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14 items-1 photo!

March scavenger hunt (item list here) - I decided to just look around my desk at work and see how many items I had at hand. Turns out, quite a few!

14 things! )

Yay, that's almost half the list! If you click through to Flickr, there are notes on the pic - move cursor over pic to see more detail.

I did have a small bottle too, but somehow it didn't wind up in the picture. Actually, it wound up in another picture of the same arrangement, but meh, I'll just save it for later.
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Six tigers; Angus (1998), me (1962), and my dad, Robert (1926) were all born in the year of the Tiger, plus two toys and our newest little tiger, Scooter. 

And the last of my Feb. scavenger hunt... )

And I'll be back for the next scavenger hunt, because this one is done!

3. Tiger ☺
13. A kiss ☺
28. Something you want to spend your tax return on ☺
8. A sign of jealousy ☺
18. Self portrait at work ☺
22. The cover of a book with the word "home" in the title ☺
9. Laughter ☺
7. An object you always have with you ☺
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Walking through the school parking lot on the way to pick up my oldest from the previously-posted middle school. This is a school-district maintenance vehicle. I love it. Better than my own desk at work. I think that's Bruce from Finding Nemo (next to Goofy) eating Kenny from South Park.

School truck dashboard, passenger side
Huntington Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
17 September 2009

driver's side... )
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Went to Dismalland for Avalon's B-day. We've never bought any of these balloons because not only are they hella expensive for something that's going to be lying on the floor by the next morning when all the helium leaks out ($14 for one of these), but I think they loose their effect singly. They look much better in a big bunch. Oh, and the sea-turtle killing thing, that too.

Anaheim CA
Canon EOS 1000D
21 August 2009

Record Catch... )
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Beware of veggies guarded by blade-wielding little people! Maybe drunk too, judging by the beer bottle...

Armed Gnome
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
14 April 2009

(John saw this in front of an apartment building a few blocks away, and insisted I had to see it for myself.)
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[ profile] runsamuck and Gareth went to the model train store and brought this little guy back for me; sort of a pudgy little merman with antennae. Didn't quite get the macro properly on this one.

Huntington Beach CA
Casio Exilim EX-Z80A
14 February 2009
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We were all in the park at the end of my street, flying kites, late in the afternoon (note:in real life, this park is not all that great a place to fly kites; there are too many trees, and a couple of buildings for them to get stuck on the roof of). I think even my dad had come. Instead of flying them from west to east, the normal wind dirction, we were flying them from north to south, so we were actually standing in the street and the kites were in the air in front of the scout cabin. Our kite was pretty small and plain. Another man showed up and began setting up a series of figures in a semicircle on the grass in front of the scout cabin. The may have been cartoon characters or political figures or flowers, I don't remember, but we wondered why he was taking such care with how they were arranged. Then he came back to where we were standing and began sending a black kite up in the air. By this time, it was after sunset and it was getting fairly dark, so the rest of us were working on reeling our kites in. Once we had gotten them down and put away, we heard a BANG BANG BANG, and look up to see the man had set off series of fireworks along the string of his kite. They traveled up the string, and when the sparks reached the kite, it burst into a fan-shaped fountain, which burned for a few seconds. This of course burned up the kite as well, and it turned over and nosedived to the ground, crashing right in front of the figures set up on the ground in a shower of sparks. This set off lines of incendiary to each of the figures, of which the outlines flashed into flame from top to bottom. Wow. We all stood and clapped, as he smiled quietly and began to pick up all the remnants of his display.

This may have been triggered by commercials for Making Fiends running on Nickelodeon lately. where evil Vendetta brings a kite to fly alongside her would-be friend Charlotte's kite.

Charlotte: "Oh, you have a kite too Vendetta?
Vendetta: "Oh yes, it's a very special kite!

And then her black kite sprouts tentacles and teeth, growls, and grabs Charlotte's kite and eats it.

(I actually started watching these as web videos a couple of years ago before Nick started airing the series)

I was thinking about this dream when first got up (actually I was TMI! )), and it segued in my head to the the little kite I'd gotten once as a prize on the bottom of a Slurpee cup, and how free prizes in kids products used to be so much better than they are now. Cracker Jacks (a brand of carmel popcorn snack) used to have actual toys in them; I remember when I was about five, getting a tiny plastic elephant (assembly required) that had some kind of rider (a monkey or a mahout, I don't remember) that fit into a slot on its back. You pushed down the elephants tail, or maybe its trunk, and the rider went flying off somewhere (and you were lucky if you ever found it again). Nowadays, you get a sticker or a temporary tattoo. My father used to save Planters Peanut wrappers for me because you could send away for free stuff with them. I think I still have a Mr. Peanut bank out in the garage somewhere. Nothing on the backs of their wrappers now. I notice the Dums-Dums suckers my kids got in their Halloween candy have a "save wrappers for stuff" thing, but you order from a website and the wrappers only get you a discount.

An exception lately was the alarm clock from a box of Poptarts, which you needed to have several coupons from a box to able to purchase. It has pictures of a the little dinosaur from the commercial on the hands, and when the alarm goes off, it says:

"Get up. One of us has to get up, and it ain't gonna be me. Get up or I tell all your friends you wear jammies!"

It also runs backwards, so it takes a bit of squinting to tell what time it actually is.

I should make a pattern for that kite. It always amazed me that it actually flew. What do you remember getting out of a box or sending away for when you were a kid?
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Lovely pic for New Year's Day. ;p We found some really cheap virtual pets at Big Lots to put in the kid's stockings. Avalon was still trying to figure out how to work it, but apparently, you quite literally have to clean up after Hello Kitty. Sorry for crappy (in more than one sense) image.

Huntinton Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
01 Jaunary 2009
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tons of lions

My SF/Fantasy book group decided to have a video night instead of meeting at the bookstore like we usually do. Our hostess lives in Leisure World, and her small home is nearly overtaken by her lion collection.

We watched a bootleg of Tales of Earthsea; I didn't realize Miyazaki had done a version of Ursula LeGuin's books.

Leisure World
Seal Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
11 September 2008

...and her carousel horse collection... )
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Took Avalon to ToysRUs to pick out something for her birthday, and there was an entire wall of back-to-school backpacks. Gareth and I thought these were kind of weird. For kids who want abs on their backs(or you could wear it on your front, I guess).

Huntington Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
22 August 2008
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Home with octopus
Huntington Beach Ca
Sharp VE-CG30
19 April 2008

Which are even worse... )
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Rock tumbler experiment - [ profile] runsamuck got us a family present (read, one he can play around with himself) These are just rocks and pebbles found lying around the yard. We're trying to get them shiny and polished - so far they're nice and smooth, but just getting smaller and smaller. A few are really sparkly, though.
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I'm getting to be like my dad; I buy a present ahead of time, then forget I have it and get something else. I had gotten this for Avalon's birthday from the Aquarium, and remembered I had it a month after her birthday. I gave it to her today - it's not really a two headed toy; in trying to get the bear's lobster costume off, she accidentally pulled its head off five minutes after I gave it to her. Sigh. Not put together very well, I guess.
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Angus's Pictures 092

Over the kid's Spring Break, so [ profile] runsamuck took the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific. In a recent cleanup, Gareth's stuffed friend Whalie, an orca, disappeared, and he's been very upset about losing her. So Dad got him this octopus; Gareth has dubbed him "Blue." I think he's supposed to be a blue-ringed octopus - larger than actual size, but hopefully, less toxic.

very realistic, for a plushie... )
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I’ve mentioned my kids like Bionicles, and in reading them the stories about them, I’ve gotten sucked into the mythos myself, a bit. I think the character Hahli and I have a lot in common; her story seems to be paralleling my life recently. Minus the athletic bit.

more on Hahli... )
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Ok, I have a fondness for well-done action figures, and picked up a couple I couldn't resist the other day. Only I usually leave them in the packages. Angus wore me down begging me to open this one, because it's our favorite character from Cowboy Bebop. Jet Black - owner of the Bebop, orchestrator of bounty captures, and collector and feeder of strays, both human and animal. All the teenage fans love the cute younger guys, but give me a guy who can cook any day; who cares if he has hair.

(I noticed this figure has a flaw; his arm closest to the camera is supposed to be artificial, but they painted over the prothesis hand to match his other one. It's not supposed to.)
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I made lentil soup for dinner. I always like the way lentils look before they're cooked - little browny-pinky-green disks. Unfortunately, they just turned out sort of brown here. Soup turned out yummy, though. But can I get my kids to eat it? No.

also...Catscratch... )
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Hmm. I hadn't noticed it, but I guess the cleaning staff thought the shelf over my desk was getting dusty. Everything on it has all been rearranged and a few things that were on my desk were moved up to the shelf. I need to re-pose my Stikfas dragon, whose wings are now dragging on the ground, and the SpongeBob and Little Mermaid figures, formerly in their respective groups, have been evenly distributed. Water Bionicle Rahaga Gaaki was right under my computer monitor and she's at the back of the shelf near the wall.

Yeah, I have a few toys on my desk... )
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Sigh. They're half as much as the 'pod tho'.

New toy...

Feb. 7th, 2006 04:43 pm
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A Kyocera K10 Royale cell phone, a pay-as-you-go job through Virgin Mobile. I'm making this entry on the bus! Whee!

(Actually, didn't finish till I got inside - slow process, typing on a phone...some of the characters are missing, too.)

(Edit by more conventional means) - Whew, I don't think I'm going to do that too much - maybe the phone post is a better option; if I could get over my self-consciousness about talking in the phone to nobody.

John bought a pay-as-you-go phone a couple of months ago, and after getting some flack from friends (How come you have a phone and Leeanne doesn't), we went to Target to see what they had. This one seemed to be a good deal. Actually, I'd really like a Sidekick or one of the other smart phone type things, but I can't see paying that much money right now, plus the monthly access fees. This was fairly inexpensive and if I want web access I can pay a dollar just for that day and not for days I don't use it. Top up cards are available almost everywhere, too, so that's easy. I've downloaded one screensaver, a ringtone (a Coldplay song) and a game - Snood, which is a favorite at home.

Cons: Tiny screen - I can only see about five words at time (unless I can figure some way to make the text smaller), and I fear I'm going to wear out the down arrow key from scrolling. Most of their downloadable graphics are lame, and frankly I can't see the difference between what they call a wallpaper and a screensaver - the same images are shown and the screensavers aren't animated or anything. I'm certainly not going to pay for anything to use as wallpaper anyway since it would be covered up by the text and the clock anyway. But I keep having to resist the urge to pull it out and play with it - I've been fiddling with it so much I've been having to charge the battery every night.

Ah well, it serves my purposes for now. I am no longer the only person I know without a cell phone. BTW, I enable the text function on my user page here, so if you feel like saying hi, please do!


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