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Well, I've done it and bought tickets. I haven't gone to see Neil Finn (or Crowded House) the last 3-4 times he's been in the area (this was the last time I saw him - crap, in 2003!!). Next month he's going to be playing at some divey bar/venue in Costa Mesa, the next city over from me, about a block away from our local DMV. It's in a strip mall, for pete's sake, with a Rally's Burgers on the corner - or it used to be a Rally's, I think now it's Mexican food.

He's playing with his wife and another musician in a new (side?) project called Pajama Club. Interestingly, Sharon is playing bass (I didn't even know she was a musician, I had thought she was an artist), and he's playing drums for a change. I think [ profile] runsamuck and I should be able to scrape together $20 apiece for a venue we could almost ride bikes to, although we probably won't, given the time it'll be over. Should be interesting! Although I am gonna get flack that we haven't been to see Louis Black or been to the Blues Festival in the meantime...
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I meant to mention, when I doodled this for [ profile] tikistitch the other day, I was listening to the following from Crowded House's newest album...kinda reminded me of those two...

(There were a bunch of videos with concert footage, but damn if I can't stand that pornstache Neil had - thank gods he shaved it off halfway through the tour...)

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Drat. I'm beginning to think I'm destined to never see Neil Finn/Crowded House ever again. Don't think I have since VT and I saw him during one of his solo tours at Downtown Disney (which seems like a weird place to see him in hindsight). They're at Club Nokia which is right across from the Convention Center where we went to AX last month, so we could easily do the train thing again. However, Avalon's birthday is on Saturday, and we were saving $ for that, and even though we got full paychecks this month (for the first time in about 18 mos.), it went for other things we behind on; I didn't buy tickets when I had the money available. Oh well. I'm not sure I could handle that horrendous pornstache Neil's grown recently in person anyway; I might get arrested for assaulting his upper lip with a Schick Quattro or at least trying to convince him to grow out something else around it. Don't get me wrong, I usually like male facial hair - [ profile] runsamuck's had full beards since becoming a stay-at-home dad - but that thing is awful. Well, maybe I'll splurge on the CD when I pick up Big Time Rush for Avalon, as she gets suckered in by any new Nick show.

This Saturday, on her birthday, this is going on right next to the Aquarium. The last time I heard of this in CA it was up in the Bay Area and it looks like a lot of fun. It reminds of when I was a student at Queensland University in 1988, and there was "Birdman of the Brisbane River" Competition. I have no idea where my pictures of this are now, but I found someone's photo set from a year before which brings back a lot of memories. There was someone jumping of a platform on a bicycle with wings attached, another guy with boxes attached to his arms, decorated with silvery "tentacles" - he was a "box jellyfish" - and the engineering students at some school had made a giant orange papier-mache' crab, claws, legs, eyes, and all, that they had all the spectators sign (in the picture set I see a chicken with what looks like signatures all over it, wonder if it's by the same people?). It was about 20' across, and by the time the students had carried it up to the top of the platform, all the legs had fallen off, but they threw it in the river anyway. Heh. I notice the FM 104 signs on the pictures - I still have a mug with the" 'Rockin' Roo"' on it from that radio station sitting on my desk here at work. Someone broke it, but glued it back together for me when I was back in New Hampshire (boy, it's traveled a lot!), and it holds all my writing implements (a few of which are dried up and need to be chucked), a couple of pairs of scissors and a swizzle stick with a fish on it now.

So we might go to that. Break out the sunscreen.

ETA: Brisbane was the first place I saw Crowded House, come to think of it. They played at the Expo, which I bought a season pass to. Saw a lot of good music with that pass - I got pretty spoiled.

ETA2: Just realized they are playing next week at McMenamin's Edgefield in Portland, where we went for dinner during the Council meeting back in April! Damn, that would be a great place to go see them. ;_ ;
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Hmm, Phantom of the Opera just came up on shuffle, and though I love it, I remember why I don't listen to it very often. On the CD I have, each act is only one track, almost an hour long. I really have to be in a Broadway mood to listen to it in one sitting. I see the one they sell now has Act One broken up into 14 tracks.

I really haven't listened to any new musical theater in really long time. I see things I considered fairly new being put on by the local high school - that's how out of date I am. And most of the music I have is on LP, so it's not on my player. A bunch of people at work went to see Wicked a month or two ago, which I'd love to see, but I was too broke at the time. Loved the book.

Dammit, why don't I have Sweeny Todd on here? Anyone have any recommendations for me?

In other music, although I didn't get to see them in person, it was a thrill to see the webcast of Crowded House at Coachella Sunday night. Although the stupid Rage fans throwing water bottles needed a good smack upside the head. Idiots. I had hoped for a few more new songs, but I suppose as a band reunited, they have to refamiliarize everyone with the old stuff - which is still great to hear live. I kept wondering who stocky guy with the full beard and almost-afro was (I missed the intros, I guess), doing somersaults and throwing himself across the stage during one of the numbers. I've gotten way behind on Tongue in the Mail lately, but on catching up with at least the Coachella posts, I was a bit surprised to find out it was Liam, Neil's son. I guess I still had the skinny teenager from the Sessions at West 54th DVD stuck in my head. So good to see them - and Neil looked much better than he did in the interview I'd noticed on the website, where it appeared he'd just rolled out of bed; hair sticking every direction and looking distinctly jowly. Bad lighting mostly. Eh well, I'm getting them myself...Anyway, the kids listened with me, and Gareth even danced with me - he stood on the bed while I was on the floor. Although I think he was a little embarrassed. ;p

And now I feel like a bad Finn-fan, because I watched Damien Rice following them. I've heard of him on numerous occasions, and seen his album at Starbucks (sad, isn't it, that I buy so much of my music there?) but don't think I've ever really listened to him before. Enjoyed him quite a bit, such a sweet voice; if typical Irish tenors sing folk/rock, this would be it. Interesting to hear the F-word stuck in a few times in otherwise fairly mellow songs, although I was being distracted at the time, so I didn't get the exact context or lyrics. Also enjoyed the cello accompaniment. However, the song he left the stage with has been stuck in my brain ever since - poignantly hypnotic. It doesn't help that it fit perfectly something I was reading at the time. I made John listen to it and while he liked it, thinks it's too sad. Because I need to spread the torture around a little - hey, I can't be the only one suffering - I leave you with this video...

The Blower's Daughter )

Edit: whoops, I must have miscopied the link - it's there now - or it should be...
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Has Neil Finn ever used any kind of nature sounds in his work? I seem to remember weird bird-like noises (gulls maybe? possibly backwards?) at the end of "Kill Eye"...any others?

This occurred to me after I recently purchased One All from iTunes after becoming a reluctant iPod owner (yes, I'm a bad Finn fan - but I did manage to get 7 Worlds and Everyone is Here first). After listening to Into the Sunset several times, I realized something sounded familiar - the bell-like noise in the chorus. I used to have quite a few Paul Winter albums (mostly on tape, never repurchased as CDs, so I haven't heard them in a long time), and a couple of Bernie Krause CDs - both artists use animal sounds in their work, and one of those albums is where I heard a very similar sound.

It's a male walrus, declaring his territory. You can hear it here: -
(click the walrus button)

They make the sounds underwater, by vibrating air sacs in their necks.

Now I'm sure the bell in Neil's is just that - it sounds a bit muffled and off-kilter, but the sound is consistent. The walrus's vary in tone and pitch. However, I'm sure I must be the only person who hears "Into the Sunset" and is reminded of Arctic pinnipeds. Well, there is some marine imagery in this song, so perhaps it's not too out of place.

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The song that just came up reminds me; when John used to work as a meatcutter at Food 4 Less, he got pretty sick of this track as it was repeated over and over on the store Muzak system. That and "Six Weeks in a Leaky Boat" bySplit Enz.

Thing is, that was in Watts and Compton - inner city Los Angeles. Funny, those songs barely got any radio airplay, and whoever programmed the system was pitching the Finns to the hip-hop crowd.

I'm ecstatic to hear Neil Finn is getting Crowded House back together for a tour, but less than thrilled that their first appearance is at the Coachella Music Festival. The last time I saw them was at a the WOMAD Festival at Cal State Dominguez Hills, which one of those deals where if you had to go back to your car, you couldn't get back in, and by the time they came on, the porta-potties were overflowing and drunk kids were barfing everywhere. The music was great (Peter Gabriel and other world music groups were there, too), but the audience experience wasn't all that pleasant. If you happened to own a bladder needing emptying periodically, that is.

I haven't been to the Indio venue, but it's out in the desert at a time of year where it's getting hot, and again, you can't take anything in with you and they charge $6 for a bottle of water, never mind anything else. I'm getting too old for that kind of thing - I wasn't all that excited about it when I was younger. Sigh. Sure a lot of acts I'd love to see though...I sure hope they play some other places near me.

Mmm, there is a live webcast, though...makes up for some disappointment...
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OK, a couple of rather trippy musical moments for me in American Dad on FOX this evening.

  1. Patrick Stewart, playing the head of the CIA, singing Oingo Boingo song, I Like Little Girls. In a pink, frilly bathrobe.

  2. A clip from Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over playing during a post credit slow-motion scene of Stan entering a room and hugging someone, captioned "In Memory of..."

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Oh my god. Paul Hester, formerly of Crowded House, has taken his own life.

I'm so sad to hear this. I haven't really been following him lately, but I have fond memories of him being the funny guy in the band.

And it's always the funny ones who are hurting the most inside, isn't it?

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Feb. 13th, 2005 02:57 pm
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I'm disappointed I didn't get to see Tim and Neil Finn at the Coachhouse last night. This was their second go-round on this tour, so I doubt they'll be back again soon. When I brought it up to John, he said "We'll talk about it," because we haven't gone to see anyone he likes, since I've gone to see Neil Finn twice. Well, darn it, why do I have to do all the work? He'll never look for himself as to who might be coming. The last time I looked for the people he liked, no one was touring or had just gone through.

By the time I went back and looked, they were sold out. So I contented myself buying the album when we went to Fry's last night. Hmm, there are some songs I like, but some may have to grow on me. I've heard everyone raving about Gentle Hum, but it's not grabbing me yet. It may yet though...
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All right you guys in NZ, I am jealous...

From my Tongue in the Mail list:
TV2 in New Zealand will be repeating "Blood Harmony: The Finn Brothers'
Concert" on Friday January 28 at 10.55pm.
Actually, the NZ Listener lists it as "The Finn Brother's Concert"...
so I wonder which brother they've edited out?

They're 'sposed to be playing near me at The Coach House next month, however Ticket Bastard says tickets are not on sale. I hope it's not sold out...
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Cross-posted to [ profile] prince_veggie

I don't know why, but I but I never associated Vegita with harsh rock music, as I've often seen on fan sites. For some reason, maybe because I'm an incurable romantic, this Neil Finn song always reminds me of him. Picture whatever mate you wish, Bulma if you're canon, or Goku, if you're not (I'm open to either). To me, either fits, although don't ask me where the "high heels" line comes in. Neil Finn (formerly of Split Enz and Crowded House) doesn't always make sense.

If I were capable of writing a songfic or making an AMV, I'd use this song.

(you can hear a clip at Amazon - at the bottom)

Try Whistling This... )
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Mmmmmmmm, Neil... )
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Yay! I'm about to go by tickets to see Neil Finn at the Anaheim House of Blues. Someone on my mailing reported that he said something about Disney being the "Evil Empire" after someone handed him a pair of mouse ears with his name on them. However, the House of Blues we'll be going to see him at is located in Downtown Disney! Hypocrite! Aah, I love him anyway. V. is yet again the instigator; this morning she turned to me and said "So are we going to see Neil Finn?" Apparently, she's on the House of Blues Mailing list.

John reluctantly gave me permission. He hasn't gotten to see Ozzy or something similar yet, and he has to stay home with sick kids (which I did all weekend), so he's a bit disgruntled. However, he did get a weekend by himself in Las Vegas and attend a male-only Superbowl party - which he had to go to three hours early to boot. So I think we're not too uneven. I did go to Tori Amos as well.

V. is coming too. Whee, now I can sing in her ear, and she won't know all the words! Hee!
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Neil Finn is on tour again so my mailbox is jammed to the gills with show reviews and such. What is it with this guy; he hasn't been to the States in 5-6 years and now he's here three times in the space of 12 months! Four if you count the charity show he did at the Wiltern in November with several other artists. I want to go to the one next week at the Anaheim House of Blues if it's not sold out, but a Tuesday night is a bit problematic. Hmmm. V. said she wouldn't mind going. John would pout though.

Went down to the scope room to read some more otoliths, but K. is in there and she always has to have all the lights on. I am more comfortable looking through a microscope in a semi-darkened room - I don't like all the light coming in the sides between my face and the eyepieces. What is less eyestrain for her is more for me, so I'll just wait until she's finished and I can turn half the lights off. Plus she changed my radio station. I know it was a pledge drive, but still...
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Pleasant suprises in the mail the last two days - yesterday Onna sent me some video CDs (fansubs of a series called Gravitation) which she claims she's going to corrupt me with (heh, you're too late!), which I'm going to have to find some time to watch.

Today the KCRW Sounds Eclectic CDs from Amazon - I had wanted to order the first one anyway before it sold out. Neil Finn had come into the station and performed a quiet acoustic version of "Throw Your Arms Around Me," and it's included on this compilation album, along with the likes of Yo Yo Ma, Shiveree, David Grey, and Willie Nelson. I first heard this song when I saw Crowded House at Expo'88 when I was an exchange student in Brisbane. He did it with Eddie Vedder when I went to see him at the Coach House last March - gorgeous version which someone on the mailing list provided in mp3 format a few days later. However recording of it are kind of hard to find, maybe because Neil didn't write it, but borrowed from another group, I think....(edited - yes, it was an Australian group called Hunters and Collectors)
lryics... )

Such simple lyrics. Why are they so affecting? *Sigh*
Just a simple person I guess..
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Must get this CD, but One Nil, or One All?

Probably both.
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Seal my Fate,
I get your tongue in the mail,
No one is wise
Until they see how it lies…..
Love this life
Don’t wait till the next one comes

Blech! I’ve got to clear out my IN box. Since Neil Finn is on tour in the States, my Tongue in the Mail list is causing it to overflow. The sensible part of me (or the part that is prone to sour grapes since
I can’t afford to go) wants to just delete all of them, but the irrational part is afraid I’ll miss something. Everyone has to post a set list or a review, or at least a hair ‘n pants report (although that last is what makes the list fun).

What is not fun, however, is the one person who seems to be totally jaded and is unimpressed by anything Mr. Finn has done lately. She seems to have appointed herself the list’s policeman and warns everyone if their post is even slightly off topic or untrimmed. She gets offended if anyone makes the least little remark about her and is generally a wet blanket. When a new person joins, or someone younger than twenty-five or so posts about how great it is to have discovered this music or how much they loved the last CD/DVD, she posts condescending comments, and often they never post again. While I don’t like every song I hear, it’s seems as if she’s doing her best to squelch everyone else’s enthusiasm. However, this list has been around probably since the late eighties, if not earlier, and she appears to be one of the charter members, so very few say anything admonishing to her.

I joined another list that was supposed to be lighter in tone, involved a lot of joking around, and allowed a bit more off topic stuff. Guess what - she joined it too, and immediately, the moderator had to issue a big apology and delete any posts that might have said anything in the slightest negative about her. And despite her admitted dislike for any of Neil’s latest work, she still goes to every concert. If she’s THAT disenchanted, she should save her money, stay home and listen to Split Enz CDs, and open up a seat to someone else who appreciates it (like ME for instance).


Mar. 15th, 2002 03:01 pm
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Neil Finn at the Coach House )
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All three kids have colds. Angus seems to think since he's sick he can get away with anything. When caught getting into the ice cream, he says "I have a cold," as if that excuses him. Avalon is mostly happy as ever, but she has a cough. The boys were both being pills before bedtime, (lots of screaming during and after bathtime) so I didn't let Angus log in to Cartoon Orbit. Later, I did myself and got them for him (well, I had to get my own, too). I also tried to leave him a trade but it didn't work right (my Eddy and Mojo Jojo for his Samurai Jack). I'll have to try it again later.

I'm supposed to go out to see Beth this weekend. It's been so long; she hasn't even seen her new "neice" since she was born last August. and Beth has been having such a rough time lately. I wish I could be there more for her.

I was getting majorly bummed when John's mom told us she'd watch the kids Tuesday, but we'd have to leave the show by 10:30 because it's a work night. I thought maybe if she came over to our house, she could get them fed and to bed and then go home herself. Then my Dad could handle it - he just refuses to change diapers. She thought that would be ok, but now I have to spend the weekend cleaning (which I would have done anyway). So I feel somewhat better now; I haven't seen Mr. Finn in years and I'd hate to have to leave before it was over. I got to post to my list and see if anyone else is going - it'd be neat to actually meet some of the people I've been reading for so long.
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I am so excited; Neil Finn is going to be at the Coach House on March 12. We just got our state tax return back, so I figure we can afford $20 each - relatively cheap for a concert these days, but it's a small venue. I haven't actually been there before, but it must be like the Strand in Redondo, where you can also have dinner before the show starts. John and I haven't been to a concert since Oingo Boingo's farewell tour in Las Vegas - although he'd much rather go see Ozzie Osborne. I'll have to get tickets for Offspring or someone he'd like for Father's Day or our anniversary.

I'm buying tickets, but I've got to figure out who's going to watch the kids. If all were potty-trained, I could just leave them home with Dad - but he can't be bothered to change a diaper. He's quite proud of the fact that he's never changed a diaper in his life. I just can't believe Mom ever let him get away with that.

Neil Finn is God - plus he's got a really neat website.


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