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Another walk down to the pier with Angus. We always like to look in the window of this Antiques store, although it's usually closed when we come by. This china actually has Asian figures on it.

Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
25 April 2010

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11. china ☺
8. bike ☺

And that's it for my unintentional scavenger hunt pics. I think there's about five that will be intentional.


Jan. 19th, 2010 11:30 am
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Well, I would have written something about the torrential rain yesterday, but Wil Wheaton did it much better than I could...

moves by just like a paper boat

We didn't really venture out much yesterday as it was really pouring all day; more a day for watching that Inuyasha movie in the box we hadn't gotten around to yet, making frozen cookie dough cookies, and putting away the last of the ornaments we hadn't yet. However, Sunday afternoon Angus and I did walk out to the end of the pier in the drizzle, had a snack at Ruby's, and came back. We cheated a bit then, by driving half-way down and parking. We discovered a mural we hadn't seen before around the corner from Perq's, and discovered the antique shop in the old Helme/Worthy Buiding was still open, so we had to check that out as well. I pointed out a 40's-50's era tea set to Angus, if ever his dad needs an idea for gift-giving, ha-ha, and he asked me several times why someone would want to buy some very old Coke bottles - still with original Coke, which must be really stale by now - or another Coke bottle with its neck stretched and twisted, probably from a carnival. He seemed dubious that people would ever want to buy such things.

The day before we had walked all the way down there from home and back. Some very big surf was coming in and swells were breaking past the restrooms and bait shop, much further out than usual. I practiced shooting the surfers for a few minutes, slightly envying the woman with a much bigger telephoto lens; then Angus tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the pigeons getting a drink from the faucet at the fish cleaning station. Large-lens lady started taking pictures of them too.

So it seems Angus is becoming my walking buddy; the other two will go as well, most of the time, but he's the one who most often bugs me about it, which is a good thing. He no longer holds my hand like he did when he was little, but often takes my elbow as we're walking. It could be he might decide soon that's not something middle school-age boys do (Gareth, almost two years younger decided that a couple of years ago already), but for now it's sweet. Maybe in twenty years or so, it'll be the other way around.
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Angus and I went for a walk this evening. The Civic Center is at the end of my street a block away, and Angus's favorite part of it is this tile mural mounted outsided the police station entrance. First to be spinny in front of...

HB Civic Center
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
25 April 2009

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The morning set was off Osborne Bank, partway between Catalina Island and Santa Barbara Island, both of which were barely visible though the haze. We hadn't quite arrived yet, and dolphins were passing the ship - the chief scientist declared, "Mammals? Not supposed to be mammals here - supposed to be shark country!" As we were baiting and setting we were treated to a gorgeous hot pink sunrise below the cloud layer. We could see the sun coming up over an unknown landmass, otherwise not visible, which I later realized must have been the mainland because it was east of Catalina. The sun ascended about five degrees, making a trail in the water, and then disappeared into the clouds, leaving behind a pink stripe along the horizon, not to be seen again until the end of the haul as the clouds burned off. Tagged a few sharks in the morning and the chief scientist decided we deserved an afternoon off and we set off for Avalon.

We took the long way around though; for some reason we went clear around the back side of the island. I didn't mind though, it was a scenic trip, and I watched the island pass, trying to put names of landmarks the fishermen have given to actual places on the island - Slide, Church Rock, Ben Weston's, Quarry (although that one's pretty obvious - the east end of the island has an enormous chunk out of it that went to make all the jetties, breakwaters and groins of Los Angeles Harbor.

The Jordan pulled up outside Avalon Harbor and we were treated to the spectacle of someone getting a parasailing ride - that looks like fun! Then it was on with the life jackets and several of us at once piling into a Zodiac to get a ride to pier, where we were deposited. As we made our way to the Avalon waterfront, people headed off to do whatever they were interested in doing - me, I just wanted a walk and to phone home. I headed at a brisk pace to the Casino on the point but was passed halfway there by several of our party heading out the the little reserve there to go snorkeling - which I would've love to have done, given the heat, but neglected to bring a swimsuit. I did see several garibaldi in the water along the edges of the harbor, though, without benefit of snorkel. I took pictures of the Tuna Club, which Zane Grey was a member of, and the yacht club, with its tiny non-functional lighthouse, but my main objective was the Art Deco murals at the front of the Casino - most of them are painted, but the centerpiece, a mermaid over the box office, is done in tile - she's just awesome. Although it's always been called The Casino, it was always a ballroom (no gambling involved) and while still used for that purpose it serves as Avalon's movie theater as well.

As I headed back to the pier, I gave Beth a call - ooh, I want to take one of her relatives and give her a good shaking. Avalon was supposed to go out and visit her grandniece for a few days while I was gone and Beth had to cancel because the situation is so bad. Grrr.

Arrived back at the Marlin Club where a few of our group were tipping back a few (no alcohol is allowed on the ship), but stayed outside, as I only had $15 dollars with me and I wanted to save it for a Jordan t-shirt. Those of us outside on the curb laughed about the island rocking - I actually felt if I drank anything I'd be on the ground. A few of us decided that since we had an hour or so before heading back to the ship, another walk was in order. This time we climbed the steps above the waterfront, wove through a neighborhood, and up a road to the chime tower on the hill above the town; unfortunately it was all fenced off. It looked like it might have been condemned, although it was still chiming the hours. Great view of the harbor from up there.

It took us about half the time to come down as it did to go up; and then we waited at the foot of the pier for other folks to show up. There were enough of us waiting to go back Victor had to make two trips, and we amused ourselves waiting by watching the fish under the pier - several people are from the East Coast, so I got to point out particular fish to them - garibaldi, blacksmith, kelp bass, opaleye. The zodiac finally came back, we put on our lifejackets, piled back on and once outside the moored boats in the harbor, went at full speed back to the Jordan, bumping up and down over the swells.

Watched the sunset and the clouds creep over the tops of the hills, and finally came inside for a bite and more reading. The Discovery Channel has been playing, appropriately enough, Shark Week, all week. Mike Rowe was doing all kinds of shark Dirty Jobs - who knew?


 DFG Block





 Pelagic Stingray

 Morning set :













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To be fair, the middle house is on only a half size lot, but would you like to have those neighbors towering over you?

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Jul. 24th, 2002 05:23 pm
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Mary asked if I wanted to go for a walk during lunch yesterday. Since this is something I've been meaning to start doing again, I agreed. We thought we would walk down the street from the office to the gas station and back - she thought it was about ½ mile each way. We were pretty hot by the time we got back - this is a sure cure for being cold from office air conditioning. It felt good to stretch my legs. I told her I was probably going to feel this later.

Well, I do. According to my odometer, it's actually 9/10 of a mile to the gas station. While my Dr. Marten sandals are usually quite comfy, they really aren't meant for serious walking, and after I got back I discovered a blister on my heel and two on the toes of my opposite foot. My legs are a little bit sore, but that's probably a good thing. I'll bring in a pair of sneakers tomorrow.

We plan to start doing this regularly. The only thing is lunchtime is the only time I get to socialize with some of my co-workers and I miss out on all the dumb jokes.

And thanks to co-workers who share their largess - in the break room today was a grocery bag full of homegrown tomatoes, and a cooler full of albacore loins, labelled "Help Yourself!" D. went fishing again.


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