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What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

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I had a year of French in first grade, and three years of German in high school, because at the time, guidance counselors told us a language (and specifically not Spanish*) was required for science programs in college. Can I still speak it? Not a bit, but I sort of get the gist when I hear people talking. Or in a movie, if it doesn't have subtitles. I was on a Japanese ship for month and a Polish ship for two months, and by the end I was recognizing words and phrases, but speak it, no. Polish seems to involve a lot of buzzing and rarely even moving your teeth apart. And growing up in Southern California, you seem to pick up a lot of Spanish words just by osmosis, and I can pretty much read the abstract of a Spanish journal article and figure out what it means, but no still can't speak it. Just your general ugly American here.

*Not sure why this is, Mexico, South America and Spain have as many scientific publications as any other countries. Given that I work in fisheries that cross borders, I attend a conference fairly often that has as many presentations in Spanish as in English, and the occasional one in Japanese (part of same ocean current system).
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(because it popped up when I opened the LJ post page instead of Semagic - I must have written it and then closed the page...)

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You mean I don't have that right right now? When did it become illegal to bore all my LJ friends with endless pictures of my progeny? Actually you don't get that unless you look at my Flickr account, which you won't look at unless you're nuts.

Seriously though. It seems to me that everyone posting that no one should post any pictures on the internet at all are being a trifle paranoid. Does this apply to school yearbooks? Pictures in the paper? A crowd shot on television? For god's sake, anyone can see your face any time you go to the store. Are you going to put a paper bag over your head every time you leave the house? Fears of photos "getting into the wrong hands"? Yeah, creepy, but it's a file or a piece of paper; it's not my child. Pedophiles have always been around; they just get more media coverage now, and we can find out better where they are. There is no personal or locational information except for first names (I haven't gone as far as making up nicknames for them, like some people do) attached to any of them; they may be in a public place, but anyone can be in a public place. And very few people look at my stuff anyway.

I started this journal to remember stuff and I take photos for the same reason. And I reserve the right to embarrass them on any occasion - up to and including the nekkid baby pictures to their first date, except I don't actually have any of those. I thought that was a parent's job. ;p
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Silly song from a cartoon... )
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The closest I've come was when I was a baby. I was about nine months old and still learning to walk. My parents lived in an old house in downtown Huntington Beach; old enough that in the kitchen, all the electrical outlets were on the front of the counters instead of above them. My mother was frying something in an electric skillet and I toddled into to kitchen, grabbed the electrical cord and pulled the whole thing, hot oil and all down on top of myself. I was very badly burned.

I don't know how long I was in the hospital; they treated burns a lot differently back then. My mother said they just laid you out on a bed with no dressings (this was in 1963). I'm told it was pretty serious and they didn't know whether I'd survive. I don't remember - that was long before my memories begin.

I have scars on the top of my head, my neck and my shoulder and other small ones all over. My icon there is from when I was in 1st grade and that was how I always wore my hair until I got out of high school - parted on the side with a barette - because I needed to cover the bald spot. People always asked how I got the scar on my neck - and boys in middle school like to say "look, she's Frankenstein's daughter - you can see where they sewed her head on!" That wasn't the only reason for teasing, it was just a small part of their ammunition. I used to come home in tears fairly often and my mom would tell me, "Oh they just like you."

No, they didn't. When someone shoves you that hard into the lockers, it's not because they have a crush on you. I had several freshly sharpened pencils in my hand at the time, and I still have a tiny grey tattoo on my stomach from where they stabbed me because of that shove. It was malicious, and by a couple of boys and not a few girls as well, continued all through middle school. Slowed down in high school, but it still happened.

One of them wound up being in one of my biology classes in junior college. He pretended he didn't know me, and I was just as happy to leave it that way.

Sorry, sort of got off track from the question, didn't I.
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I do not judge (that'd be pretty shallow if you did, wouldn't it?), although sometimes I wonder. I remember an LJ friend (one who seems to have disappeared) posting something about wanting a recommendation for a very small mp3 player, because they only listened to seven or eight songs. Hmm? I'd go nuts listening to that narrow a range.

Don't shoot me, but I once was a fan of Barry Manilow. My best friend Beth (a rabid Barry Manilow fan at the time) decided to share our first apartment together; the first time either of us had lived on our own. We got along for the most part. It was a one bedroom furnished apartment; all the appliances, counters and the furniture in the living room was that 70's avocado green, and there was a fake fireplace you turned on with a switch.

Of course, we both brought our music collections with us. I'm sure I had stuff she didn't care for. However, she picked a particular Barry Manilow album - I think it was a live concert - and played it (I want to say every day, but that's probably exaggerating) at least several times a week during the whole time we lived together. Quite frankly, I could live without ever hearing Copa Cabana ever again. But we both liked Billy Joel, so The Nylon Curtain and An Innocent Man got played a lot. We often look at each other and head to Naugles at 1 am, because we were both craving a shake (her caramel, me blueberry - yummy but the blueberries would get stuck in your straw).

The neighborhood wasn't all that great and Beth's car got broken into twice (I didn't own one at the time) - once they stole all her tapes and then the car stereo, which wasn't even all that good. Her brother lived with us for a while after he got divorced. Then a few months later, I decided to transfer to Humboldt State, he was on the remarriage track and then Beth lost her job under very unfair conditions. She decided to move back to the Inland Empire, where she still lives, and I went off to college at the far end of the state.

That was all more than 30 years ago. These days I'm more Billy Joe Armstrong than Billy Joel (although I still like him) and I never recovered from the Barry Manilow burn-out; Crowded House and other artists replaced him shortly after. However, Beth is still one of my best friends - pretty much the sister I never had.

As far as romantic partners, [ profile] runsamuck likes old-school metal; Metallica, Black Sabbath, etc. and the Blues. I like the blues and admit to a growing taste for symphonic metal (mostly instrumental), but in the house, he prefers to just leave the television on and doesn't actually listen to much music; he even uses his iPod Nano more for gaming than music. I supposed it's a mixed blessing - I get to keep my hearing, but the TV is always on, which sometimes drives me nuts.
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a. If I could describe my life in a six word sentence, I'd be using Twitter, not LiveJournal, thank you very much.

b. I'm a parent. That's really a life sentence, but may change incrementally over long periods of time.
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Most often or I have several stations on Pandora. I also love Radio Paradise. I don't get much opportunity to listen though - much competition for the PC here and not allowed to listen/watch streaming sites at work - slows the network down too much. So I depend on my 'pod for music - I have several Tune o' the day podcasts that I probably catch up on once a week or so.
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Several come to mind; all at work.

  1. One of my nice pairs of women's pants; whenever I wear them it's guaranteed that at point during the day, I'll discover the zipper is completely down. Luckily, I usually wear long shirts that cover it. Still it's unnerving to find and think, "Jeez, how long has that been like that?!" Another reason I prefer jeans.

  2. I like wearing men's Hawaiian shirts. On one of them, the button holes were too big, and the buttons were constantly coming loose, once right where you'd expect. Luckily I was talking to a female coworker at the time.

  3. Another favorite shirt was very brightly colored - shades of green, turquoise, fuschia and gold, with little abstract flatfish printed all over. I wore it to work one day and didn't realize until late afternoon that one of the kids purple crayons had been in dryer with it. Huge purple stain all down one side of the front. I loved that shirt, dammit.

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There's actually a tag over there to the right - "first entry"

But just to make it easy, it's here, too.

My favorite posting sites at the time, "" had just been shut down, so sheep-like, I followed my friends there to this place. Avalon was still a baby.
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Ah, takes me back, to when I was living in my first one bedroom apartment with Beth. A few months after we moved in, her brother got a divorce, and being one of those guys who's never lived on his own ever, moved in with us. Beth and I shared the bedroom, Logan slept on the couch in the living room. We all got along fairly well, despite being so cramped. On Fridays, Logan would come home from work, stand in the doorway with a balled up paper in his hand and yell, "$20 bucks worth of video games if I miss!" and shoot for a basket to the trashcan in the kitchen. A distance of maybe 20 feet, but miss he usually did (maybe on purpose? ;) ), and off we'd head to the arcade at the miniature golf center in Fountain Valley, where he'd treat us all to tokens and we'd spend the evening playing games.

My favorites seemed to be spaceship games that involved flying around in a circle, often with enemies coming out from the center; the controls were often a spinning dial rather than a joystick. I loved Gyrus because the soundtrack started with Beethoven. Tempest was another favorite, although it was mostly black screen with brightly colored lines and moving shapes attached to them. Burgertime was ridiculous and fun, as was Dig-Dug (which I saw an ancient machine of the other day - maybe at the skating rink?). Beth was a Mistress of Frogger. She usually quit because she got bored; she could otherwise make one quarter last for hours, if she wanted. She was also the only person I ever saw get Dirk the Daring to the end of Dragon's Lair.

A late favorite of mine, probably discovered shortly before Logan discovered his new wife (I think he asked her to marry him on the second date), and therefore ending our arcade trips, was Sinistar. I loved it, but dreaded of hearing "Beware, I LIVE!" - it meant I wouldn't be playing too much longer.

When [ profile] runsamuck and I got married, one of our wedding gifts from a friend of his was a Super Nintendo. Much used, but I would get irritated because he'd take it over to his friend Jerry's, where they'd play Dr. Mario for money and he'd wind up leaving it there. Unfortunately, we could never really justify upgrading it; and most games we have now are on the computer. I bought Final Fantasy (11? 12?) years ago and never installed it. I have too much music and photos and the hard drive just gets full too fast. Maybe when we next need to upgrade the DVD player, we'll get a combo gaming system.

Then again, we have too many distractions as it is. But I'd love to play Bioshock sometime, before it disappears - that one looks pretty cool.

Edit: How could I have forgotten? The game that got me thinking about this - triggered by an icon in a friend's journal (done in crossstitch and animated, no less)- Joust! I loved flapping those birds around. Those Gametap commercials I've been seeing lately make me nostalgic.
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It certainly affects animal behavior - just look at grunion runs. There are all kinds of animals whose reprduction is tied to lunar cycles - including humans. Why do think Aunt Flo visits once a month? I have no doubt it affects human behavior as well - seems to be pretty well documented in emergency rooms. That tidal pull affects more than just the ocean.

As far as the werewolf thing, it always tickled me that in Inuyasha it was just the opposite. Since he was half dog-demon most of the time, he turned completely human during the dark of the moon.
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Well, fer the first part, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, not Speak. Me first mate be [ profile] runsamuck, as ye should very well know b' now. Now, now, what would I be walkin' the plank fer? Ifn I did that, I couldna very enjoy my booty now, could I?

Curses. I be terrible at talkin' like a pirate and looking like one... )

Other piratey stuff? Gareth's been playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and a few weeks ago they had a free sample of the paid version. He decided to get his character a tattoo, but then the trial ran out before he got his shirt back on (I think that's kind of a rip-off that you can't put something back on that's already in your inventory). He's self conscious enough that it was really bugging him to have Edward Squidmorrigan running around shirtless. Disney finally had a sale and offered half-price for the first month, so he did a few extra chores to earn the $5, so he could at least get his shirt back. He's got a month of a little extra fun before it expires, after homework is done with and it's his turn on the 'puter. I'm thinking we might save it for birthday presents and such.

I have a character too, but I haven't played her much.

Book rec: On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers - I read this one awhile ago, but thought it would be a good time to re-read it. Between pirates and Halloween coming up, this is a spooky good fit.

And I miss the Pirate translator button that used to on the Pharyngula blog.
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My username is one I've used since the first bulletin board I signed up at. I chose [ profile] senoritafish because 1)I am female, 2) it's a local marine fish that lives near where I'm located (although really its common name is just señorita, but I thought that might be confusing), 3) I like wrasses, the family of which this fish is a member, 4) I always liked watching señoritas when I used to dive, 5) and it's very rarely taken when I sign up anywhere - because I hate the "use my favorite name but add a bunch of numbers after it" because I can't remember numbers very well.

I'm señoritafish at nearly every website where I'm a member, so I'm pretty easy to find by Googling. Not so much by my real name.
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I joined LJ because I was first a member of the long-defunct, a bulletin board. It was owned by the same company as, but apparently was one of their least active boards (although it always seemed plenty active to me!), so they decided to close it. I was pregnant with Avalon at the time, and was a participant in the pregnancy thread; I started to consider all the other women in that conversation my friends. I noticed that many of them had LiveJournal accounts in their signatures, so when ChickClick went away, I followed them here, and have been here ever since. I created my account in 2001, but I didn't actually start using it until the following January. I can't quite believe its been more than six years! I think all of you I added then are still on my list; [ profile] angelsmum, [ profile] jedi_bunny, [ profile] newbadthing, [ profile] vampgyrl, and [ profile] vwsrmylife, thanks for enriching my friend's page all this time, and putting up with me on yours. And all of you who've added me or let me add you in the meantime, I'm truly grateful that you let me share your experiences as well.

I started actually using this journal, when I realized I was forgetting things - funny stories, things my kids did, people at work, my pets, issues - and wanted to be able to remember them. Just the other day, I was reading through some old entries and thinking "I don't remember writing this at all." Photos help, but they don't tell the entire story. Someone at work invited me to a scrapbooking party shortly before I started this; I never really took it up, but this is my way of doing it. It's also a good place to vent, but I hope I haven't been doing that too often. Another reason I started it was, since I am not always that good at keeping in touch with people, and I do better with letters than phone calls, that this would a sort of open letter to friends and family, so they could check to see what I'm up to. So far, that hasn't worked so well, but I do have people who tell me they look at it from time to time.

I've started things other places (blogger, deviantart, gather) but here is where I seem to spend the most time. LJ has done a few things over the years that piss me off, but I seem to have invested too much here; mostly the people and communities. Not that I'm a huge participator, but I haven't found anything quite like it anywhere else. Sure Gather pays me (after a fashion), but it's just not as nice a place to hang around; since stuff there seems to be more geared toward public consumption, it's just not quite as comfortable and I haven't gotten to know people as well.


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