Aug. 19th, 2010

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Drat. I'm beginning to think I'm destined to never see Neil Finn/Crowded House ever again. Don't think I have since VT and I saw him during one of his solo tours at Downtown Disney (which seems like a weird place to see him in hindsight). They're at Club Nokia which is right across from the Convention Center where we went to AX last month, so we could easily do the train thing again. However, Avalon's birthday is on Saturday, and we were saving $ for that, and even though we got full paychecks this month (for the first time in about 18 mos.), it went for other things we behind on; I didn't buy tickets when I had the money available. Oh well. I'm not sure I could handle that horrendous pornstache Neil's grown recently in person anyway; I might get arrested for assaulting his upper lip with a Schick Quattro or at least trying to convince him to grow out something else around it. Don't get me wrong, I usually like male facial hair - [ profile] runsamuck's had full beards since becoming a stay-at-home dad - but that thing is awful. Well, maybe I'll splurge on the CD when I pick up Big Time Rush for Avalon, as she gets suckered in by any new Nick show.

This Saturday, on her birthday, this is going on right next to the Aquarium. The last time I heard of this in CA it was up in the Bay Area and it looks like a lot of fun. It reminds of when I was a student at Queensland University in 1988, and there was "Birdman of the Brisbane River" Competition. I have no idea where my pictures of this are now, but I found someone's photo set from a year before which brings back a lot of memories. There was someone jumping of a platform on a bicycle with wings attached, another guy with boxes attached to his arms, decorated with silvery "tentacles" - he was a "box jellyfish" - and the engineering students at some school had made a giant orange papier-mache' crab, claws, legs, eyes, and all, that they had all the spectators sign (in the picture set I see a chicken with what looks like signatures all over it, wonder if it's by the same people?). It was about 20' across, and by the time the students had carried it up to the top of the platform, all the legs had fallen off, but they threw it in the river anyway. Heh. I notice the FM 104 signs on the pictures - I still have a mug with the" 'Rockin' Roo"' on it from that radio station sitting on my desk here at work. Someone broke it, but glued it back together for me when I was back in New Hampshire (boy, it's traveled a lot!), and it holds all my writing implements (a few of which are dried up and need to be chucked), a couple of pairs of scissors and a swizzle stick with a fish on it now.

So we might go to that. Break out the sunscreen.

ETA: Brisbane was the first place I saw Crowded House, come to think of it. They played at the Expo, which I bought a season pass to. Saw a lot of good music with that pass - I got pretty spoiled.

ETA2: Just realized they are playing next week at McMenamin's Edgefield in Portland, where we went for dinner during the Council meeting back in April! Damn, that would be a great place to go see them. ;_ ;


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