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Me: (raising an eyebrow) You're playing Othello against a cotton candy eating Tyrannosaurus named Marvin?

Him: Yup. And losing. Badly.
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"Mom, what do you look like if you're tow-headed?"

"Well, it means you have really light-blond hair. If your friend Connor's hair got a little longer and he got it really bleached out in the sun this summer, he's probably look tow-headed."

(Silence - thinking a bit)



"I thought it meant your head looked like a toe."
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  • How those "stepometers" from McDonalds work and what you could measure with them.
    "Yes, Pete, I suppose you could use it for that, but where would you put it?"

  • The two definitions of prairie-dogging (this occurred shortly after the earthquake the other day).
    PH: (thinking of the first definition) Were you prairie-dogging?
    DP: (thinking of the second definition - eyes very big, and slightly indignant) No, I wasn't! Why are you asking me that?!

  • Naked bungie jumping:
    Me: I could not do that! Parts of me would get left at the bottom unless they were secured by clothing.
    PH: Well, there's really not a big jerk at the bottom...
    Me: No, not unless you're standing down there.

    Zing! I don't get to do that very often. XD I think he actually blushed.

  • Following some talk about the recent cicada hatching back east, PH left the lunchroom with:
    "Aaah, damn bugs! You know they're part of that terrorist network - Al Cicada!"
    Darn it, now I'm never going to remember the real name.

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He: So those market research people called back..
She: yeah? What did they ask about?
He: Mostly what new programs we watch.
She: And you told them.....?
He: Good Day L.A. on Fox. Then they asked why.
She: Well, they're funny...
He: No, I told them it was for Jillian Barbieri's boobies.
She: What?! You didn't!
He: Then they asked what sports channel I watch. I told them Fox Sports for the NFL show on Sundays.
She: (Wincing and knowing what's coming) Why?
He: Because Jillian does the weather for the football games. Then they asked what would get me to tune in to the news if they advertised it.
She: Let me guess...
He: Jillian Barbieri.
She: (groans) Was this a guy or girl asking questions?
He: A guy - I think he was laughing.
She: Well I think I know what that got filed under.

He does it just to bug me. If he hadn't been driving, I'd've monkey-knuckle punched him in the arm.
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At the office yesterday, T. was giving V. a hard time for leaving her pen by the fax machine; he had picked it up and was using it to get people to sign a petition for some union thing and she demanded it back. He said something about putting TEN on all of his stuff so it didn't get lost. I started to say "Is that your intials?" - I was going to make some asanine comment about them spelling a word, and to my horror, my tongue tripped and I heard my mouth saying "Is that your NIPPLE?"

There was complete silence for about 2 seconds while I attempted to sink though the floor and my ears nearly caught fire, then all the cubicles around me just erupted. "Can we quote you on that?" yelled S. Honestly, I have no idea where that came from. I did use my breastpump just before lunch, but transferring my own to T.'s is a bit of a jump.

My tang got tongueled up.
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What started it:

The Big Boss quoted:
"We aim to please." .........Charlton Heston, NRA

I said:
P.S. Rick is quoting the president of the NRA? - use a pun, go to jail.

Yeah, I'm sure Rick knows ol' Chuck Heston is one of my heros. I think (my old boss) made me take his likeness off my wall in the office, though...

If someone in Stats can have that guy from the "The Practice" plastered all over her office, I don't see how Charleton Heston could be offensive - though I suppose it could be seen as a political thing. I personally have Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and various Dragonball Z
characters liberally sprinkled over my desk and walls.

Office decor has not been an issue in the post-Doyle days, but they did tell us at training that offices are not considered 'public spaces'. Although if I were going for the cartoons, I'd have to go with Spongebob Squarepants and his starfish pal Patrick, since Beavis and Butthead were

Spongebob is pretty darn righteous!

"If nautical nonsense be something you wish,
then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!"

I mentioned I watched Spongebob at lunch the other day and K. said I could be excused because I had small children. "Oh no, I watch it when the kids aren't around," I said. From the look she gave me, I think she was thinking of a therapist she could refer me to.

I've had my share of people look at me kinda odd when I have brought up a cartoon anecdote. I guess I'm not fully in sync with my cohort.

I'm thinking that K. doesn't have the same odd sense of humor as the rest of the lunch crew. I've made a few jokes to her too, and I've gotten that "huh" look before.

Not all of us are slightly insane.

I guess I am waaayyy out of sync! Hoo-rah for being the cohort outliers!

Why is it that some people think if you're past a certain age, you should no longer have fun watching cartoons? I think they tend to be the same people who are skinny because they just "forget to eat."


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