Jun. 27th, 2011 04:07 pm
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So, backtracking a couple of weeks (I just haven't had the time/access to sit down and make a proper post), [ profile] runsamuck and I were gifted with two tickets to see Star Wars in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. John was initially reluctant because 1) he'd seen something similar on TV once, and 2) when I mentioned taking the bus up there, he thought I meant getting on the regular LA Transit bus, with a stop every block. No, no, I assured him, it was an express bus run by a company that just runs shuttles straight up there. I tried to buy tickets online the day before (I couldn't), and when we went to Lakewood to board, it turned out they stop selling a couple of weeks before the event, presumably so there are enough for the people who just show up - like us; something to remember if we ever get tickets for something up there again. John had never been to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl before; I think I went there once before to see Garrison Keillor. I can't think of the place without remembering the Bugs Bunny cartoons with the opera singer.

At the Bowl... )
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Well, I already knew there was a Star Wars manga, but......

(I missed these guys myself)
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(Meant to post yesterday...)

Heh, VT is dragging today because she and hubby went to the midnight showing of the new Star Wars movie. As the day wears on I see more and more yawns; she said she only got to sleep an hour or so because one of her cats felt neglected and kept wanting attention.

The big Star Wars story here in L.A. was the fans who'd been camping in front of Grauman's Chinese in Hollywood since January, even though they weren't showing the movie. If you read Wil Wheaton's blog, he posted some very funny stories about it a few weeks ago. Turns out last night at the opening, they got a Stormtrooper escort across town to the theater where it was playing.

My kids are starting to get interested in Star Wars, probably getting started with the animated Clone Wars, on Cartoon Network. It's a little weird thinking this will be the last one of a series I started with as a sophomore in high school. And they are going to see it from an entirely different perspective. For instance, it was a shocker for us to find out who Darth Vader actually was. They'll already know, having started with number one, instead of number four. Anyway, Angus already has a pair of Darth Vader shoes, and I heard the parent of a classmate tell his kid they were going after school.

I hope we can go see this one in the theater, although I can wait until the crowds die down; I'm definitely not one of those who has to see it the first weekend it opens. I still need to watch the tape of the last movie first though, can you believe I haven't seen it yet?

So, those of you who are old enough - how many times did you stand in line to see the original Star Wars?

I saw it seven times, although one or two of those may have been sitting through two showings. They let you do that then- now it seems like they chase you out as soon as the credits are done. We stood in line for four hours, and tickets were $4.50 - I thought that was outrageous then.


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