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We seem to have a number of musicians in the neighborhood. I'm just now hearing someone practicing drums in their garage - maybe the kids who have a punk band on the corner of the next block. I shouldn't say kids - they're probably in their mid-twenties. And the lead singer from a fairly well-known band bought the house at the end of my block after it had been sitting empty for almost a year after the real estate bubble. I haven't met him, but [ profile] runsamuck (who is waaay more outgoing than I and knows ALL the neighbors) sometimes goes down and plays nickel n' dime poker with him and his buddies in the garage. I nod and smile at his wife when we run into each other on the sidewalk when we're out for a walk, and she's walking their little dog. [ profile] runsamuck mentioned he'd seen something about them going on tour, and sure enough, when I came home from work the other day, there was a big bus parked next to the house. They hadn't been for awhile because their drummer passed away last year.

One of [ profile] runsamuck's friends found a guitar in the trash out the alley - looks very much like this one, it says S-classic on the head, but I can't find that model on the website - it's a little beat up but still in working condition. He took it to Guitar Center and got it some new strings, had it cleaned and tuned, and the tech couldn't believe someone had thrown it away. Gareth cabbaged onto it and has managed to pick out the first couple of lines of the Skwisgaar's tutorial from the DVD we have. Well, he didn't sign up for band this year, but maybe we should get guitar lessons instead. Maybe when he gets his grades up. He tells me now he'd rather teach himself. Arrogant pre-teen. Skwisgaar you're not. ;p Ah, what do I know? Neil Finn is my musical genius.

We don't have an amp for him yet,and the pickup on the camera is not very strong, so it's very soft. He's only been fiddling around with the guitar for a month or two...I'm actually kind of impressed he's done this on his own.
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Roof gone
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
3 June 2009
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I never used to see this when I was kid. Ducks on people's lawns. Here a pair of mallard drakes enjoy someone's newly mown grass on their feet.

Mighty ducks
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
26 May 2009
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My neighbors across the street celebrated Earth Day by having the tree in front of the house chopped down. I realize some trees have to go, but dammit, it makes me sad.

Happy Earth Day. :(
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
22 April 2009

Today would have also been my grandmother's birthday. She wouldn't have liked it either.
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Beware of veggies guarded by blade-wielding little people! Maybe drunk too, judging by the beer bottle...

Armed Gnome
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
14 April 2009

(John saw this in front of an apartment building a few blocks away, and insisted I had to see it for myself.)
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L's pics 233

Again, neighbor's yards I'd love to get mine resembling.

Close-up of kangaroo paws... )
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Jeeze, it's 5:30 in the morning, and the teenage son of the neighbor across the street is yelling at Roger next door. Apparently, Roger, left a note on his car, telling him "not to park his junky car in front of my house." So the kid went and smashed a bunch of jack 'o lanterns on Roger's driveway.

John just went out to calm him down. Apparently, he just got back home and is really drunk. Roger is a nice guy but anal retentive at times. It is a public street after all.


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