a no-brainer for me. I enjoyed it and other albums by them are now on my wishlist for eventual purchase. As a matter fact, when I went out on the R/V Jordan a couple of years ago, it wound up being part of our soundtrack while we were tagging sharks, as we took turns playing peoples iPods over the PA system while we were working.

Amazon has a lot of free stuff every week, and I've enjoyed quite a few of their compilations with new (or new-to-me, anyway) artists. Lately, I been listening to an album by Sister Hazel, which really reminds me of Great Big Sea, although in reviews, I also see comparisons to the Eagles, the Doobie Brothers and Tom Petty (which I really don't see). I know they've been around for awhile, but this is the first time I've ever really listened to them, and boy have I missed out. It's a completely free download from Amazon right now, so go get it and give it a listen! Hope you enjoy...
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Wow, a 40% price increase between months for your 300min beyond talk?! Thanks a lot Virgin Mobile, at least Netflix sent me a warning first before they asked me to bend over. It's now only $5 less than the 1200 min one (used to be), which I only used 130 minutes of last month, so I thought I'd try save few bucks this month. No love. You're still cheaper than everyone else so I can't afford to go elsewhere, but that was a very rude shock when I went to top up this morning. Which now is going to have to wait until I get paid - because I think getting bread and milk instead so my kids can have breakfast this week is probably more important for this last week of the month.

It's quite interesting that it still says $25 for the lowest beyond talk plan on this page for submitting reviews. Updating the whole site would polite, don't you think?

Getting a little tired of the "We're still the best deal around even though we now suddenly cost about half again as much!" routine from some businesses lately. Not quitting Netflix either, but they'll be getting $2 less a month from me.

Edit: submitted as a review to their website (less the bending over part). They rejected it and suggested I review the guidelines which said: 1) not to mention retail partners phone prices; 2)or mention competitors. Since I didn't mention Target's/Walmart's phone prices, I didn't realize DVD rentals were a competitor of cell phones.
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Heh. Avalon & I are at the Long Beach roller derby, watching the Belmont Hot Broads vs. the Bixby Rollerettes with some friends from work. I think we're sitting in the wrong section - every one around us is rooting for pink and I think we're 'posed to be for turquoise.... Avalon was acting all excited to come and now she's acting like she wants to go to sleep. Silly girl.... don't you wanna learn how to throw a shoulder like that?

Edit: oops, sorry for all the typos - must not be able to see my phone as well as I thought. I'm actually surprised it posted at all, considering most of the time it won't let me comment...

I think I finally got it straight how the scoring works, by the end. I'm glad they're finding some use for the Spruce Goose dome.

PH and his wife came as well, good to see him since he retired about three years ago. He told me his favorite team is the Terminal Island Toosties - who whose uniforms look sort of like sailor suits and everyone roots for by their acronym, of course. *rolls eyes*

We'd gotten there by parking at the Aquarium and taking the free shuttle over, and it's a good thing - the parking at the Queen Mary is $12. Mary & Ian were going to give us a ride back across the bridge to the AOP, but we wound up standing around for half an hour until the press of traffic getting out died down. So we got to have a nice chat

They do have junior leagues, and there's one here in Huntington Beach. Might be something we'll have to put aside for; I think it'll be good for her.
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My brother Doug turned my dad on to this station when it was still on the radio. When that station changed formats (as do most of the ones I enjoy), it became a web station. Lounge music is not my everyday listening, but I turn it on sometimes when I'm in the mood for it - or when I'm remembering what he liked to listen to. They're struggling to pay the bills right now or "get a real job" so I think I'll make a donation in memory of my dad, so it can stay up.

Plus they have a ton of recipes for martinis! XD

Martini in the Morning...(Home)

The Last Support Appeal, It's the last time we'll ask for listener support. As Karen likes to say, it's time to "Sink or Swim." What she really means is either Brad makes this work now, or he gets a "Real" job. With a real job for Brad, MITM goes away. While commercial revenue MUST replace the listener support model we've relied on since 2006, we will continue to accept monthly support payments. We will NOT, however, conduct these embarrassing listener beg-a-thons. So, by September, if we ALL start using the Miracle Martini Player here, we'll be able to pay our bills and stay on the air without these periodic panicky listener support campaigns. The current campaign ends today (if you're reading this on Sunday 7/17/11), we're not even close yet, to having enough money in the bank to be able to stay afloat till then. But we are as tired of talking about money as you are of hearing about it. So, if you haven't already (we started this on May 19th), and you find this music worth keeping around, please click here Click here to help us keep the music playing!

At the same time, I'm a little chagrined to realize this is what Rod Stewart is now doing - not that I was a big fan of him back in the day, anyway. And Dad's first love was swing and he couldn't stand Frank Sinatra.
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Heh, I maybe I should have a little more faith in my county...*

Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County

excerpt... )

Cripes, wasn't the reality show enough?

*Actually, no. Harry Potter is probably just more of a distraction.
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After a lot of bad news about amphibians, a little good news! She's really pretty too!

Rainbow toad: Found after 87 years, first photo ever

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Well, I've done it and bought tickets. I haven't gone to see Neil Finn (or Crowded House) the last 3-4 times he's been in the area (this was the last time I saw him - crap, in 2003!!). Next month he's going to be playing at some divey bar/venue in Costa Mesa, the next city over from me, about a block away from our local DMV. It's in a strip mall, for pete's sake, with a Rally's Burgers on the corner - or it used to be a Rally's, I think now it's Mexican food.

He's playing with his wife and another musician in a new (side?) project called Pajama Club. Interestingly, Sharon is playing bass (I didn't even know she was a musician, I had thought she was an artist), and he's playing drums for a change. I think [ profile] runsamuck and I should be able to scrape together $20 apiece for a venue we could almost ride bikes to, although we probably won't, given the time it'll be over. Should be interesting! Although I am gonna get flack that we haven't been to see Louis Black or been to the Blues Festival in the meantime...
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Sent by a coworker - these are a bunch of spear fishermen who happened across a swordfish off Monterey, right in the kelp! i.e. 40' of water.

Swordfish are normally found in open, very deep water. It'd be pretty crazy to see one while you're snorkeling.

You might want to turn speakers down - I haven't actually listened but I guess there's some cussin'. The fish shows up at the very end.

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Angus has been playing a Pokemon Blue emulator he downloaded lately, and thinking of my drawing of Nathan Explosion as a grass-mouse Pokemon, and a little inspiration from this CreepyPasta story, drew me this:


Well, I guess Curse wouldn't be too effective against Nathan, since he's part of the Curse of Dethklok already. Maybe the Ghost better keep his distance! ;)
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I love all kinds of animation, and this video was a free download from iTunes awhile ago. The song's not bad either. I think the little sock fish are my favorite part.

The making of it... )
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So I nipped out to the grocery store to grab something for lunch yesterday and toyed with the idea of getting some chips - I wound up getting a pack of sushi and a mango from the produce guy who comes by our office once a week. But in the healthy section of the aisle I noticed some small bags of kale chips, which I've heard about but never tried. They came in a number of flavors and actually looked fairly tasty. Then I caught the price. $6.99 for a small bag - maybe 3 ounces. Yikes.

Maybe this is a better idea.

Crunchy, salty (and easy) kale chips

Huh. The LJ link on the article actually puts a title in the post. I did not notice that until I came back and edited this.
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Hope everyone had a Happy 4th (here in the States, that is). Pretty par for the course here. Parade, fireworks. We thought about going to Anime Expo on Sunday, but at least one fry decided they didn't want to go, [ profile] runsamuck pouted about possibly staying home from his friend Jerry's (they have a standing Sunday video game playdate), and most importantly, I neglected to buy tickets ahead of time, not to mention Angus is no longer in the child ticket range, and definitely won't pass for twelve anymore (I think he's as tall as me now, and starting to get acne and a peach fuzz mustache. Pretty sure he's outgrown the Sesshomaru costume I made for him few years ago). It would have been $170 at the door just to get in for one day, which I really can't justify right now. Maybe a smaller convention later, if we can find one nearby. Angus likes to remind me, "I kept telling you!" Yes, dear...

Also, on Saturday up there, there was a bomb scare, but people seem to be less freaked out by hordes of costumed fans descending on downtown Los Angeles. Although I find it a little odd that these articles were all in the OC Register, and I didn't come across any from the LA Times. Oh well.

Aquarium... )

7/4/2011 )
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Good grief, June is almost over. How did it fly by so fast?

The second week of June I had to go to a PFMC meeting in Spokane, WA. If you're wondering why a body having to do with mostly ocean-going fishing meets occasionally on the eastern side of Washington (and sometimes in Idaho), the answer is "salmon." Which I have nothing to do with, but salmon drags everything after it. My flight had a transfer in Seattle and I had a 2½ hour layover between planes. [ profile] tikistitch was kind enough to come down and meet me at the airport and chat between planes; we got some dinner and I hope I didn't babble at her too much - I really didn't expect that glass of wine to be so big, especially at an airport, and it turns out I'm really a lightweight lately. I brought her a little Stitch something from Downtown Disney she'd mentioned she couldn't find, just in gratitude for all the fun I've had reading her Mythklok stories. Really great to meet you, Pam, and thanks for putting up with me!

Boring fisheries shtufs... )

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Me: (raising an eyebrow) You're playing Othello against a cotton candy eating Tyrannosaurus named Marvin?

Him: Yup. And losing. Badly.
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Just a few things I was reminded of or linked to lately...

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Jun. 27th, 2011 04:07 pm
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So, backtracking a couple of weeks (I just haven't had the time/access to sit down and make a proper post), [ profile] runsamuck and I were gifted with two tickets to see Star Wars in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. John was initially reluctant because 1) he'd seen something similar on TV once, and 2) when I mentioned taking the bus up there, he thought I meant getting on the regular LA Transit bus, with a stop every block. No, no, I assured him, it was an express bus run by a company that just runs shuttles straight up there. I tried to buy tickets online the day before (I couldn't), and when we went to Lakewood to board, it turned out they stop selling a couple of weeks before the event, presumably so there are enough for the people who just show up - like us; something to remember if we ever get tickets for something up there again. John had never been to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl before; I think I went there once before to see Garrison Keillor. I can't think of the place without remembering the Bugs Bunny cartoons with the opera singer.

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