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Watching the July 4th parade, which goes down the street a block from my house. The city has a contest for people who live along the parade route to decorate their houses; I've no doubt this was an entry.

Independence Day Parade
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
4 July 2010

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04. Stars &/or Stripes [Independence Day - USA]
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The ugly new house across the street.

Nearing completion
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
12 August 2009
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I spent the 4th laid low by an ear infection, so these are my belated fireworks.

Blooming succulent
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
06 July 2009

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Tried for another geocache at the bluffs on the south end of Bolsa Chica Ecological preserve - however, it was a little too close to dark. We got to the coordinates but were supposed to spy the cache area a hundred fet away. We decided to finish another day, but we did see some wildlife while there.

Bosco's Bluff
Bolsa Chica
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 100D
20 June 2009

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Neighbor's front walk
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
6 June 2009

...And the kids wanted to visit the birdhouse place again... )
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Roof gone, innards going
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
5 June 2009
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Slightly foggy evening's walk down to the pier with the fry.

Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
27 September 2008

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We seem to have a new neighbor! I have lived in this neighborhood in Orange County since I was a small child (going on 40 yrs), and I have never seen tree squirrels here, a mile from the beach. Ground squirrels occasionally, but not tree squirrels. I've seen this one on my street, and I saw a group of three of them a few blocks away. This one does not have the typical fluffy tail, but he holds it like a tree squirrel, and he's got the right coloring.

My brother lives in West Hollywood, and I will sometimes see them scampering down the power lines when I'm visiting, but he isn't too far away from the Hollywood Hills, which probably serve as a wildlife corridor. This is a suburban area probably a good twenty miles from the nearest place I've seen a tree squirrel. Someone suggested the fires last fall in the Cleveland National Forest might have driven them into the city, but much of what was burned was charparal, not trees.

Tree squirrel
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
16 April 2008

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Edit: Definitely fox squirrels - The Southern CA Fox Squirrel Page (someone's master's thesis, apparently) says -

Fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) were introduced to the Los Angeles area in about 1904. Civil war and Spanish American war veterans residing at the Sawtelle Veteran’s Home on Sepulveda and Wilshire Boulevards brought fox squirrels to this site from their homes in the areas surrounding the Mississippi Valley (possibly Tennessee). Other introductions of fox squirrels to the Los Angeles area may have taken place during more recent times but detailed records are not available.

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Whatever they did a month or two ago apparently wasn't enough; now they used this machine to dig out the entire alley two feet deep for two blocks.

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Amazing. This house, or more properly, its garden, is featured in Sunset magazine this month. Well, only a one page article, but it's in my neighborhood, a mere two blocks away from me. We walked by it this morning. I've always liked the landscaping because it's full of kangaroo paws, which the hummingbirds love.

Enlarged photo from Sunset, because the one on the linked page is tiny... )

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