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[ profile] runsamuck went and picked up my new reading glasses from the optometrist the other day. I've finally gotten to that age - a few years later than average, luckily - where I need different lenses for distance and close-up; I've started to have to hold my phone (which I keep on fairly small type in the hopes that it'll discourage others from reading over my shoulder) farther and farther away. Dr. Hiro and I talked about whether I really needed bifocals, which I understand are pain to get used to, and maybe more trouble than they're worth, or just a pair of reading glasses. [ profile] runsamuck likes his bifocals, but I decided on the latter.

And yes they're very nice for reading - letters nice and sharp and black, with very crisp edges. Now that I'm here at work looking at my monitor, I'm not so sure though. It's a little farther away than a book, and if I lean back in my chair at all things start getting blurry.

On a little switching back and forth with both pairs, it seems the new ones are definitely better for books, but maybe not so much for the computer screen. And I find I'm not thrilled with having to change them every time I get up, so more than four feet away from me isn't out of focus. Maybe I should have gone with the bifocals. Ah well, they're all ready paid for, so I guess I'll be ok with them until next year.

* No, not The PiƱa Colada Song. It's Nearsighted, off the same album. Kind of corny, but I always liked it.


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