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(tagged by Andy at FB, but it's just easier to write out in Semagic for LJ and goes there anyway...)

Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!! FORWARD with name of high school and graduating year in the subject box. Send this to all your friends, but don't forget to send it back to me.

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Well, maybe to run by you guys, anyway. Sorry I took so long with this [ profile] calypso72. I was thinking up answers to those questions when I got three other "getting to know you" surveys emailed from friends, too, so I thought I'd just stick them all in the same place. Peruse or ignore at your leisure. Most of you know me well enough, anyway, I'm sure.

Survey #1:
1. Leave me a comment saying you want to do the meme.
2. I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You should update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

Questions from [ profile] calypso72

1. Favorite fish?
Ah, well, my namesake of course, but I also get very attached to fish I work with; Pacific mackerel, sardines, and mako sharks are just one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean - so sleek and powerful, and the most gorgeous shades of cobalt and metallic blue. And I love to watch the sea dragons (both leafy and weedy) at the Aquarium.

(Eek, someone stuck me in a mako shark report!)

2. Favorite invertebrate?
I have always had a fondness for sea hares, ever since I wrote a paper about them in high school, I think. But I also have much love for nudibranchs and almost any type of cephalopod - I would spend hours in front of a cuttlefish tank if people weren't piling up behind me....

3. What would you do if you couldn't live by the sea?
I would have to be involved with something to do with moving water; rivers, creeks, etc. The short time I worked for the USFS (one summer) in the eastern Sierras, I spent most of my working hours around trout streams. One of the reasons I broke up with my college boyfriend (aside from the fact that he wanted six kids) was that he was a geologist and would've most likely wound up working for an oil company, in a landlocked part of the country. I've never lived permanently more than 10 miles inland - even when I lived in Dover, New Hampshire, I lived within a block or two of the Cocheco River, which emptied into the Great Bay and the Piscatequa River to the ocean - it was still tidal in Dover. Away from the ocean it just seems too quiet; it seems I'm subconsciosly aware of the ocean's sounds underlying everything.

4. Do you find three kids to be overwhelming?
No question, they can be; when Avalon was born, neither of her brothers were potty trained and we had three kids in diapers at the same time. And especially when Avalon will NOT leave Gareth alone and they are constantly squabbling, or trying to get them all to do their homework is like pulling teeth. Other times, it's easier, as when we all go out to do something fun and they're getting along and cooperating. It's getting easier as they get older and more independent.

5. What would you wish on a star for tonight?
Sarah Palin to come down with a month-long case of crippling laryngitis? No, can't wish harm on even people I don't about someone else to make dinner? (Hey, it worked!)

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There was an LJ meme going around that stated, "Grab a camera and take a photo of yourself - do not fix anything, brush your hair, put on makeup, etc. Then post and invite others to do the same..." So I grabbed my phone and did so, although I never posted it until now

Yech. I look like my grandmother here.

LJ sheepness
Office, Los Alamitos CA
19 September 2008

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Not suprising...


You are a Waterbender!


The first waterbenders learned how to bend water by watching the moon control the tides. Waterbenders use Chi, the energy that flows through life, in combat. They redirect their opponent’s Chi rather than using direct strikes. Waterbending is stronger at night and strongest during the full moon. Waterbending is not possible during a lunar eclipse.

Which Element do you Bend?

Seriously, I am so far behind on Avatar - I love it, but I only seem to catch the reruns. I think I've seen half the second season (but sporadic episodes), none of the third, and I swear I've seen the first episode at least a dozen times. I should just break down and buy the damn series... Ah well, this way I can stretch out the limited time I have left with Uncle Iroh...

Edit: Looking up a link below, and I found this - Live Action Movie by M. Night Shamyamalan? If I went to ComicCon, I might know these things. Not sure, I've really liked some of his stuff, but he's sure had some clunkers, too.
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I have been a bad poster lately. Something to try and get me back into it.

  • Name 1 talent you'd like to possess. (eg, ability to sing well, play basketball professionally, etc) Has to be a normal skill that others possess - not XMen-type stuff!

    Sure, sing well.  I'll go with that.  Or draw well.  Without a lot of practice. Oh sorry, only one, right?

  • If you knew allowing 1 person to die/be killed (not an evil dictator, just an average person) would save thousands, would you? (Bonus: where's your cutoff? How many must be saved to make it ok?)

    Ah, shades of "City on the Edge Forever" - that would be tough.  I'm not sure I could do it, especially if it was someone I loved. Am I so altruistic I could allow them to be sacraficed for thousands I didn't know?  I'm not sure I could even allow it for one person I didn't know.  Let me be cynical here and say that after all, we humans are overpopulated anyway.  How many would make it ok?  I don't know.  This is why I'm not in the military or a decider of foreign policy.

  • I have always maintained, "It's a word if when you say it the other person knows what you mean." For instance, I have said "hunormous" since late elementary school. I have heard "ginormous" since, but never hunormous. (ie, huge + enormous) Ever make up any words? If not, you are overdue! Make up 1 now, I say!

    I would say "kermote," but my kids made that one up, really.  I always used to answer the telephone with "Haliotis!" because to my weird brain, it sounded similar to hello, but it's not a made-up word, it's the scientific name of an abalone.  How about kyootrocious - as in, so cute it induces nausea (or cavities, or diabetes, take your pick).

  • If you could go back & relive your life, would you? If so at what age would you start? (eg, birth, 12 yrs old, 20?)

    Ah, another chance to make more mistakes.  Or different ones.  I'm not sure.  If I could relive the good moments without the bad ones (Christmas with my dad's family without the drinking, my year in Australia without the unrequited crush on a grad student, Angus's first smile without the sleep deprivation) then it might be worth it.  Otherwise, no.  Go read Replay by Ken Grimwood.
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    Hmmm, my daemon is a spider named Albus... )The first time I did this I got a moth, but the characteristics were about the same (feel free to check and see if you think this matches me. Or don't. It's hard to tell from written words, I know).

    I've been looking forward to this movie, because I loved the books; however, from some reviews, it sounds like it may be suffering from the same problem Dune did - in trying to jam as much from the book into a two-hour movie as possible, it gets confused. Ah well, I will reserve judgement until I see it. I liked Dune better than I expected to.

    The Monitor has an interesting Opinion piece, although really more on the books than the movie.

    "In short, Pullman doesn't tell his readers what to think, but how to think. And to think, period. This, I suspect, is what Pullman's critics really find unnerving."

    Is 'The Golden Compass' really anti-Christian? )
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    Hmm. I wouldn't have thought my posts were particularly intellectual, and popular? Me? And I thought I was weirder - then again maybe only us strange ones have LJs... ;p

    Only 1% unique? :(  )


    Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:46 am
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    Silly squiddy quizzes... )

    And the biggest squid ever caught....
    (this is a colossal squid, which is different than a giant squid)

    Another story on it:
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    ...since Edward Gorey is one of my pantheon... )
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    My Interests Collage! )
    Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424

    I love Space Ghost saying "If you don't know who I am, your childhood was a disaster."


    Dec. 9th, 2005 08:13 pm
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    ... by fishtankbabe at DA, so I thought I'd copy it here.

    like/love/hate... )
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    I apologize I haven't been posting anything of much interest lately (if I ever do). Getting ready for Halloween and my boss's retirement barbecue has just made me feel exhausted lately, even though I was not even doing a fraction of the work (the committee let me off the hook a bit because I'm the only one with school age little kids). I think I may be working under some low level depression at the moment as well, whether because of being sad for things happening to other people or the time of year, or I'm just a Type D personality (according to the quiz there I am - or is it just my Aspergian traits?). The anniversary of my mom's birth and death have once again passed and I'm feeling a little guilty I haven't commemorated it more, other than a phone call between my brother and I. I meant to post something to [ profile] momlessdaughter recently; I haven't even looked in there in some time. Plus other things I feel guilty about. I can take steps to remedy some of those though, and I shall do that as soon as I get home.

    ...and a quiz, because it has a pretty picture... )
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    Hmm. I don't have a "friends policy," really. I'm ecstatic when someone adds me. I care not how often you update, or how often you comment. Unless you're a total ass, what you say in your posts causes me to care about you, whether I've met you or not, whether you comment or not. I tend to leave people on my list whether they drop me later or not; its my way of keeping in touch and knowing you're ok, unless the journal is friends only, and then it's rather pointless. The only person I ever dropped was someone who expressed complete joy over something that would be used to oppress people I care about. I used to add people at random quite often, although I would always leave a comment when I did. Lately, I've gotten wary about doing that - some people seem to really hate it. If someone has a friends only journal, I won't usually add them unless it's someone who added me first. I have no wish to impose - sometimes it seems offputting, but I know people have their reasons. If anything, I suppose I ought to be a little more cautious about what I leave public. I'm glad this place gives me the option - most places don't.

    I confess to a little disappointment and hurt as well, when someone drops me. I know I shouldn't take it personally, and I try not to ( I know I'm not every ones cup of tea), but I'm human and I have emotions after all. Luckily, it doesn't happen very often. Less often than people add me, anyway. ;)
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    So, Gareth has taken lately to watching me stir creamer into my coffee, and trying to guess what islands or continents the disolving powder looks like.

    Ooh,look, it's Antarctica/Hawaii/Catalina/ Santa Baraba/Ana Capa Island!

    Now it's Atlantis!

    big suprise here... )
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    Take the MIT Weblog Survey

    Interesting - hope to hear something about it when it's published. We'll see what John Dvorak has to grouse about then.
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    The creator of these must be a Gorey fan. ;)
    skary quizzez... )


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