Mar. 2nd, 2011

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(because it popped up when I opened the LJ post page instead of Semagic - I must have written it and then closed the page...)

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You mean I don't have that right right now? When did it become illegal to bore all my LJ friends with endless pictures of my progeny? Actually you don't get that unless you look at my Flickr account, which you won't look at unless you're nuts.

Seriously though. It seems to me that everyone posting that no one should post any pictures on the internet at all are being a trifle paranoid. Does this apply to school yearbooks? Pictures in the paper? A crowd shot on television? For god's sake, anyone can see your face any time you go to the store. Are you going to put a paper bag over your head every time you leave the house? Fears of photos "getting into the wrong hands"? Yeah, creepy, but it's a file or a piece of paper; it's not my child. Pedophiles have always been around; they just get more media coverage now, and we can find out better where they are. There is no personal or locational information except for first names (I haven't gone as far as making up nicknames for them, like some people do) attached to any of them; they may be in a public place, but anyone can be in a public place. And very few people look at my stuff anyway.

I started this journal to remember stuff and I take photos for the same reason. And I reserve the right to embarrass them on any occasion - up to and including the nekkid baby pictures to their first date, except I don't actually have any of those. I thought that was a parent's job. ;p
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[ profile] runsamuck decided to spend part of our tax refund for a new laptop (a fairly cheap one), and until I get the other one fixed, I was putting some programs I use fairly regularly on it. One was Apophysis which I haven't actually used since version 2.something, and it's now up to 7x. I was noodling around with it - I still need to go through some tutorials I've found - but I was surprised to find this rather spiny blue shark hiding within one of the original diffuse, cloud-like flames. Came up on the first mutation click and I liked the original color so I didn't change it. Also saved it with a transparent background so I can use it in something else, maybe.

Blue Shark Flame...
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