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Hmm, Netflix is trying to tell me the suggestion of the following film, which actually does look pretty good -

180° South

(180 Degrees South: Conquerors of the Useless)
2010 PG 86 minutes

Inspired by pioneering outdoorsman Yvon Chouinard's freewheeling 1968 van trip to Patagonia, South America, a band of bliss-seeking surfer-mountaineers sets out -- in 2007, by boat -- to remake the journey in this adventure documentary. Jeff Johnson and his buddies hug the coast, stopping at the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island before arriving in Patagonia -- a region that's still breathtaking but is now besieged by environmental threats.

- is based on my interest in Cowboy Bebop and Ponyo. Hmm, a fondness for anime about space-going bounty hunters and Little Mermaid retellings automatically implies a liking for surfer documentaries? Ya learn something new every day.

Maybe they got it more from my address. ;p
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Silly song from a cartoon... )
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Gods (insert your pantheon here), it's November already. My Inuyasha calendar at the office has Naraku leveling a malignant smirk at me; boy, I would've thought he would have been more appropriate for October, evil demon that he is. I'm not sure I really want him looking this direction all month. So if Billy Joe Armstrong and Peter Gabriel wear guyliner and manscara (thanks [ profile] a_hollow_year, I did not know those were the correct terms), what do you call eyeshadow on males? I'd say guyshadow but that's a bit repetitive. What did Spock call it? 'Cause dammit, he wore a ton of it. Yes, Lord Naraku, the purple looks good on you, meant no disrespect...


I've been reminded that I haven't really made a proper post in awhile. ;) So, what's the haps?

  • School - the kids started 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade. Strangely enough, while Angus isn't real fond of school, he seemed to kind of be looking forward to middle school. One, it's back in a familiar neighborhood, next door to his old elementary school, and two, there are old friends there, his friend Connor from 1st thru 3rd grade for one. He's having to get used to doing homework every night, though, which his 4th-5th grade teacher didn't seem to require, and that's a little tough for him, and us. Changing for PE also required some getting used to, as well as the requirement that he needs to start wearing deodorant every day. Gareth somehow got placed in a GATE class - he hasn't taken that test, but apparently, if there are spaces, they will put kids in if they think they can do the work. He's there for everything but math, which he has with a teacher who weirdly enough was my brother's 5th grade teacher (my brothers turned 45 in August). I'm not sure, but I think she's the only one still there from our years at that school. Avalon is starting 3rd grade, despite her 2nd grade teacher's trepidation, and it turns out she got a 100% on her first math test (adding triple digit numbers) and despite low test scores in reading last year, she is reading chapter books on her own at home. Her teacher agrees with us that it's more a matter of finding the right motivation for her, which seems to be easier said than done.

  • Health - at the beginning of October, I was getting ready to head to the docks at 5 am one morning, when John sat up in bed and told me his chest hurt, as if someone were trying to shove their fist through it somewhere between his sternum and his clavicle. He aslo felt extremely anxious, like if I left something horrible was going to happen, and clammy all over (not uncommon - he sweats like crazy in his sleep). I thought about Beth, who narrowly averted her brother's heart attack by calling 911 when he thought he was fine, and my grandpa - who complained of just feeling mucky and heartburny all afternoon and passed away on the couch watching TV with my grandma. I looked up symptoms and he had several on the list - in addition, he's gained quite a bit of weight recently and was recently prescribed high blood pressure medication - so I insisted we go to the emergency room. They checked him out and gave him an EKG and a few other emergency room tests - then said everything appeared normal, but they couldn't rule it out completely on the basis of emergency room tests. So they admitted him overnight. They gave him blood thinners among other meds, which left huge black bruises on his stomach, then a stress test the following morning - turned out his heart is fine, but they had to call the respiratory therapist because he started wheezing so bad.

    They'd put him in a room with two other people - one was a younger guy suffering from what we normally wind up there for - asthma. He'd tried to walk to the pharmacy to refill his inhaler and wound up collapsing on the street. He'd recovered and left the same afternoon. The other guy was older, but not so old as we originnally thought. He was quite clearly delerious; kept trying to get out of bed when he wasn't supposed to, talking and moaning, and kicking the covers off. Social workers and doctors kept trying to talk to him, but couldn't get much sense out of him -I did hear once "And how long have you been doing the heavy drinking?" Made it a little difficult for John to sleep, hospitals not being the easiest places to sleep in any case. The nurses only tried once to wake him up by shaking his shoulder - he has a rather violent way of waking up, especially in an unfamiliar place - and from then on woke him from three feet away, calling "Mr. Walton..."

    Anyway, he finally got in to see his own doctor, who did a bunch of bloodwork and gave him some Nexxium for his near constant heartburn (caused by other meds). We haven't heard back about any results yet - I need to get on him about that because he WILL NOT do it himself. It also made him angry that the blood thinners he was given caused the Red Cross to defer him donating blood for a year.

  • Work - not hugely busy since the Management Team finished the SAFE document, and another Council meeting behind us. This time it took place at a hotel in Costa Mesa, the next town over from me, so I didn't really have to travel. I was especially grateful for this as it turned out to be over Halloween/Gareth's birthday. I guess the Council hasn't gotten the message CalCOFI did, when so many people complained that it was scheduled over Halloween, they finally stopped and moved it to the first week of December. Another issue coming up, that of Annual Catch Limits, promises to wind up being way more complicated than it should be, especially since the US only catches a fraction of HMS species in the Pacific and management is actually handled by international agencies. Eh, I still have problems getting my head around it, sometimes.

    I need to get the desk cleaned up -I tend to let things pile up when I'm working on a particular project. Also need to get started on mackerel otoliths for the year. The fishery's been pretty slow for them, partly because of a lowered Harvest Guideline, but also because the larger fish that are mostly in demand are just not coming close enough to shore, or shallow enough, that the boats can target them. There's only a about 2 dozen samples for the entire year, divided between the three of us who read mackerel, so that's not too big of a burden. I kind of enjoy it anyway.

  • Home - ech. Must get areas cleaned up - my dad called and ordered FIOS installation, and I've put off the appointment a couple of times already, because I wasn't ready. Need to get back on the FlyLady track (I haven't found anything else quite comparable, and I have to have an outside kick in the butt apparently) - but it's also frustrating when the other person doing housework has his own method and refuses to listen to anyone else's. Also that the third adult does absolutely nothing. I would excuse him for being 84, but he didn't help much long before that.

    Avalon is out of the bedroom with the boys now - we set up my old twin bed for her in a corner of the living room. We're not quite done making a "room" for her - involving moving some of the larger furniture around so she has "walls" - a disadvantage of six people in a 3-bedroom house, but that's the goal in the next couple of weeks. John's looked into getting something like cubicle dividers, but they're just too expensive, but we do have a tall hutch and an upright grand piano to be moved around.

  • Other - I've been hauling my camera around religiously although I haven't been keeping up quite with the [ profile] mylife_onceaday thing. I have been wanting to do something creative other than photography, but just totally lacking in the inspiration department. Somebody give me an idea for a holiday card and you get a free one. Well, you would, anyway. Just send me your address. What, do I have to smack you upside the head with a hint? ;p

So there's a nutshell. Long stretches of fairly boring punctuated by a few moments of high anxiety. Rather like real life, I suppose.

Time to plug in the pod and get something done...
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Kitteh bettur nawt tri 2 eats teh gooses; dose r NENEs!

(Huhwai-ee stait burd. vurrah endanjurred)
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Bowtie for woodworkers
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
10 July 2009

Maybe [ profile] runsamuck should start selling them...
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Random thought - I have been referring to the offspring as "the fry" in keeping with my username. However, it just occurred to me that Angus is only a couple years away from being a teenager. Maybe I should start calling 'em smolts. Or is that only salmon?
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Well, I brought the Inuyasha calendar to work and left the FullMetal Alchemist one at home, mainly because John said he's seen FMA stuff less. Avalon tried to cabbage onto it last night and hang it up in her room; I think that crush on the animated Edward Elric she had when she was two is reviving itself.

Meanwhile, I noted that Sesshomaru is the image for January, and I was lamenting that he'll only be up there for two more weeks (although he does show up again in April). However, now that he's hanging up behind my monitor, I'm noticing that he is staring at's one of those images where the eyes follow you around. It's actually a little uncomfortable. He has a tiny, tiny smile. Or most likely a smirk.

I think he's enjoying this. Dammit.
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Happy Yule and Happy Hanukkah!

John spent the day helping Jerry and Dale fix a leak in the roof of their mobile home since there's a storm on the way tomorrow, and by the time he was done, it was time to light the first candle on the menorah, so Dale made him stay for that. They were both here Friday night when I got home from work; I joined everyone on the patio while I opened a package I'd gotten of some holiday ornaments I was planning to give to people at work. Some of them were these here 25540.gif and John said show those to Dale, she's a cat person (they say "Love Me, Love My Cat"). When I did, she started gushing and thanking me, so oops, I guess I need to order another. They're welcome to put it on their tree/Hanukkah bush (yes, they have both - Dale is Jewish and Jerry is a non-praticing Mormon - I don't think I've ever seen him playing darts here without a can of Bud).

Kids are off starting tomorrow; I didn't really ask for time off, but my boss was cool with my working half days while they're on vacation. I figure I can go in and be back before anyone's really up and doing anything and we'll have the afternoons free, at least.
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"What the LL?"

Hey, my initials are LL! Do I get to be Superman's friend?

Gods, he looks like he needs a nap...
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My brother recently sent my spouse and I these t-shirts as an early birthday present; we opened the package and started cracking up.

Mr. Who? )
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(Warning - tea purists may be offended...)

Tea at Home:
  1. Fill kettle with filtered water. Set to boil.

  2. After water is boiling, add some to teapot to warm it.

  3. Pour out warming water (if you are good, you'll water plants with it). Add preferred loose tea to teapot; one spoonful for each cup and one for the pot.

  4. Add water to tea, allow to steep for five minutes (my father goes so far as to use a timer to the exact second; I am a filthy heathen who likes strong tea, and I've been known to let it sit for half an hour. The Australian family I once spent the holidays with referred to this brew as "poison.")

  5. Pour tea into fine bone china cup, add sugar, milk or lemon if so desired.

  6. Enjoy. Scones and lemon curd are nice, classical music, literature, or possibly the New York Times optional.

Tea at Work:
  1. Dig box of tea bags out of bottom desk drawer.

  2. Grab giant two-cups-worth mug from next to computer and head down the hall to break room.

  3. If dish soap is available, wash coffee dregs from mug. Otherwise, rinse thoroughly.

  4. Rip open tea bag packets and add 2 tea bags to mug since it's so huge - one will result in a dilute solution suitable only for watering your pothos.

  5. Run hot water tap until glasses fog up. If glasses do not fog up, you're pressing the cold water lever; fine for your water bottle or pouring in the coffee maker, not so good for tea.

  6. Peering over your now-opaque glasses, run hot water into mug, preferably directly on top of tea bag for maximum soakage.

  7. Allow to steep while walking back to your desk and while you run to the mailroom and the restroom.

  8. No lemon or milk available, so unless you want creamer, sip while spacing out during a conference call or analyzing fishery data trends...or procrastinating by writing an LJ entry.

  9. Enjoy the astringent feeling your teeth get. Dig around again in bottom desk drawer for your toothbrush and discover you are out of toothpaste.

  10. Leave tea bags in cup until finished with tea, then squeeze out and chuck in waste basket, unless your office is progressive enough to have a vermicomposter (mine isn't).

Brought to you by late afternoon Bigelow Constant Comment and Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger. Because Folgers, especially weak Folgers, is nasty.
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Well, fer the first part, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, not Speak. Me first mate be [ profile] runsamuck, as ye should very well know b' now. Now, now, what would I be walkin' the plank fer? Ifn I did that, I couldna very enjoy my booty now, could I?

Curses. I be terrible at talkin' like a pirate and looking like one... )

Other piratey stuff? Gareth's been playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and a few weeks ago they had a free sample of the paid version. He decided to get his character a tattoo, but then the trial ran out before he got his shirt back on (I think that's kind of a rip-off that you can't put something back on that's already in your inventory). He's self conscious enough that it was really bugging him to have Edward Squidmorrigan running around shirtless. Disney finally had a sale and offered half-price for the first month, so he did a few extra chores to earn the $5, so he could at least get his shirt back. He's got a month of a little extra fun before it expires, after homework is done with and it's his turn on the 'puter. I'm thinking we might save it for birthday presents and such.

I have a character too, but I haven't played her much.

Book rec: On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers - I read this one awhile ago, but thought it would be a good time to re-read it. Between pirates and Halloween coming up, this is a spooky good fit.

And I miss the Pirate translator button that used to on the Pharyngula blog.
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Home with octopus
Huntington Beach Ca
Sharp VE-CG30
19 April 2008

Which are even worse... )
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[ profile] a_hollow_year on my friends page posted of pic of how her hair looked with these gorgeous hairsticks a friend had made; while I don't have any gorgeous hairsticks (or her gorgeous red hairs, only a random few are red) at the moment, I was inspired to do something similar. I've worn this barette almost every day for probably a good ten years, as it's the only one I've ever had that didn't fall apart after wearing it more than a couple of times. Took me about six tries to get the exposure and the aim right - and I didn't realize my gray has made it all the way to my bun (I usually just wear a pony tail, but I twist it up like this when I get hot).

Los Alamitos CA
Sharp VE-CG30
18 April 2008
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A mug from the breakroom I borrowed. A cuppa's main purpose in this office is to get my hands warm...
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Herding behavior of wild pine cones

Warm weather brings groups of wild pine cones out to forage.

A sentry... )
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Big plastic ring

Avalon won two big plastic rings at school and gave me one. I always thought I inherited my dad's stubby mechanic's hands, instead of my mom's slender piano playing fingers. My brother got those. ;)
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End of the OC bus strike

Until all the drivers were back to work, buses were free til the end of the week. Some of the drivers who came back early found this humorous.
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(The following bit of fluffy insanity was written several months ago after an Inuyasha movie marathon and waaay too much coffee.  Forgive me.) 

Indulge me if I go off on some Inuyasha musings. Inuyasha, being an anime series about a modern-day girl who falls down a well to find herself in feudal Japan and the companion of a long-haired boy who, strangely enough, has dog ears (go here, for the unfamiliar curious). This post is not about the girl.

Yeah, I know, I keep hearing it's a tired series, it's gone on too long, it's repeating itself, the ending of the anime is frustrating (the story is supposed to continue in the manga).  I actually missed quite a few of the last airings because I never remembered when it was on, and frankly one fight with an evil demon is much the same as another (and does anyone else besides me feel faintly embarassed that every anime character has to scream out really silly attack names during a fight?).  However, it generates some wonderful fanart, and just recently a couple of wonderfully written stories by a fanfiction author who calls herself "Resmiranda" have made it difficult for me to get "stupid, stupid, pretty hair" out of my head recently (although perhaps that's a topic for another post).  The airing of the third movie on CN didn't help much either.  Entirely too little of their father in it, dammit.


Pondering # 1: Demon toughness... )

Pondering #2: Dogs...all-powerful? )

Pondering #3: Does Sesshomaru smell doggy? )

Pondering #4: The color of his stripes...or placement, rather... )

Pondering #5: Hybrid vigor...or not... )





Nov. 12th, 2006 10:01 pm
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So, Angus comes up while I'm on the computer and says,

Here, Mom, I made you a snack...  )


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