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Random thought - I have been referring to the offspring as "the fry" in keeping with my username. However, it just occurred to me that Angus is only a couple years away from being a teenager. Maybe I should start calling 'em smolts. Or is that only salmon?
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My username is one I've used since the first bulletin board I signed up at. I chose [ profile] senoritafish because 1)I am female, 2) it's a local marine fish that lives near where I'm located (although really its common name is just señorita, but I thought that might be confusing), 3) I like wrasses, the family of which this fish is a member, 4) I always liked watching señoritas when I used to dive, 5) and it's very rarely taken when I sign up anywhere - because I hate the "use my favorite name but add a bunch of numbers after it" because I can't remember numbers very well.

I'm señoritafish at nearly every website where I'm a member, so I'm pretty easy to find by Googling. Not so much by my real name.
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There is a television in the breakroom which people, usually the support staff, turn on to watch the news during lunch. Biologists seldom turn it on for some reason, but when it's on we watch like the rest of the TV addicted masses we are.

Yesterday, along with the stories of mayhem and car chases and accidents, there was a little story of how an Orange County neighborhood was getting a new playground a year after the previous equipment had been badly vandalized. The reported interviewed a few neighborhood children who were excited about their park opening up again. The first little boy's name was shown on the screen as Dean Martin R****. I didn't think much of it until the reporter announced his two little sisters' names as well.

IT and I just looked at each other in disbelief. They were Grace Kelly R****, and Sophia Loren R****.

I shit you not.
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John called and told me Angus and Gareth have figured out that his name is John, and therefore they were going to call him that. He told them "No, that is unacceptable; you are only to call me Father, Dad or Daddy."

When they insisted, "But that's your name!" he told them "If you keep calling me that, I'm going to have your name legally changed to Buttlicker."

This immediately brought the response "NOOO DAD! My name is not Buttlicker!"

(He wanted to call Stimpy that when we first brought him home, but I wouldn't let him. He is so going to get arrested when they tell these stories at school. And why isn't this in his journal?)
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There is a Mercedes dealership in the next city, which often advertises on the radio about the joys of a luxury automobile with much soothing music, surf, and cries of seagulls in the background. The name of the dealership is Jim Slemons.

After high school, I worked in a regional occupational program for a elderly veterinarian. My friend's mother told me once he had been arrested in the '60's for performing illegal abortions (well, at least he was a doctor). His name was Dr. Butcher.

Shortly after our first son was born, and John was still working at Food 4 Less, one of his co-workers asked after the baby. When John told her his name was MacKenzie Angus, she wrinkled her nose, gave him a funny look, and said, "You sure give your kids weird names!" Her name was Latrina.

When traveling in Queensland, Australia, I saw two hair salons. One was named The Tropical Follicle, and the other was Curl Up and Dye.

Boat names I've seen recently -
Just For The Halibut
Bait's Motel
Bottom Scratcher
Happy Hooker
Weather or Knot
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For a challenge by [ profile] megthelegend - who added me out of the blue a few months ago, and I'm ever so glad she did... :) I know this was due the week after you issued it, but it rapidly got out of hand and threatened to become novel-sized. I'm sorry it took me so long...

Meg sez...
[ profile] senoritafish wants a non-(fiction)writer DARE.

I would love to hear about the birth of your kids. ::g:: I'm a sucker for a kiddie story, especially when it involves something that traumatic and amazing!!! Don't mention the actual labours if you don't want to, but I would love to hear, please, about the buildup and anticipation, about how the household adjusted each time.

OK, you asked for it. Actually I was planning to eventually post about this at some point. I'll try not to get too graphic, but there may be some TMI, and/or bodily fluids.

#1 - Nematode's Story... )

This one probably one won't be nearly as long. I'm a bit less clear on the details...
#2 - Tardigrade's Story... )

This was the most recent- You'd think I could remember more. Then again, maybe you wish I remembered less! ;p
#3 - Copepod's Story )

Further Adjustments... )
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V.'s weekly squid landings report mentioned Davenport, which is a town in the Monterey Bay area. That brought up the memory that davenport was the term with which my grandmother always referred to the couch, as in "Go sit on the davenport and watch TV." Must be a regional thing - she was from upstate New York.

Main Entry: dav·en·port
Pronunciation: 'da-v&n-"pOrt, 'da-v&m-, -"port
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from the name Davenport
Date: 1853
1 : a small compact writing desk
2 : a large upholstered sofa often convertible into a bed

Main Entry: Dav·en·port
Pronunciation: 'da-v&n-"pOrt, 'da-v&m-, -"port
Function: biographical name
John 1597-1670 American (English-born) clergyman & founder of
New Haven colony

Main Entry: Dav·en·port
Pronunciation: 'da-v&n-"pOrt, -"port
Usage: geographical name
city E Iowa on Mississippi River population 95,333
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Carl's Jr., a fast food restaurant, started advertising recently that they now sell "real chicken breast meat pieces" because "There Are No Nuggets on a Chicken." One of the ads features a bunch of men in suits looking closely at a white chicken on a table, poking it here and there. There's a close up of feathers flying, and a loud squawk, then you see one of the guys snapping a rubber glove off his hand with a rather disgusted look on his face and saying "No, they're not there either."

Now, John, who is trained as a chef and a meat cutter, among other things, scoffed at this whole ad campaign. According to him, chickens actually do have nuggets. They're that little piece of meat on the back, under the scapula. For some reason, this came up in the conversation at work. I related that little factoid and it struck everyone as quite funny that chickens have nuggets. Why, I don't know - we're biologists and we're just weird.

Ever since then, nuggets keep coming up at work. "Why didn't he do such and such?" "Oh he didn't have the nuggets for it." "Nuggets to ya." Etc. Especially by Pete, who uses puns whenever and wherever possible. I told John he should feel proud he has an influence even when he's not there


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