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Good grief, June is almost over. How did it fly by so fast?

The second week of June I had to go to a PFMC meeting in Spokane, WA. If you're wondering why a body having to do with mostly ocean-going fishing meets occasionally on the eastern side of Washington (and sometimes in Idaho), the answer is "salmon." Which I have nothing to do with, but salmon drags everything after it. My flight had a transfer in Seattle and I had a 2½ hour layover between planes. [ profile] tikistitch was kind enough to come down and meet me at the airport and chat between planes; we got some dinner and I hope I didn't babble at her too much - I really didn't expect that glass of wine to be so big, especially at an airport, and it turns out I'm really a lightweight lately. I brought her a little Stitch something from Downtown Disney she'd mentioned she couldn't find, just in gratitude for all the fun I've had reading her Mythklok stories. Really great to meet you, Pam, and thanks for putting up with me!

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Since the meeting didn't start until 1 pm, I now had a working GPS and hadn't done any geocaching since last September, I spent my first morning in Spokane walking around the riverfront and downtown area, which was lovely. There are waterfalls here, and the Riverfront Park was once the site of the 1974 World Expo, which a couple of the structures in the background were part of. This rock formation in the middle of Upper Spokane Falls is an Earthcache, a type of virtual cache that gives you a little geology lesson of the area. The lesson here being that much of the area around Spokane was once volcanic, and this formation is made of the same columnar basalt that is used in building a number of structures in the area (it looks very manmade, but it's the actual stucture formed by the rock as it cooled). This was taken from one of two pedestrian footbridges that cross the Upper Falls, both connecting to an island in the middle of the river.

Upper Spokane Falls
Spokane WA
Canon EOS 1000D
12 June 2009

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