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Aug. 1st, 2011 11:39 am
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I admit I am very behind in the hair product world - I basically need conditioner to get a comb through it and I have [ profile] runsamuck whack a few inches off now and then when it starts feeling bristly - but this Daily Deal from made me scratch my head.

We're putting mp3 players in what now?

And I'm not sure why I even looked at it; I usually just delete them because even if something's a deal, I usually still can't afford it.
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Wow, a 40% price increase between months for your 300min beyond talk?! Thanks a lot Virgin Mobile, at least Netflix sent me a warning first before they asked me to bend over. It's now only $5 less than the 1200 min one (used to be), which I only used 130 minutes of last month, so I thought I'd try save few bucks this month. No love. You're still cheaper than everyone else so I can't afford to go elsewhere, but that was a very rude shock when I went to top up this morning. Which now is going to have to wait until I get paid - because I think getting bread and milk instead so my kids can have breakfast this week is probably more important for this last week of the month.

It's quite interesting that it still says $25 for the lowest beyond talk plan on this page for submitting reviews. Updating the whole site would polite, don't you think?

Getting a little tired of the "We're still the best deal around even though we now suddenly cost about half again as much!" routine from some businesses lately. Not quitting Netflix either, but they'll be getting $2 less a month from me.

Edit: submitted as a review to their website (less the bending over part). They rejected it and suggested I review the guidelines which said: 1) not to mention retail partners phone prices; 2)or mention competitors. Since I didn't mention Target's/Walmart's phone prices, I didn't realize DVD rentals were a competitor of cell phones.
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After buying the new laptop, soon after John had rush out and buy Hoyle's Casino, because he can't be long without a gambling game.

One of the slot machine games is called Ninjas of the Caribbean.

Angus made a character that wears a cowboy hat and a monocle.

Just thought I'd pass that along...I'm easily amused...

Ok, finish my coffee and go get something done...
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Hoo boy, I am going to get wet walking out to the car when I leave. Bad day to wear Crocs.

On the way in this morning, it looked there was more snow on the mountains than from the last big, cold storm to blow through. Figures this comes after the Equinox. And [ profile] runsamuck's plastic garage for his bike out back - the roof ripped right up the middle. I thought maybe it could be replaced, because the frame is pretty heavy duty and he's got it bolted to the cement pad - keep it from blowing away in the Santa Anas - but he says no. Maybe we can just use a tarp. The damn thing just shredded too. It wasn't that old.

Everything is breaking down lately. While dad was in the hospital, the dishwasher stopped bothering to get anything clean, so for the last two months it's been a giant dish rack. The washing machine is not wanting to spin any more, and this last week the dryer gets clothes warm and damp, but not dry. The oven still works but only in convection mode, and the door is wonky - you have to pull the self-cleaning lever halfway on before the fan will run and the oven stay hot.

Never rains but it pours?
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Happy Groundhog Day! If we had groundhogs here, they'd fershure be seeing their shadows, as it's sunny but blowing gusty Santa Ana winds (do gophers work instead?). And by the way, Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies.

Dad update... )

He's also finally expressed a bit more interest in reading - so far, he hasn't wanted to, but did like it when Doug and I read short stories to him. My brothers and I had talked about going in together on a Kindle for him since he's been complaining that books, especially hardbacks, just start getting too heavy to hold up and start hurting his hands. I decided to go with a Kindle rather than a Nook because of its text-to-speech feature. If he gets tired of holding it, it can read to him. We got our tax refund recently, so I went to Staples at lunch yesterday and grabbed one for him. This is actually a really nifty gadget! Does all kinds of things besides e books! If he decides he doesn't like it, I'll keep it myself. Man, the accessories are where they get ya, though. It doesn't have a backlight, so if you want to read where it's dim, you need a light for it and also a cover to keep it from getting wrecked. It was about the same price for all of them separately or a nice leather cover with an integrated light that actually runs off the Kindle battery ($60). And I suckered for the extended warranty, too. John always tells me they're not worth it, but we're hard on batteries and we're hard on gadgets.

I played around last night, looking for some free James Fenimore Cooper to put on it for him, and also found I could forward Word and PDF documents to it, so I tested that out with the thresher sampling plan proposal I need to make comments on. Pretty cool!

Apropos maybe: Seven Ways Electronic Books Can Make Us Better Readers. by the CEO of Levenger (I like to drool over their pens). I seem to be what he calls a preservationist - but I don't write in my books so much because I can't bear them being marked up, but more because when I'm reading, I'm in an absorbent mode. I might think of questions or notes later, but not usually during.
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After his surgery on a Wednesday, Dad spent through the weekend in the surgical ICU because he still had some fluid in his lungs that they wanted to be sure was cleared up, so it didn't turn into pneumonia. Then he spent two days in DOU, and another couple back on the Telemetry floor, waiting for a bed in a convalescent home to open. On Friday evening when I went to hang out with him for awhile, he had just arrived in the room twenty minutes before, and they'd moved him during dinner time. It was going on 9 pm and he hadn't had a meal yet. The nurse managed to find him a turkey sandwich and some milk and applesauce. However, he took two bites and declared it inedible; it was plain, but I tried it - the bread was fresh and the filling was the same kind he usually buys when he goes grocery shopping. He just does not have any appetite and everything tastes awful to him. I remember my grandmother complaining of the same thing after she was moved to a senior apartment with a dining plan, and we wondered at the time if any of her meds were affecting how food tastes. I wonder if the same thing might be happening with Dad - he's also lost nearly 20 pounds since being in the hospital, although part of that is several days of not eating at all, diuretics, and probably losing muscle mass from being bedridden as much as he's been (although he was fairly sedentary before this).

He's now been moved to a nursing home, which seems to be a fairly nice place - recently renovated in any case, and much closer to our home - but on trying to verify the address to give to my brother I found this, which is rather concerning:

It's actually improved to "below average" from "poor" when I first found it yesterday. There are links to the state website, which lists citations it's gotten, but I still have to look up what the code violations are. We'll be watching this place very carefully. On the plus side, there is no age restriction for visitors, so the kids have been able to come and see him. They've missed each other, I think. Animals are welcome, too, but I don't think the cats would find it very fun.

Anyway, he's getting cranky being in bed for so long, and since the move, as of last night, he hadn't been out of bed since he got there because of the current place "needing to do its own evaluation." In the meantime, he's lost a couple days of progress he's made with physical therapy and walking, but supposedly that's supposed to start tomorrow. He still doesn't feel up to reading or anything, but Doug brought in an anthology of "Historical Whodunits", which we've read to him and he's liked that. We were thinking of the three of us going in together on a Kindle or a Nook for him, because he's also been saying books, especially hardbacks, are getting kind of hard on his hands. Plus a lot of free older books that are out of copyright is a plus; I'm leaning toward the Kindle because it also has a text-to-speech function - not quite books on tape, but at least he can listen instead of using his eyes (although he does say he tends to fall asleep). Doug also finished a pair of stripy wool socks while visiting and decided to just give to him. They have one blue toe because he ran out of green and was tired of ripping them out and redoing them; toes are almost always inside your shoes anyway, right? ;) We just have to remember not to put them in the dryer.


We've asked how long his stay here is expected to be, and apparently that mostly depends on him. I've told him recovery is something he's going to have to work at; he can't just lie there and expect to get better. I want to sign us up to go do this with him this summer, so maybe that'll be some motivation for him.

Dave had to return home the next day after this surgery because of his work schedule (he does network security for one of the big power companies back east), but Doug has been coming down from LA, 2-3x a week. It's been nice to actually gets some one-on-one time with each of them. Meanwhile we're going to have to clean up and rearrange Dad's room so it's easier for him to get in and out (not to mention the rest of the house) - John's already taken out an entire recycling bin of boxes from he's mail ordered out of there, but a lot still remains to be done.


Aug. 9th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Technology and I are not getting along lately.

Last week I came back from lunch to hear a funny, cricket-sounding noise from somewhere on my desk. After some searching around, I discovered it was coming from my little portable 500 GB Seagate FreeAgent drive. I unplugged it and then plugged it back in, and nothing was now recognized on the drive. After our IT person checked with someone else, she told me I could either try to get a new unit as it's only about 6 months old and should still be under warantee, or taking it apart and trying to recover what's on there, with only a 30% chance of getting anything back. She also mentioned they need to be treated like gems - which I really had been trying to do.

I mentioned earlier that neither of the browsers were connecting on our home PC, and after thinking to check for viruses, I couldn't get the AVG Free menu to come up either (everything else connecting was fine). However, I think the newest version of Gareth's Orbiter game/spaceflight simulator was causing an incompatibility - when I uninstalled that everything started working again. I scanned everything with TrendMicro Housecall - which didn't find anything but an older version of another of his flight simulators, which I knew had an issue - and also installed Microsoft Security Essentials, which also didn't find anything. Everything seemed to working ok for about a week or so, and then yesterday, the system rebooted and I have a "\Config\System is missing or corrupt - use original CD to repair" - which I don't have. Grrr.

This morning I pulled out my new (to me) work cell, and it seems dead. I plugged it in to charge and I'm only getting the Verizon banner for a few seconds. Did it get damp when we went to beach Saturday? God, I hope not, it didn't seem like it it, but it doesn't seem to be charging either. I'll stick it in a bag of rice when I get home; but CRAP!

One thing after another. I like to think I've got a handle on the gadgety stuff, but Deities of tech, what did I do to offend?
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I guess I just don't talk on the phone much. Out of the first month of a plan that gives me 300 minutes a month, I used 62. Worth it for the internet access though, and still less than I was paying. Maybe that's not such a good idea though. I'm wearing out the battery and have to charge the damn thing every single day.
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Well, crap, I missed yesterday. So much for the every day in July thing. The major obstacle is at least four people, sometimes five, competing for one PC at home. We try to set timers, and I regularly kick everyone off if there's something important I need to do (like pay bills), but still, there's a lot of squabbling. I really need to set aside some money to get my laptop fixed - it's been sitting since last summer (or was it the summer before? It has Vista on it, that should be a clue), but there just hasn't been enough extra to have it done. Ha. I should know there is never anything extra, especially this year with three furlough days a month, and everything else that needs fixing.

Gadget news - hey, the meme said your mundane life...  )
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Another walk (since it was Spring Break and the kids were home all week), this time to Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve, where we walked from the parking up to the lagoon north of the flood control channel, on a trail at the base of the mesa. We hadn't been along that path before. While trying to get close to some flowers, I looked down and saw this male side-blotched lizard catching some late-afternoon rays at the front of his burrow in the earth.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
7 April 2010

moar... )

23. earth ☺
2. pace ☺
5. flower ☺
20. fruit ☺
1. stair ☺
3. bird ☺
22. camera ☺
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grrr... I am just battin' a 1000 lately.

So far recently, I have misplaced my phone, the camera's battery charger, and my little green SD card reader.

too many details )
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Well, yay, I now have a working cell phone again. Not that it was actually broken, but in my ineptness I misplaced the wall plug charger for it, and for a little was relying on the car charger I bought at a truck stop in Monterey when we were up there for a staff meeting in January. Now this thing was nifty because it had interchangeable tips you could get for different phones and other devices (there was a whole rotating carousel of them), and I had the smart idea of hey, we can get for for [ profile] runsamuck's phone, the iPods, and various other gadgets. Maybe the GPS too, since I seem to have lost track of that charger as well (how can you lose that stoopid - it's a CAR charger and it should stay in the CAR!). Well, not only does the car socket seem to be going wonky, the tip for my phone completely disintegrated a few weeks ago. I have searched in vain for another source for the interchangeable tips, but haven't been able to find them, so the last time it died, it stayed dead. I was considering going to get a cheap phone to replace it as I have to travel for work this weekend and I will need one.

A couple of days ago, [ profile] runsamuck was looking for something else and found my charger plugged into the power strip on my side of the bed. Duh. Ah well, not like it's been ringing off the hook anyway. Charged it up, checked it and am pleased to see there's a new browser for it that I can actually download (Opera Mini). I can actually check LJ with it and see pictures! It's like I'm in the 21st Century or something! Whoopee snort!
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A belated anniversary present - I think I ordered these a day or two before our anniversary, but was too cheap to pay for overnight shipping when regular delivery was free. Levenger had a sale on some really nice pens, so I got one for each of us. With initials even!

"Demonstrator" pens
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
31 May 2009

I did get [ profile] runsamuck something for the actual day (a Jack Skellington t-shirt from Dismalland) and we did go out to a nice dinner sans kids. So a happy 14th was had, even with tardy gifts. How has it been that long?
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Well, the check for our tax refund finally cleared, and [ profile] runsamuck was insistent that I get a new camera. While my old Sharp (that they only made for a year) has been very sturdy and reliable, I've noticed that it's not focusing very well, seems to be dropping pixels more and more, and well, 3 megapixels is just not all that much resolution anymore. It was when I got it, but technology marches on.

I want a DSLR but I couldn't decide, mainly because Fry's didn't have lenses on any of the camera bodies and I couldn't play around with them. However, a little pocket-sized Casio was on special, so we went home with that for the time being. Something to slip in my pocket when I don't want to lug a gigantic camera around is also nice. The mints above were in the checkout line and we bought them at the same time - I mainly liked the box (I have a weird fascination with boxes). The mints actually weren't all that tasty, but I think this tiny camera can actually do better macros than my old one..

Fruit mints
Huntington Beach CA
Casio Exilim EX-Z80A
08 February 2009
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So I've recently been using Google Reader since I can get it on my phone (and since LJ insists my inability to log in must be the phone's browser's fault, nevermind that I can log into bunches of other sites). It's something else to read on the bus when I'm between books - yeah, I know, like I need more?.

What I have now:
Dooce - doesn't everyone read this? Well I hadn't been, but now I'm getting caught up.
LAist - I can't keep up with this one, and LA is really not that close to home, but what affects LA often dribbles down to Orange County, and I do get up there occasionally
Beach Blog - Orange County beache and stuff. Lots of surfing contests, but other things that affect local communities as well.
Junk - the plastic bottle raft makes its way across the Pacific
Bug Girl's Blog - Entomology and other interesting thinks things
Neurodiversity Weblog - this has been a bunch of legalese to get through lately because of legal proceedings against the blogger, but very interesting...
Aquarium of the Pacific - Aquarium volunteers and others

and various others, mostly friends or fannish things...

My Google Reader Shared Page - I only just discovered this, I may have to put a link over there on the left...

While I have a bunch, not all of them update everyday, so what do you guys read outside of LJ? I'd love a few more suggestions - preferably not too photo heavy; I can read those at home, but my phone is iffy on downloading pictures, so I often just turn them off. People as well as topics are welcome...
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Grrr. My cell phone has gone missing. I only noticed Monday afternoon when it wasn't in its case on my backpack and thought then I'd left it on my desk. However, it wasn't there the next morning and searching through my backpack and lunch bag (ostensibly for lunch but winds up holding whatever I throw in it when I'm too lazy to stop and unzip zippers) produced a distinct lack of phone. Tried calling it in hopes of hearing it in a forgotten corner, but now it's rolling right into voicemail, so either the battery has run out or whoever picked it up turned it off. I hope I didn't leave on the bus. That means a trip to the transit authority office to check the lost and found, whether I did or not, I suppose. I'm not too upset about the phone itself; although it was fairly new, there's only $10 worth of time on it, so it's not like I'm getting ripped off there. I'm miffed I've lost the little glow-in-dark Naruto charm I got at Anime Expo last year and my little year-of-the-tiger charm. And I'll have to enter all those numbers over. Again, grrr.


Apr. 23rd, 2008 06:38 pm
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So, got a nifty new phone with one of those text messaging keyboards and (limited) webaccess and was hoping I could use it to read LJ on the bus. While it's better than my old phone as far as screen size, something is haywire; every time I try to log in, I just get returned to the login page. So I can't post or really read much of my friends page. I know I used to be able to. Log in, that is. I posted as support request, but the queue of unresolved posts on that topic goes back 12 weeks, so I'm not holding out much hope there. However I forgot I can post by email so I guess that's a workaround. If I can get around this suddenly weird formatting...posted from the bus, mostly.
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New camera phone. Hmmm. These cost 25 cents each to send so I don't know how many I'll be taking. Seems kind of expensive for how crappy they are.
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I was talking to my best friend Beth on the phone this morning. This is the person who a year ago, while playing around with my iPod, proclaimed that she couldn't see why anyone would need to carry so much music around with them when a CD changer in your car should serve the same purpose. No one should want to listen to more than a few CDs worth of music at a time.  She was quite proud of the fact that an .mp3 file had never seen the inside of her computer (as far as she knew), and couldn't see why anyone would want to amass such a collection. Although she did concede at the time, that a small player like mine is far more portable and therefore practical for a bus rider like myself.  This said as she spent an hour poking around on my device. ;p

Since then, she purchased a phone that plays music files. And thus started the slide to her corruption. It was enough to whet an appetite she didn't know she had. An mp3 payer soon followed. Today, after admitting how addicted she is to Limewire,and lamenting that she couldn't believe her recently purchased player was getting full already, she was still expressing disbelief that people regularly fill up 60 and 80 GB players. Why on earth would anyone need to carry that much around with them?

Ah, Denial is the longest river in the world, my dear friend. ;)

An aside: she was looking at a bunch of anime music videos as she made the statements in the first paragraph, and offhandedly remarked, "Maybe I should check out some anime sometime..." She's one of those people who thinks cartoons are only for kids, and any adult who watches them must have a screw loose. We'll convert her into an otaku yet, too. Muahahaha! *rubs hands evilly*
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One of the things that excited me about my iPod was the fact that I could put text files on it, and I thought I could use it to read things on the bus. I was very disappointed to find that yes, I can put all the text files I want on it; however, if you try to read them, it truncates after about a page and a half. The cut-off was about 4-5K. I actually took a file and divided it up into 5K bits - which worked, but it was a pain in the ass to do, and to have to change files so often when reading. So I gave that up as a bust.

Then a few months ago, I was looking for a recording device I could keep with me and pull out to record some of my dad's crazy stories when he starts them. And I found this thingy at Fry's, among the small mp3 players. It's a bit thicker than a Nano but not as tall, with the same amount of memory. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that this little gadget does more stuff than the 'pod. Plays music, records, FM radio (WHY does iPOD not have this?!), plays back recordings, photos, and video! Granted, the screen is tiny and and the resolution is not great, but whaddya expect for something less than a third of the price. Also the MP4 on the front is misleading - it's part of the brand name. It does not play mp4s directly; you have to convert them to .avi format with the included software, and because the screen is square instead of rectangular, photos and video get trimmed a bit on the sides. But I didn't buy it for that, so that doesn't bother me so much. The buttons are not all that intuitive and sometimes do unexpected things. However, I was thrilled to find that text files are not truncated on this thing - or at least it'll accept a much larger text file before doing so. I found the cut-off is about 64kb - enough for a good sized chunk of text. I downloaded a fanfic to read on my commute and found that I only had to divide up a few, very long, chapters, and then only into two chunks. The screen does divide up words in odd places, but I've gotten used to it pretty easily.

Yes, I suppose I could have gotten a different gadget specifically for reading, but it would probably be bigger and a lot more expensive. I just hope I don't wear out the scroll button too fast.


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