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Theme: Oceans of Life - Celebrating the Diversity of Oceans, and efforts to keep them that way.

About four years ago, I started a marine life art group at focusing on just that theme. It was inactive for awhile, but since they changed their groups format, I got it active again recently. There have been some pretty good artists who joined just in the last couple of weeks, so if you'd like to see some pretty cool marine life art, please check it out.

(Well crap, forgot to put on a blue shirt today...:p )
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Just watched Wesley hatch about five minutes ago at It was so funny, Molly was sitting there almost falling asleep, and suddenly she jumped straight up and turned around; then you could see the egg was cracked in half. She helped the newest out of the shell. Congrats on your fourth Molly and McGee! Max, Pattison and Austin are going to start getting cramped; Molly has to check where she's putting her feet.

Max is a week old today, and it must be warm enough that Molly is letting him sit next to her instead of under.
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Odd. I got an email saying wants to follow me on Twitter.

I don't have a Twitter account.

Granted, I follow several people on Twitter through Google Reader, and some people actually use it to post to their LJs. Occasionally like listening to one side of a phone conversation, but fun (as in this one, thank you [ profile] angelsmum, that's hysterical) but I'm afraid I find restricting myself to 140 characters almost impossible. I may not talk much, but usually once I get typing...well, you can see this post already. It's the same reason I don't text much, probably, although I'll answer if someone sends me something.

Ah, I see that site has something to do with You-gi-oh! (sp?)card games - maybe something Angus signed up for in the past, before he had his own email.

I dunno, I haven't been posting here much lately either. Too much competition for the computer at home (we only have the one right now), and when I do get on, I spend more time reading than writing. I'm pretty boring lately, I'm afraid.
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Anyone else not able to access Gmail? Other google sites connect, but I've been getting "page not found" since this morning. Never mind.
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*tries to shake off disorientation*

Ok, I guess I need to pay a little better attention when the Onion and the Monitor start posting articles to my feed at the same time.
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Can I get this to work in my workplace's email system?

(This page mentions shark, so I consider it work-related. PS note the date...)
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I'm amused to see my department's IT intranet page has a link to the Wikipedia entry on emoticons.

\ ^_^ /
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Copyright 2000-2008 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission

(Just demoing for Angus, who wanted to know what the html codes were used for...and it's a Twirly Fruit, something you feed your Neopets. Looks like a demented, hyperactive sea cucumber to me...)
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So, since I reluctantly joined Facebook, my old college roommate and a friend from high school (we were in Science Fiction club together) have found me. So I guess it's good for something, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg just to see your guestbook, like Classmates does.

And now I need to summarize everything I've been doing for the last 20 years...Ack!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

My username is one I've used since the first bulletin board I signed up at. I chose [ profile] senoritafish because 1)I am female, 2) it's a local marine fish that lives near where I'm located (although really its common name is just señorita, but I thought that might be confusing), 3) I like wrasses, the family of which this fish is a member, 4) I always liked watching señoritas when I used to dive, 5) and it's very rarely taken when I sign up anywhere - because I hate the "use my favorite name but add a bunch of numbers after it" because I can't remember numbers very well.

I'm señoritafish at nearly every website where I'm a member, so I'm pretty easy to find by Googling. Not so much by my real name.
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So I've recently been using Google Reader since I can get it on my phone (and since LJ insists my inability to log in must be the phone's browser's fault, nevermind that I can log into bunches of other sites). It's something else to read on the bus when I'm between books - yeah, I know, like I need more?.

What I have now:
Dooce - doesn't everyone read this? Well I hadn't been, but now I'm getting caught up.
LAist - I can't keep up with this one, and LA is really not that close to home, but what affects LA often dribbles down to Orange County, and I do get up there occasionally
Beach Blog - Orange County beache and stuff. Lots of surfing contests, but other things that affect local communities as well.
Junk - the plastic bottle raft makes its way across the Pacific
Bug Girl's Blog - Entomology and other interesting thinks things
Neurodiversity Weblog - this has been a bunch of legalese to get through lately because of legal proceedings against the blogger, but very interesting...
Aquarium of the Pacific - Aquarium volunteers and others

and various others, mostly friends or fannish things...

My Google Reader Shared Page - I only just discovered this, I may have to put a link over there on the left...

While I have a bunch, not all of them update everyday, so what do you guys read outside of LJ? I'd love a few more suggestions - preferably not too photo heavy; I can read those at home, but my phone is iffy on downloading pictures, so I often just turn them off. People as well as topics are welcome...
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The Adult Swim website has an entire compilation album for download.  Fourteen songs by bunch of fairly unknown artists (at least I hadn't heard of them any of them except for TV on the Radio), but it's not bad, and not their usual hip-hop or metal; you might find something you like.
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Just wondering - is anyone else a member of or Last.FM?


Jan. 31st, 2007 01:56 pm
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(Yes, I know - it's properly spelled "Damn it" - but that's not how I say it, and when I see it spelled "Damnit" my brain sees it as "Dam Nit!" - which would be appropriate if the school sent my kids home with head lice. But they haven't. )

I made a bunch of replies to comments here yesterday through Gmail, but silly me, I ignored it when I got a little pop-up blocker warning from the Google toolbar. On looking at my page later, I realized none of them went though. Grrr, stupid Google, blocking its own email. Gah!

Hopefully, finishing up the semi-annual IFA report today - had to do it all myself, but KO usually only contributed a couple of paragraphs anyway, so not that much more. However, I just realized that while I got a new computer recently, the program I had done all the previous graphs in (Sigmaplot) isn't on it, so I'm hunting around for the installation disk. Wonderful. I can do it in Excel, but it just makes ugly graphs that aren't as easy to manipulate. Blah.

And I am way behind in reading mackerel otoliths; I have about 60 samples (1500 pairs!) to read in the next couple of weeks, so once I'm done with this report, I'm going be spending a lot of time in the microscope room. La Jolla is going to need them for the biomass assessment soonish.

Here's an otolith for you: )

Oh, and lots of time out at the docks in February, too. More on that later.

You know, I am really looking forward to menopause. Or at least afterward.
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Don't you just love the ballet? Click the buttons to dance joyously along with the fairies...

(Too twisted - lean to the sides when the fairies are descending from the ceiling, and be sure to watch after you click Quit...)

Apologies, you may have to watch half a commercial before a "skip it" button pops up.
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If you use Firefox, you might want to make this change; I always run it this way anyway because one of the reasons I use it is I can have only one window open and still be looking at a bunch of different pages.

3. Browser hole affects Firefox 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

Secunia reports a frame-injection vulnerability in Firefox 1.0.3 and 1.0.4. Mozillazine has details, including a comment that you can close the hole (until 1.0.5 is released) by clicking Tools, Options,
Advanced, Tabbed Browsing and changing "open links in a new window" to "open links in a new tab in the most recent window":

A Secunia bulletin also notes that a similar hole has existed in Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x since June 2004 and has not yet been patched by Microsoft (but there is a workaround):


Jun. 4th, 2005 08:15 pm
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I apologize if you got an email from me about the RINGO updating service. My relatives are using this service for photos, and it's got a stupid "invite friends" function where the default is "send to everyone in your address book." I inadvertently clicked the wrong button. I did not intend to spam all of you.

Grrr. I already don't like this thing.

edit: well, thanks for those who did respond to the invite, it's nice that you did. I'm just really irritated because one of the addresses is a list-serve mailing list, which means that stupid email went out to hundreds of people all over the world.
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Dummy me - we finally got DSL and I keep forgetting to put on Internet radio was a major reason we got it. Look what they're playing! Ah, memories - I have got to get this series on DVD at some point. I added [ profile] agentcooper awhile ago just because of it. No, I kid you - I just liked his writing. His Kyle MacLachlan icon didn't hurt though.

(I have this CD, but it would take some digging to get it out.)

Now they're playing Neil Finn - Human Kindness and before that they were playing Mark Knopfler - Shangrila.


May. 12th, 2005 09:25 am
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The new patch for Firefox is out (1.0.4).

Based on this post in [ profile] firefoxusers, I thought perhaps I should backup up my profiles, etc. before I did the update, even though I never have before and been fine. I followed the procedure here.

I should have left well enough alone. Yes, I have the folders with my profile names on them, but they all seem to have reverted back to default. No bookmarks, no extensions, etc.

Dammit, should have used the Bookmark manager, at least. I''ve been using Firefox since last July so it isn't my entire collection, but still...

edit: I guess it was because I accidentally moved them first instead of copying them. I copied them back, but that's when they got reset. John set the mouse to one click instead of double-clicking, and I am constantly doing the wrong thing first.


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