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I do not judge (that'd be pretty shallow if you did, wouldn't it?), although sometimes I wonder. I remember an LJ friend (one who seems to have disappeared) posting something about wanting a recommendation for a very small mp3 player, because they only listened to seven or eight songs. Hmm? I'd go nuts listening to that narrow a range.

Don't shoot me, but I once was a fan of Barry Manilow. My best friend Beth (a rabid Barry Manilow fan at the time) decided to share our first apartment together; the first time either of us had lived on our own. We got along for the most part. It was a one bedroom furnished apartment; all the appliances, counters and the furniture in the living room was that 70's avocado green, and there was a fake fireplace you turned on with a switch.

Of course, we both brought our music collections with us. I'm sure I had stuff she didn't care for. However, she picked a particular Barry Manilow album - I think it was a live concert - and played it (I want to say every day, but that's probably exaggerating) at least several times a week during the whole time we lived together. Quite frankly, I could live without ever hearing Copa Cabana ever again. But we both liked Billy Joel, so The Nylon Curtain and An Innocent Man got played a lot. We often look at each other and head to Naugles at 1 am, because we were both craving a shake (her caramel, me blueberry - yummy but the blueberries would get stuck in your straw).

The neighborhood wasn't all that great and Beth's car got broken into twice (I didn't own one at the time) - once they stole all her tapes and then the car stereo, which wasn't even all that good. Her brother lived with us for a while after he got divorced. Then a few months later, I decided to transfer to Humboldt State, he was on the remarriage track and then Beth lost her job under very unfair conditions. She decided to move back to the Inland Empire, where she still lives, and I went off to college at the far end of the state.

That was all more than 30 years ago. These days I'm more Billy Joe Armstrong than Billy Joel (although I still like him) and I never recovered from the Barry Manilow burn-out; Crowded House and other artists replaced him shortly after. However, Beth is still one of my best friends - pretty much the sister I never had.

As far as romantic partners, [ profile] runsamuck likes old-school metal; Metallica, Black Sabbath, etc. and the Blues. I like the blues and admit to a growing taste for symphonic metal (mostly instrumental), but in the house, he prefers to just leave the television on and doesn't actually listen to much music; he even uses his iPod Nano more for gaming than music. I supposed it's a mixed blessing - I get to keep my hearing, but the TV is always on, which sometimes drives me nuts.
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First of all, please go to the L.A. Times and read this:

When a Family Matter Turns Into a Business,0,2846858.story

Then read my friend Beth's story... )

Helen Jones was lucky - a step grandson contacted her and started court proceedings to get the conservatorship away from Ms. MS. After a lengthy and expensive court battle, she is now under his care, and her conservator is considering filing criminal charges.

On Friday, October 13, the final hearing concerning Elizabeth Fairbanks estate is to be at the San Bernadino County courthouse at 10:45 a.m (map and directions). Ms. MS is expected to testify that nothing is left of it. Beth is giving testimony as to her experiences with Ms. MS, and has contacted many of the families who commented on the L.A. Times article. Helen Jones is also attending and we would like as many people as possible to gather out in front of the courthouse at least an hour earlier than that. If there enough people, ABC News will also be there. Beth's family will be making signs. If you have Friday free, and can make it out to San Bernadino, we'd appreciate your support.

Ms. MS portrays herself as a champion of seniors who can no longer care for themselves, has even been featured in AARP magazine as "The Lifesaver," and is a member of various committees on ethics and promoting licensing and reform for her field. She donates to numerous charities, has recently sold property to Loma Linda University for 2.5 million, and for some reason it seems to very difficult to get anywhere in the Inland Empire legal system with her (the hearsay is lawyers and judges are afraid of her). Nevertheless, there seem to be an awful lot of people who've had bad experiences with her. There has been no follow-up since the Times article, which was published last fall (other than Helen Jones case), and we want Ms. MS to know there are people prepared to fight her.

Further reading: )
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John went to Goodwill the other looking for some mattress pads - all of ours are getting shredded - but decided the unused ones they were selling were a little steep for Goodwill. Instead he saw something I might like, and got that for me instead.

A signed photo of James Doohan as Montgomery Scott, probably from one of the movies, for $1.99.

Actually, it's kind of nice to have, given they probably won't be available any more. I was rather sad to hear about his last public appearance the weekend before last.

I was talking to Beth on the phone while I was writing this. She always calls me when she's driving somewhere, and as a result I got to hear her delight when she walked in the door of her apartment and found a huge cockroach in the middle of her living room. I was trying to help her work up the courage to sweep it out the door ( I told her it was probably a late casualty of her landlord's spraying last week) , but she unfortunately was unable to bring herself to even touch it with the broom. If I lived closer, I'd have picked it up with a paper towel for her, but she just said she was going to hang and beg her neighbor (a retired cop) to deal with it for her. Heh, just because she was a cop doesn't mean she can deal with cockroaches any better. You should see my big, tough-guy husband with spiders.

She was all freaked out because it was a giant one, and the ones in her bathroom were the little German roaches. Hell, she lives out in the desert - the big ones are part of the wildlife out there. It may have come in from outside.
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John had been doing better, and was actually being cheerful the last week or two. Apparently Angus was going around all afternoon yesterday saying, "I'm not Angus, I'm Uncle Jay. I didn't die. Where's Angus?" This may be his 4-yr-old way of dealing with it, but it made things hard on John. He had red eyes by the time I got home from work, and had to escape out to the garage and work on his boxes for most of the evening. At least making special ones for his relatives to take some of his brother's ashes didn't cause him to totally lose interest in his hobby. And doing that helped to keep his mind off it

I finally got hold of Beth - I was getting a little worried because I had called three times and hadn't gotten though, but I know she's been busy between work and U of Phoenix classes. She told me her college-level algebra class is killing her. I sympathized - I had to take math up through calculus and it was very difficult for me every time, too. Do I remember any of it ? No. Do I use it in my daily work? No. When we had a sampling design course here for the biologists, V. and C. had very little problem with it because they were fresh out of college and remembered the statistical stuff. Whereas I struggled, because it's been a good 14 years since I took it. I suppose I need to enroll in a refresher. But that's what we have statisticians for, isn't it? They keep our math on the right track, and we get to tell them, "Um, you know, that kind of sampling plan just is not practical in the real world."

Anyhow, she also sounded very interested in this LJ phenomenon, so I'll send her my only code. I was also glad to hear her mom is much better and now staying in an assisted living home. The meds they were giving her finally started working. That was very good to hear.
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It’s another beautiful day that I’ll wind up spending indoors. C. and I went to drop off one of the trucks to get its brakes fixed this morning. The helicopters at Los Alamitos seem to be practicing dropping out of the sky like rocks and safely landing – it must be hard on the eardrums for anyone riding in them.

My aunt Margaret phoned to see how everyone is doing – I feel bad that I don’t keep in touch with people better. She’s all alone up there in Napa now – I could at least email her and send some pictures – it’s easier now with the digital camera. I have no excuse.

I took the kids out to see Beth yesterday. It was a test for Angus – no diapers, although this would have been easier with another person along. Of course we had to pull off in Yorba Linda for him to pee. I had to unload everyone out of the car (three small children in car seats) to a gas station restroom, which was somewhat dirty and had no lock on the door. About five people started to walk in while we were in there. When we took off from there, I decided to follow the road paralleling the freeway which was still slow. I soon found out why; a fire was burning in the river bottom between the freeway and the road I was on. Fire trucks were pulled down in the river bed, but with all the trees and reeds, the fire must not have been very accessible. A helicopter was circling around and dumping water on it – the boys got a big charge out of seeing that!

Beth got to play with the baby and I had a fun time keeping Angus and Gareth out of her stuff. They did like checking out her patio and her new lovebird. Later we went to Coco’s and they did not eat. The conversation went something like this: “So how is your brother doing – Angus, stop playing with the grapes. “Gareth, sit DOWN! That’s good to hear! Well, John’s spending all his spare time making boxes – Angus, get out from under the table – he bought a belt sander and a band saw with our tax refund – Gareth, don’t hit your brother – BOTH OF YOU SIT DOWN! (repeat ad nauseum for the next 1/2 hour).

Tons of traffic on the 91 on the way home (at 7pm on a Sunday night-a lot of people must have gone to Vegas); stopping at the Carl’s Jr. in the Santa Ana Canyon for Angus to pee again and barely made it there-stop and go traffic and suddenly 40 cars decide they have to get off at the same time . Back on the road (and amazingly, no cars), precipitating a tantrum for I-know-not-what, in which Angus insisted we had to go back to the restaurant. By the time I got home I was exhausted. But glad I’d finally gotten to see Beth; it’s been way too long.


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