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(banner by spraypaint - who also did this nifty FlashFreeze Geocache Event we went to a couple of years ago - small world!)

Really could use one lately... I've been reminded that today is Towel Day, on the day at least and not the day after (when I usually hear about/remember these things). Most of my towels seem to be either in the laundry or otherwise damp, so I quickly grabbed this one at the 99¢ Only store.


It's really more of a cloth than a towel, but hey, it's super-absorbent! It's already come in handy for dusting off my monitor. And I'll have to pull some Douglas Adams off the bookshelf...and remember not to panic.

Had to go back and get a six-month mammogram this morning; there were some elderly men in the waiting room, too. Although I know men are not immune from breast cancer, it turns out they came for bone density scans. Maybe that's why the place is less pink now. All the better.

The tech asked if I'd had any problems since the last one. So I told her that particular side has been feeling kind of tingly and weird lately. However, this started almost immediately after I was told I had to come back for a closer look after the last mammogram. So I was inclined to think it's all in my head, but thought I'd relay it anyway. She raised an eyebrow and asked if I kept my cellphone in my bra - and while there's probably room, I've never really used my bra as a purse. She said her mother used to carry her phone there and complained of the same thing. When she stopped, the feeling went away. Go figure.

But apparently all is well - whatever they noticed last time is completely gone. I still have go back again in October - a follow-up follow-up? - but I guess that can be crossed off the worry list. Although it was pretty far down there to begin with.

(and new icon - borrowed and modified from outside a bar downtown...)
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One of our last walks around the block before he went back in the hospital. It was a gorgeous day, having rained that morning; you can see the clouds in the background. He saw me taking these and told me, "Eh, you don't want me in your nice pictures." I assured him that I did, very much so. Then we went home and I packed to go to the Bay Area for work for the weekend. The next Wednesday, after an xray by his doctor, he was admitted to the hospital once again; he'd only been home for about a month and a half.

The following is an account of my father's death. I'm leaving this public because after my mother passed away, I found similar stories comforting, but maybe I'm just morbid. Please skip if you find such things distressing, or if needed I could make a filter, because there's likely to be more related stuff here for a while.

Alternatively, other entries from this journal about my dad are here - or by clicking Dad in the tag cloud on the right on my LJ page. They may be happy or not so much. Also, I had made a journal for him where I was transcribing some of the stories he told me at [ profile] deadwood_bob, although I always intended to write down more of them. If you knew my dad and have a story about him, I would love it if you could write it down and send it to me, and I'll include it there as an entry.

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Dad's been put in ICU again. I have not been able to to talk to his doctor, but it seems while the CHF cleared up, his COPD complicates things. He's got pneumonia again and his oxygen levels are not improving, so they putting him where they can keep a closer eye on him. He is stable and the nurse who called me said he was alert and joking (flirting was the word she used), so I guess that's positive.

Kids are out of school this week.


Apr. 14th, 2011 06:05 pm
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I stopped by to see my dad in the hospital after work yesterday - stressful enough in itself as I'd forgotten to get back to someone who'd requested a data summary of me, I couldn't get hold of my boss all afternoon, and had a newspaper call about shark populations - I hate media calls, and oh btw, must remember to submit a media contact form! :p He told me, after a course of stronger medication than he's been taking at home, the doctor told him he's much improved and should be able to come home soon, maybe even tomorrow.

That's a relief...

So have a funny...

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Looking for depictions of Native Americans swordfishing for a presentation for work and came upon this story, which is based on the Chumash legend, namely that the swordfish speared whales and threw them on the beach, thus providing people with food.

Swordfish Story

Swordfish seem to be a bit cruel, but then so do a lot of large predators.

Speaking of predators, I see there's a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out - the mouse people just sent me an email alerting me to the fact, but a day or too ago while looking for something else, I stumbled across a year-old blog entry saying that it may or may not be based on one of my favorite Tim Powers books, On Stranger Tides - which is also the subtitle of the movie. Apparently he sold the movie rights to the book to Disney back in the 80's. While this is one of their franchises I've been pretty pleased with, I hope they've adapted the story adequately. While it has none of the same characters, I can see a lot of parallels between them.

Also, I know getting up and walking away too fast can give you a head rush. I just wish it would occur a little closer to my office chair rather than when I'm halfway down the hall to the bathroom...
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Well, I have a cough I believe my dear offspring or possibly my spouse passed on to me, thank you so much. Chest congestion mostly - thank goodness for no stuffy head, although head hurts when coughing. Mostly scratchy throat and lung boogers. Yuck.

Had a furlough on Monday, the kids were off school for Lincoln's B-day, and it's my brother's usual day off, so we decided to go to Knott's Berry Farm - the annual passes there are about 1/2 the cost of Dismalland - which we've been doing off n' on since Angus was two, and we thought it'd be nice to do something different for a year. Turns out they're on a calendar year, not date to date, so they're only good until the end of December, but it's early in the year, so that's fine. No blackout days either.

It's probably been twenty years since I was last there and wow, has it changed. It's been owned for the last 13 years by the same company that runs Cedar Point back in Ohio (they also own Great America up in the Bay Area), so the emphasis has really been put on the roller coasters. The quiet reflecting pond surrounded by trees that used to be between the entrance and Fiesta Village is now a concrete-lined pool with a bunch of rollercoaster pylons in it. What I really noticed all over was missing trees; the whole park used to be surrounded by large eucalyptus, which may be understandably gone. A few years ago there was a plague of lurp insects (a type of scale) that killed a lot of them all over southern CA. Eucalyptus are not native tree here anyway, but large old trees are still pleasant, and the place just felt very open. I do like roller coasters, but in places I'd rather have trees.

Most of the ghost town is still there, although the Mystery Shack is missing - I always liked that one with all the optical illusions. We stopped there to have a snack, and I looked at Avalon, whose eyes had started watering. She gradually went downhill the rest of the afternoon, and by the time we got home, she went straight to bed.

She and I both took a sick day yesterday, and lounged on my bed watching The Princess and the Frog, which I'd missed, and Mushi-Shi, which is a lovely series, but so quiet and soothing if I'm tired at all, I will doze off watching it, in spite of my being interested. I bought a Roku unit at Fry's a couple of weeks ago, and I swear, we've watched more Netflix in the time since than in the last 2-3 years! Quite handy. I do wish I could change the language and watch subtitles though.

Back at work today, and am realizing it's only the 16th but how few work days are left in the month! Ack, where does it go!
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After his surgery on a Wednesday, Dad spent through the weekend in the surgical ICU because he still had some fluid in his lungs that they wanted to be sure was cleared up, so it didn't turn into pneumonia. Then he spent two days in DOU, and another couple back on the Telemetry floor, waiting for a bed in a convalescent home to open. On Friday evening when I went to hang out with him for awhile, he had just arrived in the room twenty minutes before, and they'd moved him during dinner time. It was going on 9 pm and he hadn't had a meal yet. The nurse managed to find him a turkey sandwich and some milk and applesauce. However, he took two bites and declared it inedible; it was plain, but I tried it - the bread was fresh and the filling was the same kind he usually buys when he goes grocery shopping. He just does not have any appetite and everything tastes awful to him. I remember my grandmother complaining of the same thing after she was moved to a senior apartment with a dining plan, and we wondered at the time if any of her meds were affecting how food tastes. I wonder if the same thing might be happening with Dad - he's also lost nearly 20 pounds since being in the hospital, although part of that is several days of not eating at all, diuretics, and probably losing muscle mass from being bedridden as much as he's been (although he was fairly sedentary before this).

He's now been moved to a nursing home, which seems to be a fairly nice place - recently renovated in any case, and much closer to our home - but on trying to verify the address to give to my brother I found this, which is rather concerning:

It's actually improved to "below average" from "poor" when I first found it yesterday. There are links to the state website, which lists citations it's gotten, but I still have to look up what the code violations are. We'll be watching this place very carefully. On the plus side, there is no age restriction for visitors, so the kids have been able to come and see him. They've missed each other, I think. Animals are welcome, too, but I don't think the cats would find it very fun.

Anyway, he's getting cranky being in bed for so long, and since the move, as of last night, he hadn't been out of bed since he got there because of the current place "needing to do its own evaluation." In the meantime, he's lost a couple days of progress he's made with physical therapy and walking, but supposedly that's supposed to start tomorrow. He still doesn't feel up to reading or anything, but Doug brought in an anthology of "Historical Whodunits", which we've read to him and he's liked that. We were thinking of the three of us going in together on a Kindle or a Nook for him, because he's also been saying books, especially hardbacks, are getting kind of hard on his hands. Plus a lot of free older books that are out of copyright is a plus; I'm leaning toward the Kindle because it also has a text-to-speech function - not quite books on tape, but at least he can listen instead of using his eyes (although he does say he tends to fall asleep). Doug also finished a pair of stripy wool socks while visiting and decided to just give to him. They have one blue toe because he ran out of green and was tired of ripping them out and redoing them; toes are almost always inside your shoes anyway, right? ;) We just have to remember not to put them in the dryer.


We've asked how long his stay here is expected to be, and apparently that mostly depends on him. I've told him recovery is something he's going to have to work at; he can't just lie there and expect to get better. I want to sign us up to go do this with him this summer, so maybe that'll be some motivation for him.

Dave had to return home the next day after this surgery because of his work schedule (he does network security for one of the big power companies back east), but Doug has been coming down from LA, 2-3x a week. It's been nice to actually gets some one-on-one time with each of them. Meanwhile we're going to have to clean up and rearrange Dad's room so it's easier for him to get in and out (not to mention the rest of the house) - John's already taken out an entire recycling bin of boxes from he's mail ordered out of there, but a lot still remains to be done.
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Visiting Dad before his heart surgery - he's been in the hospital since after his angiography last week. He was originally scheduled for surgery last Friday, but since he was originally scheduled for an angioplasty and had been given Plavix, an anticoagulant, they had to wait until all of that was out of his system. Then it was scheduled for yesterday, but he started having some digestive upsets (both ends) so that had to be cleared up. So now it's tomorrow this morning. Three bypass grafts, an aortic valve replacement, and possibly he might wind up with a pacemaker - two of the the three spots on your heart that that generate the electrical signals for your heart to beat are also out. And it seems he's also diabetic - although I'm not sure if that's something that's developed recently or it's the medication they're giving him. He really wanted to come home over the weekend for Christmas and had an argument with his cardiologist about it, but in the hospital he stayed.

I know these are done all the time and fairly routine, but still it's worrying. Seems like we didn't have much warning for any of this going on. My other brother flew out from Ohio yesterday and is staying in a motel closer to the hospital - we really don't have the space, and the kids have been sick off and on. I talked to my aunt last night who's had pretty much the same procedures done about five years ago, and she's doing ok now.

He went into the OR about an hour ago, and they told us it should be about 3-5 hours. So we wait.

(written ~8:45 am, but no internet access until now...we're still waiting...)

Grr. Why won't this post!

We were just informed they're closing up and he should be in ICU in about 1/2 hour.
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It seems Dad was either not being quite straight with us or he wasn't hearing everything the doctor said (he's getting fairly deaf, as well). I took him to the hospital at 6 am this morning for an angiography and supposedly an angioplasty - he only had a 20% blockage right? He had told us after his appointment last week the cardiologist also suspected a leaky atrial valve as well, which might require surgery, but we didn't know until they looked if or when that surgery would be.

They got him prepped and I went and sat in the waiting room for about an hour. The cardiologist's assistant came and got me because the doctor wanted to show my dad's pictures to me, mainly to get across how serious this is. I looked over his shoulder into a tiny room where he ran videos of my father's heart. He has three coronary arteries that are so blocked he couldn't get the wire through them (99%). When they sent him home last week with a diuretic instead of doing this because of some fluid in his lungs, that was actually congestive heart failure. They couldn't get the wire through to actually look at the valve but they will be doing another test tomorrow with an esophageal probe. He's in the ICU now to prep for the test tomorrow morning and surgery Friday.

Supposedly it's still a fairly routine surgery that a lot of people come through well, and the cardiologist referred to him as a "tough, stubborn old guy" which should do him good stead for coming through this. After getting him settled in ICU, he was pretty sleepy because a Valium was still wearing off and he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep last night. I came home to get some lunch and maybe take the kids for a walk. They're probably not going to get to see him until after he gets out of the ICU post surgery (maybe next Tues.).

Doug told me he'll come down after work to visit for a bit although probably not for too long because he has to come from LA and hours are over at 8 pm I think.

Then I came home to write this and find that Scooter, who just got his stitches out yesterday, has ripped open his abscess wound YET AGAIN! Stupid cat!
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Well, so much for paying off Dad what we owed him this month. We'd begun letting Scooter outdoors because it's nearly impossible to keep one in when you have two other outdoor cats teasing him with their outdoorsyness, and you don't have an airlock, or at least double screen doors. He'd been neutered, so hopefully the urge to roam and fight was going to be less. Unfortunately, Gareth saw him get in what appeared to be a minor scuffle with Boots, another fairly young male cat belonging to Avalon's friend Emily, two doors down. It didn't appear to be a big deal, just establishing some pecking order levels.

However, a few days later, Gareth noticed when he came indoors, he wasn't acting like himself and sleeping more than he usually did; Avalon complained he tried to bite her when she picked him up - this really isn't too much out of the ordinary because she tends to want to carry him around like Frieda's boneless cat in the Peanuts comics. He's usually remarkably tolerant, but occasionally gets tired of it. I tried to figure out what was wrong, but it wasn't until the next day, when he came into the kitchen to curl up on a grocery bag that had fallen out the recycling bin (and what is it about lying down on crunchy paper or plastic things? They seem to find it comforting...) that I noticed his shoulder was all swollen, from my angle looking down on him. No wonder he wasn't feeling well. Great - Boots must have gotten in a bite, and he now has an abscess.

The paycheck already being gone for the month, we again had to borrow from Dad to take him to the vet. John chose to take him to Dr. Garza instead of the clinic where we had him neutered, so we are now in the hole again - not that we've gotten very far out (or out completely at all - there's some major things that have gotten put off). I picked him up Saturday evening, after calling to see if he was ready and being asked "Which Scooter? We've got three of them!" He now has to wear the cone of silence for a couple of weeks and there are several ugly stitches in his left arm, with a drain for a few days; it appears to be a piece of rubber tubing extending from the top and bottom of his stitched area. John just took him in for a check this morning, and they decided they want to leave it in for another day. He is still sleeping a lot, but he's back to chasing around John's feet under the covers, and wanting his head scratched almost constantly because he can't get to it himself. I think the cone is a trifle too small, as his ears, whiskers, and chin regularly jam against the sides. I'm sure that must be bothersome; I'll see if I can't let it out bit without him pulling the thing completely off.
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Hmm. Woke up the other morning with part of my scalp hurting and thinking my barette had been pulling my hair all night. I adjusted it but it didn't seem to make any difference.

This morning I have a bump there. I don't remember banging my head on anything. Odd. Maybe it's just a pimple - but in a weird place.

Now I can't get that episode of Monsters Inside Me out of my mind, where the guy had blowfly larvae on the back of his head. Ugh. Why do I watch that show again?

ETA - My friend Mike asks me if I've ever seen How to Get Ahead In Advertising. Ha. I had [ profile] runsamuck look for me, as it's on the back corner of my head where I can't even see with a mirror very well, and it does appear to be a zit. Weird place for one. Had him douse it with iodine and hopefully that'll kill it.


Nov. 12th, 2009 04:05 pm
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Home from work today, as Gareth's been sick all week, with [ profile] runsamuck following suit shortly after. Gareth started feeling poorly on Saturday, then on Sunday he had a temperature of 103.4°F. We kept pushing the fluids and ibuprofen, and made him take a tepid shower to cool down. It started coming down later that evening, enough that after he was asleep, John and I went up to Dismalland for about an hour for my birthday. The fever was mostly gone the next day, except for about a degree higher in the evening, but he was still pretty miserable with the cough and aches that remained. We kept him home Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday was a holiday, and we were going to try going back today, but he's still a bit out of it. I figured he was going to need a doctor's note to go back to school anyway, so I took him to get checked out today. After examining him, and listening to his symptoms, the doctor told he probably did have H1N1, but he was on the tail end of it - a lot of kids are getting it but don't seem affected too severely. He still has quite a bit of lung congestion and coughing, and started getting a runny nose today, so he told him to take tomorrow off, too. While that seems to be a free week off school, he's probably going to have a lot of homework to make up on the weekend.

[ profile] runsamuck has it now too, . Dammit, I really wanted him to get a vaccination, but he didn't ask his doctor about it last time he went in. When I called to make Gareth's appointment, I unintentially got that medical office's H1N1 update, which said they'd ordered 2500 vaccinations, but only received 100 so far. Those were given to high risk patients and are all gone already. He can't get one now being ill. So if that's what he has, should he bother now? Apparently, they're not testing for it, they're just assuming everthing is. Anyway, John's weird - he always acts like he has a fever - constant alternating chills/burning up - but he only rarely has a temperature. And every time he's sick he starts having nightmares.

Angus is ok; Avalon has the sniffles but no fever, she might be staying home tomorrow, too. As for myself, I had a bit of a tickly throat and dry cough earlier in the week (I didn't really feel sick, but I did try to be careful to wash hands often and smother any coughs on a closed mouth), but it seems to have gone now. I dunno, can one virus affect everyone in different ways like this? If you've had one, but you don't know for sure which one it was, should you still get the other or both?

I asked Dad to check with his doctor before he catches something - has he yet? No. Gonna have to keep bugging him.

Somewhat related - Ran across this blog post today; silly person is trying to blame his athlete's foot on getting a flu vaccine. Idiot.
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Gods (insert your pantheon here), it's November already. My Inuyasha calendar at the office has Naraku leveling a malignant smirk at me; boy, I would've thought he would have been more appropriate for October, evil demon that he is. I'm not sure I really want him looking this direction all month. So if Billy Joe Armstrong and Peter Gabriel wear guyliner and manscara (thanks [ profile] a_hollow_year, I did not know those were the correct terms), what do you call eyeshadow on males? I'd say guyshadow but that's a bit repetitive. What did Spock call it? 'Cause dammit, he wore a ton of it. Yes, Lord Naraku, the purple looks good on you, meant no disrespect...


I've been reminded that I haven't really made a proper post in awhile. ;) So, what's the haps?

  • School - the kids started 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade. Strangely enough, while Angus isn't real fond of school, he seemed to kind of be looking forward to middle school. One, it's back in a familiar neighborhood, next door to his old elementary school, and two, there are old friends there, his friend Connor from 1st thru 3rd grade for one. He's having to get used to doing homework every night, though, which his 4th-5th grade teacher didn't seem to require, and that's a little tough for him, and us. Changing for PE also required some getting used to, as well as the requirement that he needs to start wearing deodorant every day. Gareth somehow got placed in a GATE class - he hasn't taken that test, but apparently, if there are spaces, they will put kids in if they think they can do the work. He's there for everything but math, which he has with a teacher who weirdly enough was my brother's 5th grade teacher (my brothers turned 45 in August). I'm not sure, but I think she's the only one still there from our years at that school. Avalon is starting 3rd grade, despite her 2nd grade teacher's trepidation, and it turns out she got a 100% on her first math test (adding triple digit numbers) and despite low test scores in reading last year, she is reading chapter books on her own at home. Her teacher agrees with us that it's more a matter of finding the right motivation for her, which seems to be easier said than done.

  • Health - at the beginning of October, I was getting ready to head to the docks at 5 am one morning, when John sat up in bed and told me his chest hurt, as if someone were trying to shove their fist through it somewhere between his sternum and his clavicle. He aslo felt extremely anxious, like if I left something horrible was going to happen, and clammy all over (not uncommon - he sweats like crazy in his sleep). I thought about Beth, who narrowly averted her brother's heart attack by calling 911 when he thought he was fine, and my grandpa - who complained of just feeling mucky and heartburny all afternoon and passed away on the couch watching TV with my grandma. I looked up symptoms and he had several on the list - in addition, he's gained quite a bit of weight recently and was recently prescribed high blood pressure medication - so I insisted we go to the emergency room. They checked him out and gave him an EKG and a few other emergency room tests - then said everything appeared normal, but they couldn't rule it out completely on the basis of emergency room tests. So they admitted him overnight. They gave him blood thinners among other meds, which left huge black bruises on his stomach, then a stress test the following morning - turned out his heart is fine, but they had to call the respiratory therapist because he started wheezing so bad.

    They'd put him in a room with two other people - one was a younger guy suffering from what we normally wind up there for - asthma. He'd tried to walk to the pharmacy to refill his inhaler and wound up collapsing on the street. He'd recovered and left the same afternoon. The other guy was older, but not so old as we originnally thought. He was quite clearly delerious; kept trying to get out of bed when he wasn't supposed to, talking and moaning, and kicking the covers off. Social workers and doctors kept trying to talk to him, but couldn't get much sense out of him -I did hear once "And how long have you been doing the heavy drinking?" Made it a little difficult for John to sleep, hospitals not being the easiest places to sleep in any case. The nurses only tried once to wake him up by shaking his shoulder - he has a rather violent way of waking up, especially in an unfamiliar place - and from then on woke him from three feet away, calling "Mr. Walton..."

    Anyway, he finally got in to see his own doctor, who did a bunch of bloodwork and gave him some Nexxium for his near constant heartburn (caused by other meds). We haven't heard back about any results yet - I need to get on him about that because he WILL NOT do it himself. It also made him angry that the blood thinners he was given caused the Red Cross to defer him donating blood for a year.

  • Work - not hugely busy since the Management Team finished the SAFE document, and another Council meeting behind us. This time it took place at a hotel in Costa Mesa, the next town over from me, so I didn't really have to travel. I was especially grateful for this as it turned out to be over Halloween/Gareth's birthday. I guess the Council hasn't gotten the message CalCOFI did, when so many people complained that it was scheduled over Halloween, they finally stopped and moved it to the first week of December. Another issue coming up, that of Annual Catch Limits, promises to wind up being way more complicated than it should be, especially since the US only catches a fraction of HMS species in the Pacific and management is actually handled by international agencies. Eh, I still have problems getting my head around it, sometimes.

    I need to get the desk cleaned up -I tend to let things pile up when I'm working on a particular project. Also need to get started on mackerel otoliths for the year. The fishery's been pretty slow for them, partly because of a lowered Harvest Guideline, but also because the larger fish that are mostly in demand are just not coming close enough to shore, or shallow enough, that the boats can target them. There's only a about 2 dozen samples for the entire year, divided between the three of us who read mackerel, so that's not too big of a burden. I kind of enjoy it anyway.

  • Home - ech. Must get areas cleaned up - my dad called and ordered FIOS installation, and I've put off the appointment a couple of times already, because I wasn't ready. Need to get back on the FlyLady track (I haven't found anything else quite comparable, and I have to have an outside kick in the butt apparently) - but it's also frustrating when the other person doing housework has his own method and refuses to listen to anyone else's. Also that the third adult does absolutely nothing. I would excuse him for being 84, but he didn't help much long before that.

    Avalon is out of the bedroom with the boys now - we set up my old twin bed for her in a corner of the living room. We're not quite done making a "room" for her - involving moving some of the larger furniture around so she has "walls" - a disadvantage of six people in a 3-bedroom house, but that's the goal in the next couple of weeks. John's looked into getting something like cubicle dividers, but they're just too expensive, but we do have a tall hutch and an upright grand piano to be moved around.

  • Other - I've been hauling my camera around religiously although I haven't been keeping up quite with the [ profile] mylife_onceaday thing. I have been wanting to do something creative other than photography, but just totally lacking in the inspiration department. Somebody give me an idea for a holiday card and you get a free one. Well, you would, anyway. Just send me your address. What, do I have to smack you upside the head with a hint? ;p

So there's a nutshell. Long stretches of fairly boring punctuated by a few moments of high anxiety. Rather like real life, I suppose.

Time to plug in the pod and get something done...
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I guess I never posted about this here at LJ. We had a bit of a scare on the last day of September. I got up at 4:30 am as I had dock sampling that morning and [ profile] runsamuck sat up at the same time and said he felt like someone was trying to shove a fist through the right side of his chest. He also felt an extremely strong sense of forboding. That sounded ominous to me, so I looked up heart attack symptoms and, sure enough he had a few more, as well. He was very uncomfortable, and I decided not to take chances and called a co-worker to fill in for me, and we headed for the emergency room. The doctor thought he was ok, but wasn't 100% sure and ordered an overnight stay in the hospital and a stress test in the morning. As it turned out, they said he has the heart of a 30-year-old - but his lungs are about 50 years older (which we already knew - that's the usually reason for an emergency room visits).

I took the kids by for a visit as he was stressing out just being in the hospital.

HB Hospital
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
30 September 2009

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Being, for all intents and puposes, deaf in one ear is really making me appreciate my (unimpeded) hearing. I find myself really getting overwhelmed by multiple conversations and sounds going on around me and just want to go hide in a silent place for awhile. I have little directionality to voices I hear coming from my deaf side; I just now thought someone talking was in the opposite direction they actually were. I didn't realize it until I finally recognized whose voice it was and where they had to be.
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Well, I'm glad I didn't buy tickets for Anime Expo ahead of time. I've been pretty much out of commision since Wednesday with an ear infection. Any Fourth activities were right out as well, although John did have some friends and his mom over to BBQ. Felt bad I couldn't take the kids over to the parade, but they at least got to walk over to school to watch the fireworks from the hill in front of Dwyer. They were supposed to have been extra special as Huntington Beach is 100 years old this year.

I went to the doctor Wednesday and the nurse practitioner who saw me prescribed some antibiotic ear drops, but nothing else-seemed odd, as when my kids have gotten them they get an oral antibiotic as well. They seem to be taking forever to work. I'm laying off on the ibuprofen today to see if anything has actually improved. It still hurts and the left side of my face is still swollen (making it difficult to chew), but I don't think I'm getting the stabbing pains quite as often. It's still all clogged up though; the only thing I can hear though it is the whooshing of my own pulse. I've already missed three days of work, and I have an assignment that's pretty urgent to do, dammit. I don't think I can take any more time off.

I will later in the month though - we got word last week we get to take another furlough day a month. Whee.

Kids are a little disappointed about Anime Expo; we could only afford to go for one day, but I'll have to see if there are any other local cons we can go to later in the year.
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Well, well. Off to get my first crown in a few minutes. At least the temp one gave me no problems; when [ profile] runsamuck last had one the temps kept falling off before the permanent ones came from the lab. Have to go home first and pick up Avalon as she has an appointment just before me. Funny how that works. Found a fitting icon to match last night too, haha!
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Lessee, what lately...

  • I donated blood again Friday. When I pulled up to the park, the police helicopter was hovering directly overhead and shining its floodlights on the front door of one of the apartments in the complex across the street. It was really low, and people were standing outside the complex and the park building, shading their eyes in a "WTH?!" manner. There were no police cars on the ground or in the vicinity as far as I could tell. [ profile] runsamuck tells me they will often focus the lights on one thing as a distraction while they are using the heat sensors (or whatever the hell they have) on something else.


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    Another man and I were the last people there; although all the staff were polite and still trying to joke around, you could tell they were tired and anxious to get out of there. The nurse cleaning my arm was scrubbing so hard with the iodine swab it felt like she was using sandpaper. Then the jab seemed quick enough but my elbow felt sore for the rest of the evening. Equipment was being broken down and packed while we were lying there being drained. However, after we were done and had sat sipping juice for our requisite 10 minutes, they told us we could take as many snacks along as we liked as perqs for being last of the day. I grabbed a package of cookies for each of the kids. I wound up going to sleep much earlier than usual just because my arm was achy and I could not make it comfortable. I still have a bruise.

  • Avalon came home from school last weekend with a temperature, and not really any other symptoms last weekend. It faded over the weekend, but then she started complaining of sore legs, so much so that she was barely able to walk. She thought she felt well enough to go to Dismalland Sunday evening, but after two rides she did not want to walk anymore, and kept wanting to sit down. [ profile] runsamuck took her to the doctor again, and they couldn't find anything wrong, but had her bring back a urine sample to make sure of anything else. She couldn't manage it herself and he wasn't allowed to go in the restroom with her (this presaged a whole rant from him once home, on how if he were a single parent he wouldn't be allowed to help his daughter buy clothes - father's rights really being one of his sore points). Anyhow, she was nearly in tears walking to class the next couple of days; it finally faded but we're at a loss to figure out exactly what caused it - she swears she hadn't done any exercise to make her legs that sore. And really she's the most active and athletic of our kids, so stuff like that usually wouldn't bother her.

  • I went by myself to Angus's IEP, because one of us had to get the other two fry ready for school - I wish we could both go, because [ profile] runsamuck is much better at coming up with questions than I am. However, I take better notes than he does. Angus has been making progress on all of his goals, although he's still behind in math, which is frustrating because it used to be one of his better subjects. His writing has improved dramatically, which I noticed on a social studies project on Native Americans he had done (which really he only got marked down on because he didn't label some of his illustrations). One of the goals, using cartoon bubbles to describe what characters in a story were feeling, was not made by the teacher who was supposed to be applying it and she didn't really understand how she was to go about it, so that one was going to be modified. I know he reads better than he lets on; I know this because he knows all kinds of random facts on his favorite topics (notably Bionicles), which I know he's read off one website or other. However, at home he'll come and ask me to read something to him, when I know darn well he can read it himself; then he makes frustrated noises when I have him read it to me. Also, he often spends recess in the library (so he doesn't have to interact, so it's quieter?) and they are trying to get him to interact more - which makes me think of this blog entry by an autistic person and this one as well. I don't know that the same thing is occuring with him, but I know I sometimes feel like I'm slogging through syrup when I'm expected to be a part of a conversation - either things don't occur to me or some one else will get to it just before I open my mouth to say the same thing. It's better just to listen, sometimes. In any case, there is supposed to be another IEP before the end of the year to meet with his upcoming middle school teachers, since he'll be in sixth grade. I think it'll be nice that he'll be closer to home, and that there will be people from his old school that he knows, that he's missed, may make some things a bit easier for him.

  • Been seeing Western bluebirds around the office again; I think this is the third year in a row. I didn't even realize we had them in this area before I saw them here, but I'm told they always have been. There were two great blue herons on the lawn as well, hunting gophers. One of them must have been a juvenile, as his plumage didn't look quite so sharply defined between gray and white.

  • I have really got to get to work in the yard...(and the house, and our room, etc. ad nauseum...)

...returning you to your regularly scheduled ELJaying...
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Two fillings today. I needed three vials of anesthetic - I don't know if that's normal or not. The dentist has to keep stopping and giving me more because I start wincing; my mouth didn't get completely back to normal until about four hours later.

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18 February 2009

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