Mar. 23rd, 2011

senoritafish: (headdesk)
Hoo boy, I am going to get wet walking out to the car when I leave. Bad day to wear Crocs.

On the way in this morning, it looked there was more snow on the mountains than from the last big, cold storm to blow through. Figures this comes after the Equinox. And [ profile] runsamuck's plastic garage for his bike out back - the roof ripped right up the middle. I thought maybe it could be replaced, because the frame is pretty heavy duty and he's got it bolted to the cement pad - keep it from blowing away in the Santa Anas - but he says no. Maybe we can just use a tarp. The damn thing just shredded too. It wasn't that old.

Everything is breaking down lately. While dad was in the hospital, the dishwasher stopped bothering to get anything clean, so for the last two months it's been a giant dish rack. The washing machine is not wanting to spin any more, and this last week the dryer gets clothes warm and damp, but not dry. The oven still works but only in convection mode, and the door is wonky - you have to pull the self-cleaning lever halfway on before the fan will run and the oven stay hot.

Never rains but it pours?


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