Jan. 11th, 2011

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After his surgery on a Wednesday, Dad spent through the weekend in the surgical ICU because he still had some fluid in his lungs that they wanted to be sure was cleared up, so it didn't turn into pneumonia. Then he spent two days in DOU, and another couple back on the Telemetry floor, waiting for a bed in a convalescent home to open. On Friday evening when I went to hang out with him for awhile, he had just arrived in the room twenty minutes before, and they'd moved him during dinner time. It was going on 9 pm and he hadn't had a meal yet. The nurse managed to find him a turkey sandwich and some milk and applesauce. However, he took two bites and declared it inedible; it was plain, but I tried it - the bread was fresh and the filling was the same kind he usually buys when he goes grocery shopping. He just does not have any appetite and everything tastes awful to him. I remember my grandmother complaining of the same thing after she was moved to a senior apartment with a dining plan, and we wondered at the time if any of her meds were affecting how food tastes. I wonder if the same thing might be happening with Dad - he's also lost nearly 20 pounds since being in the hospital, although part of that is several days of not eating at all, diuretics, and probably losing muscle mass from being bedridden as much as he's been (although he was fairly sedentary before this).

He's now been moved to a nursing home, which seems to be a fairly nice place - recently renovated in any case, and much closer to our home - but on trying to verify the address to give to my brother I found this, which is rather concerning:


It's actually improved to "below average" from "poor" when I first found it yesterday. There are links to the state website, which lists citations it's gotten, but I still have to look up what the code violations are. We'll be watching this place very carefully. On the plus side, there is no age restriction for visitors, so the kids have been able to come and see him. They've missed each other, I think. Animals are welcome, too, but I don't think the cats would find it very fun.

Anyway, he's getting cranky being in bed for so long, and since the move, as of last night, he hadn't been out of bed since he got there because of the current place "needing to do its own evaluation." In the meantime, he's lost a couple days of progress he's made with physical therapy and walking, but supposedly that's supposed to start tomorrow. He still doesn't feel up to reading or anything, but Doug brought in an anthology of "Historical Whodunits", which we've read to him and he's liked that. We were thinking of the three of us going in together on a Kindle or a Nook for him, because he's also been saying books, especially hardbacks, are getting kind of hard on his hands. Plus a lot of free older books that are out of copyright is a plus; I'm leaning toward the Kindle because it also has a text-to-speech function - not quite books on tape, but at least he can listen instead of using his eyes (although he does say he tends to fall asleep). Doug also finished a pair of stripy wool socks while visiting and decided to just give to him. They have one blue toe because he ran out of green and was tired of ripping them out and redoing them; toes are almost always inside your shoes anyway, right? ;) We just have to remember not to put them in the dryer.


We've asked how long his stay here is expected to be, and apparently that mostly depends on him. I've told him recovery is something he's going to have to work at; he can't just lie there and expect to get better. I want to sign us up to go do this with him this summer, so maybe that'll be some motivation for him.


Dave had to return home the next day after this surgery because of his work schedule (he does network security for one of the big power companies back east), but Doug has been coming down from LA, 2-3x a week. It's been nice to actually gets some one-on-one time with each of them. Meanwhile we're going to have to clean up and rearrange Dad's room so it's easier for him to get in and out (not to mention the rest of the house) - John's already taken out an entire recycling bin of boxes from he's mail ordered out of there, but a lot still remains to be done.


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