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Heh, I maybe I should have a little more faith in my county...*

Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County

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Cripes, wasn't the reality show enough?

*Actually, no. Harry Potter is probably just more of a distraction.

NO H8!!!!

Aug. 4th, 2010 02:05 pm
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Now, get busy on that furlough appeal and throw it out, please? Never mind - it was Federal court. Got too excited.
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Well. I've already screwed up the July meme, because I forgot to write yesterday. Maybe there will be two today.

Anyway, yesterday was the 4th. And while I'm not overly patriotic, I do kind of like the holiday. My neighborhood completely changes; there is a huge influx of people who come to see the parade and many of them stay until the fireworks show in the evening off the pier. It's really better not to drive anywhere downtown (as I was reminded when I dropped off Gareth at his friend Connor's house), because the streets are crowded while huge numbers of bicycles - more than any other day of the year - and those who are driving seem to forget all the rules. Everyone is having parties that overflow into front yards.

[ profile] runsamuck hates parades, so he escaped to his friend Jerry's for awhile. Gareth really wanted to see the NASA float in the parade, but despite getting an earlier start than usual, we still missed it. We never bother with staking out a sitting area for the route a block away from our house. Instead, we just walk down the sidewalk and occasionally stop to watch something - it's usually me who stops, because I want to take pictures, and then I get prodded to continue by Angus, who prefers to be in motion.

It's usually the same groups of people every year. The Pearl Harbor Survivors are becoming a tinier group every year, and now WWII is becoming a another war for the re-enactors, although as the wars become more recent, the reeneactors need bigger equipment and more technology. Maybe it becomes more an excerise in costuming than actually recreating the battles. The Shriners are taking the "old men in fezzes driving tiny cars" to new limits. I don't think they can make them much smaller. And I always like watching the horses; although,seriously, DON'T let your toddler come up behind the miniature horse to pet it.

And then the group Military Families Speak Out walked by. To complete silence; no one gave them encouragement (well, I whistled and gave them a thumbs up), no one cheered. And I puzzled over the next in line - the Orange County Chapter of the NRA. To be fair, they didn't get much applause either. It was near the end of the parade and maybe people were getting tired. Honestly, who scheduled that line-up?

We didn't do much the rest of the day - [ profile] runsamuck BBQed, then walked up to the school to watch fireworks. Avalon amused herself by rolling down the hill we were sitting on. I was tempted to but, thought the wallet and keys in my pocket might hurt. By the time we got home, I was rather glad I didn't. I think all the walking we did the last couple of days has made me a bit sore.
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Noticed this yesterday; I'm not sure I've ever seen Cartoon Network doing this for previous inaugurations; then again they didn't have little blobby logo characters to display president's faces on until this season. I'm sure the channel's owner wouldn't have had any great impetus for doing something similar in the last eight years, but I don't think I remember anything previous to that either.

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Perhaps I was a bit premature...from the Facebook "No on 8" site:

About an hour ago, my colleague personally contacted the California Secretary of State. The woman he spoke with confirmed that PROPOSITION 8 HAS NOT BEEN CALLED. She stated that they are still counting ballots...and they will not know the results until DECEMBER 13th!

All media has announced a victory for Yes on 8! THIS IS WRONG. Keep the pressure on the Secretary of State to count all the provisional and absentee ballots (rumored to be up to 3 or 4 million!)

Roughly 400,000 votes separate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 million votes tallied. Based on turnout estimates reported yesterday, we expect that there are more than 3 million and possibly as many as 4 million absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Tell them that you want ALL the proposition 8 votes counted!

CA secretary of state: (916) 657-2166, or you can lodge a recorded complaint by calling 1-800-345-VOTE

Posted by Thea Arthen

More than a month to tally absentee and mail in ballots?! Sheesh!

Final statement from No on 8:

The previous post stands.
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My fellow Californians - very good on electing Barack Obama - I knew you had it in you. Congratulations.

However, at the same you elected an African-American president, you took away rights from another segment of Californians. Rights that already existed. You basically legalized discrimation and bigotry. Don't think so? Replace the word "gay" with "interracial."

That. Is. Shameful.

I drove home from San Diego Monday afternoon, and in Carlsbad someone had changed the "Yes on 8" signs by writing an "H" in front of the 8. While I don't condone defacing signs*, it's perfectly true. The whole campaign behind this proposition is based on hate and fear, that OMG, some grade schooler might be exposed to the horrible fact that people love other people, and some of them want to make permanent commitments to those other people, regardless of their packaging. As far as I know, anything about marriage is not taught in elementary schools; it might be mentioned in high school health classes, but I don't know for sure (health wasn't made a requirement until after I was out of high school). And if that's the case, your kids probably know that gay people exist, or maybe even have friends that are (omg, shock!!!) before they ever take the class; much like Sarah Palin's preaching abstinence-only to her daughter, your attempts to shield them have been futile.

In any case, on that issue, I'm ashamed to be a Californian. I thought as a state, we were more progressive than that.

*Although I wish I'd seen that sooner. Would it still have been defacement if I'd made seperate, little signs with just an H on them, and posted them in front of the other signs? Because I saw plenty of candidates signs posted in right in front each other....

Edit: there are still mail-ins and absentee ballots to finish counting, so maybe this is premature, as it's been very close. Believe me, I hope I can retract this.
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Hmm. (a biology/atheism blog) seems an unlikely place to hear slash referred to, even if he's doing it sarcastically (the piece in question, not slash in general). Although, I suppose I shouldn't be suprised; PZ mentions science fiction and fantasy enough that I know he's a fan. However, doesn't slash just refer to fanfiction?

Glad to see him give a plug for NO on Prop. 8, too, even though he's in Minnesota. The YES signs have been popping up all over my neighborhood, and it's enough to make me sick. Especially the little joyous dancing family with upraised arms (specifically with a large Male and Female). The pro commercials are absolutely hateful. I feel like making a giant sign for the front window with "My Marriage and Family are Fine - What Are You So Threatened By?" or "Prop. 8 = Bigotry, plain and simple." Especially since most gay people I know (including in my family) grew up with a parent of each gender, so the "omg, they want to subvert the children" argument just doesn't wash.
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$20 Protest

I can only think this little protest was written before the last election, as the numbers seem a bit low and it's a year til the next one. I'm a little surprised it's still in circulation.

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I read in the paper this weekend, Ahnold's approval ratings have declined to 34%.

Someone left a printout of this page on my desk awhile ago.
Here's a leaked campaign memo to Governor Schwarzenegger. Pretty interesting polling data, don't you think?
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On the same day that the US House of Representatives voted to involve the federal courts in (Shiavo's) case, it also approved a 10-year $92-billion cut in Medicaid funding - $30 billion deeper than the cut recommended by President Bush.

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An mp3 of this was circulating around my work about the time the governator got hisself elected last year. It's been about a year, and as far as I can see it's still applicable. If you want to hear it I can send you the mp3.

When I was a kid my momma said, “Son,
Don’t work for the state like your daddy done.
There ain’t a lot of money and there ain’t a lot of fun
And you’ll owe your soul to the golden one.”
But I was just a hippy and a slacker and fool
Didn’t wanna work but starving wasn’t cool
Took me a test got on that list
Started pushing that paper and I done my best

I got the State Worker Blues
Been payin’ my dues
Have ya heard the good news
Well,there ain’t none.

If you want a sad story, go and see the ex-boss
He’d be under the dome if he hadn’t got lost
Got the deficit recall muscleman blues
And it must be contagious ‘cuz I got em too
Now we got a new boss with a million dollar smile
He’s gonna pump us up but it might take a while
He’s gotta magic bullet to cure this mess
Straight from Hollywood, special effects

I got the State Worker Blues
Been payin’ my dues
Have ya heard the good news
Well, there ain’t none.

Now for year after year I done more with less
Then the less got less and there’s nothin left
If you want a paperclip you gotta get your boss to sign
And they’re handin’ out staples one at a time
At least I got PC with plenty of RAM
For worms and viruses and all of that spam
REFI, Triple X, Money for Free!
I got carpal tunnel from pressin’ delete

I got the State Worker Blues
Been payin’ my dues
Have ya heard the good news
Well, there ain’t none.

Well I’m not complainin’ about my fate
The food at the potlucks is always firstrate
And I’ll tell St. Peter at the Pearly Gate
I was proud to be a worker for the Golden State
There’s a little tarnish on the California gold
And Jay Leno’s jokes are getting’ mighty old
But to the best civil servants in all the land
This is for you, give yourselves a hand.

I got the State Worker Blues
Been payin’ my dues
Have ya heard the good news
Well, there ain’t none.

I got the State Worker Blues
Been payin’ my dues
Have ya heard the good news
Well, there ain’t none.

(repeat and fade out, add kazoo at the end)

- Happy Jack Hastings
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For reliable voting results, look abroad...

Why other world democracies run smoother at election time.

Apparently, the US is one of the only countries in the world with such a mixture of different voting methods, and with partisan people allowed influence over election counts.

With that, I'm taking my allotted hour off to go and change the world.

I hope.
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You tell me...

Things that make you go hmmm....

slo_mo_panda's story

In Oregon...

And in Las Vegas...

Apparently, there's some debate as to who did it...

The Judge's decision... it was only five forms, buuut....

I was considering changing my party affiliation before this election. I'm rather glad now I didn't.

(edit 12/11/2008 - voter registration shenanigans - which seem to have become fairly common...)
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Speaking of elections (my condolences to you guys in Australia), I am really surprised by how many Kerry signs and bumper stickers I'm seeing in my neighborhood, which I know is mostly Republican.
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Yikes! I been reading/listening to him for going on more than 20 years, and I don't think I've ever heard Garrison Kiellor sound so angry!

(thanks, [ profile] magicwoman)

I can't help agreeing with him, but I think there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around. Seems to me it's what all of politics is based on.

When I took government in high school, it pretty much disenchanted me with both major political parties. Both of them have changed almost 180° from what they first started from, and both contained major elements I found distasteful. I never joined either. It's my profound belief that anyone remotely interested in serving in politics should be barred forever from it. I can't remember whether it was a story by Arthur C. Clarke or Issac Asimov, that had a political system I thought should be tried, somewhere, sometime. If you had the qualifications for an office, such as owning your own large business, being a decent administrator, etc., your name went into a hat and it was decided by lottery. No one in their right mind actually wanted the job, but it was mandatory you served and did a good job if you were picked.

Of course, it wouldn't work in this world. Someone would find some way to abuse it, just like they do now.
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I think someone either at the printer or in his office is playing a joke on our local state assembly member, whose office is not too far from my house. The latest flyer, stresses education reform - the ABC's of a 21st Century Education, it yells, Accountability, Basic Skills, and Crime-Free Schools! The very official letterhead at the top has the member's name, followed by the title "Assemblywoman, 67th District."

However, as you can see here, few assemblywomen are quite that bald...
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My brother just sent this:

Are you a better?
Osama bin Lotto

Heh. Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I wouldn't put it past 'em.
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Here's Wolfwood from that Bush spot. I managed to get a screen cap, although it's pretty low-resolution.

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And why, exactly, is Nicholas J. Wolfwood, late of Trigun (oops, no pun intended), in political ad for the Shrub?

I really didn't get the feeling he was a Republican.
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(by way of [ profile] vwsrmylife and [ profile] utsuri)

Maybe it's a good thing I never took down the string of Christmas lights on our kitchen window.....

I do think it very likely that Saddam Hussein is an evil man who needs to be ousted, but this is not the way to do it. The cover of Newsweek today says "Why America Scares the World." Certain people are set on their arrogant courses and seems like there's no way to turn them.


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