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Hope everyone had a Happy 4th (here in the States, that is). Pretty par for the course here. Parade, fireworks. We thought about going to Anime Expo on Sunday, but at least one fry decided they didn't want to go, [ profile] runsamuck pouted about possibly staying home from his friend Jerry's (they have a standing Sunday video game playdate), and most importantly, I neglected to buy tickets ahead of time, not to mention Angus is no longer in the child ticket range, and definitely won't pass for twelve anymore (I think he's as tall as me now, and starting to get acne and a peach fuzz mustache. Pretty sure he's outgrown the Sesshomaru costume I made for him few years ago). It would have been $170 at the door just to get in for one day, which I really can't justify right now. Maybe a smaller convention later, if we can find one nearby. Angus likes to remind me, "I kept telling you!" Yes, dear...

Also, on Saturday up there, there was a bomb scare, but people seem to be less freaked out by hordes of costumed fans descending on downtown Los Angeles. Although I find it a little odd that these articles were all in the OC Register, and I didn't come across any from the LA Times. Oh well.

Aquarium... )

7/4/2011 )
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Bob is not quite officially retired just yet, and he and my boss visited our office as well...and he got another cake. I don't think I actually took this picture; Paul borrowed my camera and got this nifty angle, which I'll have to keep in mind.

Frosting Octopus
Los Alamitos CA
Canon EOS 1000D
13 August 2009

(and I have to remember to make Bob a CD of all these pics and mail it to him in Utah...)
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Today is the 2nd Annual (Unofficial) International Cephalopod Appreciation and Awareness Day, 10/8/2008!

"What better day to celebrate Octopus and Squid then on OCTOber 8, the eighth day of the 10th month of the year? Octopus have eight arms and squid and cuttlefish have eight arms and two tentacles, for a total of 10 appendages."

My favorite Halloween squid from a few years ago...
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From Divebums Photos of the Week - this is a fascinating little video of an octopus taken down in La Jolla. While it may not be "walking" bipedally quite as definitely at the octies in the videos that made the internet rounds a couple of years ago, it's pretty interesting to watch. Very shortly in, it comes to rest and forms white "eye-spots" below its own eyes and a dark horizontal bar that makes it look very much like the head of a sculpin or a sarcastic fringehead (an agressive little fish that lives in burrows, shelss or sometimes bottles with its head sticking out). It does the fish imitation several times in the video. Although I can't quite figure out what (or if) it's imitating by holding two arms aloft while moving around...

(Video all the way down at the bottom, last on the list)

I feel a little sorry for this guy, who's having a hard time escaping the persistant diver-with-video-camera!
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Home with octopus
Huntington Beach Ca
Sharp VE-CG30
19 April 2008

Which are even worse... )
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Angus's Pictures 092

Over the kid's Spring Break, so [ profile] runsamuck took the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific. In a recent cleanup, Gareth's stuffed friend Whalie, an orca, disappeared, and he's been very upset about losing her. So Dad got him this octopus; Gareth has dubbed him "Blue." I think he's supposed to be a blue-ringed octopus - larger than actual size, but hopefully, less toxic.

very realistic, for a plushie... )
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Haven't had time to read the entire article (or set of articles) yet in New Scientist, but it looks fascinating....


Special report

Unfortunately, to read many of the articles linked to, it looks like you have to buy a subscription to the magazine. A worthy magazine, I'm sure, but I'm not subscribing to anything right now. Poop.
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If you're a member/reader of [ profile] molluscious, [ profile] invertebrates, or Pharyngula, you've already seen this and you can skip it. Or you may have seen it on the news (which I don't watch much of, so I missed it).

But for those of you that aren't, man, this is trippy. Be sure to watch the video.

I think it goes right along with this T-shirt. The cephalopods are walking - they're preparing to come ashore...

*cue Twighlight Zone music - doodoo doodoo, doodoo doodoo...*


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