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Good grief, June is almost over. How did it fly by so fast?

The second week of June I had to go to a PFMC meeting in Spokane, WA. If you're wondering why a body having to do with mostly ocean-going fishing meets occasionally on the eastern side of Washington (and sometimes in Idaho), the answer is "salmon." Which I have nothing to do with, but salmon drags everything after it. My flight had a transfer in Seattle and I had a 2½ hour layover between planes. [ profile] tikistitch was kind enough to come down and meet me at the airport and chat between planes; we got some dinner and I hope I didn't babble at her too much - I really didn't expect that glass of wine to be so big, especially at an airport, and it turns out I'm really a lightweight lately. I brought her a little Stitch something from Downtown Disney she'd mentioned she couldn't find, just in gratitude for all the fun I've had reading her Mythklok stories. Really great to meet you, Pam, and thanks for putting up with me!

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The kids demanded Slurpees, so off we went to find a 7-11. While there, I remembered there was a geocache in this parking lot. Even though we didn't have the GPS with us, I thought I might know where it was, and indeed, we found it. Sackboy signed the log too. I would have taken his pic with the cache but there was too much birdshit everwhere.

At the 7-11
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
23 June 2010

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This place is less than mile from my home, and I actually worked for about three years at the fast-food place visible in the background more than two decades ago. But in all the time I've lived in the neighborhood, I've never ventured inside, despite my father making use of the services there for my grandmother. Specifically, for my grandmother's beloved Boo-Boo.

Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
14 August 2009

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Gareth, Angus and I did this today. Twas fun!

Block Walk Flash Freeze!
The Block, Orange, CA
Canon EOS 1000D
27 June 2009

The guy above is arriving before it started and brought some props to use during the freeze (since it took place in an outdoor mall). I don't have any pics of during as I was one of the ones who froze, but a few people who didn't freeze posted some in the gallery on the page linked to above (unfortunately, since the event is over, it was archived and you have to be a logged in Geocaching member (free)to see it. However, most of the photos were used in the little video below.

Avalon and [ profile] runsamuck were also going to participate but he had to go over to his dad's to do some work at the last minute, and she was invited to go the beach with her friend two doors down as we were walking out the door to head over there.

It was based on this, although not nearly as many geocachers showed:

The Organizers finally edited together a video (the audio is the mp3 we listened to while doing it):

(Gareth is the little boy tying his shoelace; Angus and I aren't really in it much, but I was drinking coffee and checking my phone, while Angus sat down and drew a comic).

I wasn't near enough to hear any comments, but there were a few people freaking out from what I understand.
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Somewhere in this jungle is another geocache (sorry you're seeing so many of these as a subject lately - I kind of got on a kick after Spokane...)

Seal Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
23 June 2009

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Among the mustard... tried again for the one we missed yesterday and this time we found it! We were looking for this one, and the first hint was "where the fence makes no sense." Hmmm.

Bosco's Bluff part 2
Bolsa Chica
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000d
21 June 2009

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Tried for another geocache at the bluffs on the south end of Bolsa Chica Ecological preserve - however, it was a little too close to dark. We got to the coordinates but were supposed to spy the cache area a hundred fet away. We decided to finish another day, but we did see some wildlife while there.

Bosco's Bluff
Bolsa Chica
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 100D
20 June 2009

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After finding an Earthcache up in Spokane, I was pleased to see one (of several)a little closer to home. This one is in a neighborhood in San Pedro, only a few blocks up the street from the harbor, where I occasionally go to sample fish. Not a real wonderful neighborhood, but a rarity in that the geology is exposed to view; normally placed like this would be covered up by iceplant or a retaining wall or something. In this case, one layer of ancient seabottom cuts across another, older and tilted at an angle. There are all kinds of fossils here; part of getting credit for this one was emailing in what made the holes in the sediments at the contact. Hint: there were fossils of them spread throughout these sediments.

Urban Unconformity
San Pedro CA
Canon EOS 1000D
18 June 2009

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Sunday morning, council matters were done before lunch, and my flight didn't leave until 6ish. So I had time for lunch and a bit more leisurely walk around downtown Spokane. Found two caches of the normal kind and a virtual cache (where you only find the object - these aren't actually allowed anymore and have been replaced by Waymarks). The above was the neighborhood around a cache I didn't find commemorating (sort of, the poster was pretty sarcastic about) an old Art Deco building that used to be there. However, there still seem to be a number of historical buildings in the neighborhood. The old guy waiting for the bus must thought I was nuts, creeping around behind the stone fence around the parking lot - I was trying to be stealthy, but my back made me stand up straight every once in a while.

Downtown Spokane, WA
Canon EOS 1000D
14 June, 2009

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(Note: originally posted Aug. 11...edited to date pic actually taken...)
What is wrong with me? I never even finished posting my trip to Spokane. Certainly having a lack of motivation for just about everything. :p

After meetings Saturday, I talked a couple of colleagues into walking downriver to ride the purple gondolas across the Lower Falls. It was a nice long ride too, about 15 minutes. It would stop occasionally until a new batch of passengers got on. The only discomfort was the little cars had no ventilation except for the top six inches of window being open. On a really hot day, it would have been very uncomfortable. On the return trip, I looked up to see the cow skull decorations on the old bridge above us.

Bridge over Lower Spokane Falls
Spokane WA
Canon EOS 1000D
13 June 2009

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For the first time, the fry and I attended an "Event Cache" - where a bunch of local geocachers get together at a certain point, and some bring things call "travel bugs" and "geocoins" to exchange - these are items or coin-like things with unique number codes, which are supposed to be moved from cache to cache, sometimes with a specific goal in mind ("get Nemo the Fish from the Atlantic to the Pacific"). I got to meet quite a few people who I'd previously only known by username.

Wherigo hint
Newport Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
12 September 2008

The above was a major hint from a new kind of cache called a Wherigo... )
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Boise River

Had to go to a meeting in Boise, Idaho for a few days. It was a little strange because although Idaho is part of the Council my department works with (because of salmon; all the other states involved are coastal), there hasn't been a meeting there for about 20 years. The hotel where the meeting took place was right next to the beautiful Boise River, and I took advantage of some free time before sunset to hunt for a couple of nearby geocaches - my first out of state!

Boise River
Boise ID
Sharp VE-CG30
08 September 2008

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Just some trades from recent geocaches, [ profile] runsamuck found the 10-sided die rather nostalgic, from his teen D&D days.

Silly Geocaching trades
Sharp VE-CG30
10 August 2008

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A survey benchmark near one of my bus stops. I've tried to look it up at, but can't find it. Being a rank beginner at this stuff, that's probably not surprising.
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I've been hearing about geocaching for several years now. It had always sounded interesting, and after getting an email from a fitness site suggesting it as a motivation to get in a daily walk, I decided to check it out. After registering at and entering some zip codes, I discovered there were not only a ton of caches right in my neighborhood, but also small ones on either side of my office building. I told my co-worker about it, and we decided we'd check it out at lunch - her project has a GPS unit and she needed to practice with it anyway. This is the first one we found - and it was really well hidden and well camoflaged. And we'd been walking right by, within a few feet of it, for months on previous walks!

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