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Wow, a 40% price increase between months for your 300min beyond talk?! Thanks a lot Virgin Mobile, at least Netflix sent me a warning first before they asked me to bend over. It's now only $5 less than the 1200 min one (used to be), which I only used 130 minutes of last month, so I thought I'd try save few bucks this month. No love. You're still cheaper than everyone else so I can't afford to go elsewhere, but that was a very rude shock when I went to top up this morning. Which now is going to have to wait until I get paid - because I think getting bread and milk instead so my kids can have breakfast this week is probably more important for this last week of the month.

It's quite interesting that it still says $25 for the lowest beyond talk plan on this page for submitting reviews. Updating the whole site would polite, don't you think?

Getting a little tired of the "We're still the best deal around even though we now suddenly cost about half again as much!" routine from some businesses lately. Not quitting Netflix either, but they'll be getting $2 less a month from me.

Edit: submitted as a review to their website (less the bending over part). They rejected it and suggested I review the guidelines which said: 1) not to mention retail partners phone prices; 2)or mention competitors. Since I didn't mention Target's/Walmart's phone prices, I didn't realize DVD rentals were a competitor of cell phones.
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Umm, Happy Solstice? It's kind of hard to tell it's the first day of summer here - the June Gloom has been pretty fierce. It may have been sunny for a few hours by the time I leave work, but often by the time I get home to HB, the marine layer is starting to form up again. On the second leg of my flight home from Spokane the week before last, I was sitting next to a couple who were recent transplants to Seattle from Sacramento. They asked if I was coming or going; when I said I was heading home to Orange County, the girl sighed and said "Ah, you live in the SUN!" They were en route to visit his brother who lived in Irvine. If they really wanted sun I hope they weren't too disappointed, although Irvine is few miles inland and it probably clears up sooner.

Side note: she apparently was a Starbucks employee who had seemed to have totally bought into the company propaganda; she spent several minutes asking me whether I liked them, which baked goods were my favorites (apparently, they only sell maple oat nut scones in California - and quite frankly, while I like my strong coffee, I'm not so much of a connoisseur that I can tell one variety from another). She had me read a printout, apparently from the company's annual report, of all the goals reached, or newly set. They seemed to be making progress on most of them except for electricity use, which they were supposed have cut down on 25% by 2010. It's only been about 1.5%. Maybe they should start grinding their beans with a crank.
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Well, crap, I missed yesterday. So much for the every day in July thing. The major obstacle is at least four people, sometimes five, competing for one PC at home. We try to set timers, and I regularly kick everyone off if there's something important I need to do (like pay bills), but still, there's a lot of squabbling. I really need to set aside some money to get my laptop fixed - it's been sitting since last summer (or was it the summer before? It has Vista on it, that should be a clue), but there just hasn't been enough extra to have it done. Ha. I should know there is never anything extra, especially this year with three furlough days a month, and everything else that needs fixing.

Gadget news - hey, the meme said your mundane life...  )
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Carl's Jr., a fast food restaurant, started advertising recently that they now sell "real chicken breast meat pieces" because "There Are No Nuggets on a Chicken." One of the ads features a bunch of men in suits looking closely at a white chicken on a table, poking it here and there. There's a close up of feathers flying, and a loud squawk, then you see one of the guys snapping a rubber glove off his hand with a rather disgusted look on his face and saying "No, they're not there either."

Now, John, who is trained as a chef and a meat cutter, among other things, scoffed at this whole ad campaign. According to him, chickens actually do have nuggets. They're that little piece of meat on the back, under the scapula. For some reason, this came up in the conversation at work. I related that little factoid and it struck everyone as quite funny that chickens have nuggets. Why, I don't know - we're biologists and we're just weird.

Ever since then, nuggets keep coming up at work. "Why didn't he do such and such?" "Oh he didn't have the nuggets for it." "Nuggets to ya." Etc. Especially by Pete, who uses puns whenever and wherever possible. I told John he should feel proud he has an influence even when he's not there


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