May. 25th, 2011

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(banner by spraypaint - who also did this nifty FlashFreeze Geocache Event we went to a couple of years ago - small world!)

Really could use one lately... I've been reminded that today is Towel Day, on the day at least and not the day after (when I usually hear about/remember these things). Most of my towels seem to be either in the laundry or otherwise damp, so I quickly grabbed this one at the 99ยข Only store.


It's really more of a cloth than a towel, but hey, it's super-absorbent! It's already come in handy for dusting off my monitor. And I'll have to pull some Douglas Adams off the bookshelf...and remember not to panic.

Had to go back and get a six-month mammogram this morning; there were some elderly men in the waiting room, too. Although I know men are not immune from breast cancer, it turns out they came for bone density scans. Maybe that's why the place is less pink now. All the better.

The tech asked if I'd had any problems since the last one. So I told her that particular side has been feeling kind of tingly and weird lately. However, this started almost immediately after I was told I had to come back for a closer look after the last mammogram. So I was inclined to think it's all in my head, but thought I'd relay it anyway. She raised an eyebrow and asked if I kept my cellphone in my bra - and while there's probably room, I've never really used my bra as a purse. She said her mother used to carry her phone there and complained of the same thing. When she stopped, the feeling went away. Go figure.

But apparently all is well - whatever they noticed last time is completely gone. I still have go back again in October - a follow-up follow-up? - but I guess that can be crossed off the worry list. Although it was pretty far down there to begin with.

(and new icon - borrowed and modified from outside a bar downtown...)


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