Jun. 21st, 2011

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Umm, Happy Solstice? It's kind of hard to tell it's the first day of summer here - the June Gloom has been pretty fierce. It may have been sunny for a few hours by the time I leave work, but often by the time I get home to HB, the marine layer is starting to form up again. On the second leg of my flight home from Spokane the week before last, I was sitting next to a couple who were recent transplants to Seattle from Sacramento. They asked if I was coming or going; when I said I was heading home to Orange County, the girl sighed and said "Ah, you live in the SUN!" They were en route to visit his brother who lived in Irvine. If they really wanted sun I hope they weren't too disappointed, although Irvine is few miles inland and it probably clears up sooner.

Side note: she apparently was a Starbucks employee who had seemed to have totally bought into the company propaganda; she spent several minutes asking me whether I liked them, which baked goods were my favorites (apparently, they only sell maple oat nut scones in California - and quite frankly, while I like my strong coffee, I'm not so much of a connoisseur that I can tell one variety from another). She had me read a printout, apparently from the company's annual report, of all the goals reached, or newly set. They seemed to be making progress on most of them except for electricity use, which they were supposed have cut down on 25% by 2010. It's only been about 1.5%. Maybe they should start grinding their beans with a crank.


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