Mar. 25th, 2011

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Just doodled because I was going to try to replace the battery in my iPod, but Gareth was in the middle of a game so I couldn't look up the directions... and I hadn't done anything for N/C month at [ profile] brutalbusiness yet...

Title: Coffee & Tea
[ profile] senoritafish
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Nathan/Charles
Rating: G
Warning(s): Might keep you awake
Disclaimer: Not mine
Artist Notes: I asked someone what Nathan and Charles should be doing, and that person told me "Drinking coffee and talking about movies." Specifically District 9. Originally I was thinking just the mugs and their hands, gesticulating. Then I remembered I can't draw hands worth shit. And I still haven't seen District 9.

coffee & tea

Actually, I think Charles's preference for tea, if he were in the mood for it at all, would be the whole ritual with a kettle, a Yi Xing teapot and loose tea, something like Lapsang Soochong. But Nathan gets too impatient for all that and just wants the already-made Duncan Hills from the big urn in the corner of the kitchen, so Charles has to rely on method #2 here for his cuppa.

Up way too late because I just agonize too much about hitting that post button.

ETA: I was just reminded, that Nathan does drink tea in ep. #32 The Revengers, (aka Sickklok). He has a cold, and has a rather lovely red and black teapot sitting in front of him during the band meeting, with one of those little bear-shaped honey bottles. I want that teapot.


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