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So I nipped out to the grocery store to grab something for lunch yesterday and toyed with the idea of getting some chips - I wound up getting a pack of sushi and a mango from the produce guy who comes by our office once a week. But in the healthy section of the aisle I noticed some small bags of kale chips, which I've heard about but never tried. They came in a number of flavors and actually looked fairly tasty. Then I caught the price. $6.99 for a small bag - maybe 3 ounces. Yikes.

Maybe this is a better idea.

Crunchy, salty (and easy) kale chips

Huh. The LJ link on the article actually puts a title in the post. I did not notice that until I came back and edited this.
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Boy, what is with me? Seems like I only make an entry lately when there's a drastic change in the weather. Which there has been lately - abnormally cool summer punctuated with short lengths of record high temperatures. It was over 100°F at my office yesterday, so I don't even want to know how hot it was in San Pedro where I was collecting squid samples. Yes, it is right on the water, but Palos Verdes blocks off any ocean breeze. Not that there was any - the air was pretty much dead still. At least at the second dealer, they sort the boat's load inside their facility, so it was fairly cool in there. The truck's AC seems to be dying though - it was just barely feeling slightly cool when I arrived back at the office (about a 20 minute drive). I stopped at Fresh & Easy for something cool for lunch (I'd brought something frozen to heat up, which just wasn't appealing), and I tell ya, nothing like a grocery store for a place to cool off.

So for a recap of just lately:

  • Kids are back to school - Gareth and Angus are now going to the same school again, for the first time in three years. Gareth was a little overwhelmed with the changes the first week of middle school (it's middle school now, when I was going there, it was always "jr. high" - and indeed the school team is the Jr. Oilers, after the high school about a block away). Avalon's the last one at the elementary school, and for the first time, has a teacher one of her brothers had. Angus had her for third grade.

  • Two weeks ago (already?) I spent a couple of days in Boise, ID. Last time I was there, I barely got out of the hotel; this time, the HMS agenda items on the Council's plate (which the team I'm on spent the previous two days discussing) finished early, my flight back to LAX wasn't until 8pm, so I got to spend a couple of hours wandering around downtown Boise - and the capitol building. Weirdly, I was trying to find a place for lunch and nearly all the restaurants closed at 2pm , then reopened at 5pm for dinner. Finally found an upscale pizza/wine bar and coincidentally both the hostess and the server had lived in Huntington Beach (after asking where I was from). They had a very good small pizza/salad lunch special, and I'd recommend the place if you're ever in Boise. Especially looking for a late afternoon lunch. Oh, and I also tried Basque food at a rather pricy restaurant that came well recommended - and several of us were less than impressed. I don't know if it was just the restaurant itself or I just picked the wrong thing. Oh well.

  • I made a list of topics to write about about a month ago - and I've only gotten to one of them.

  • At the top of my agency's intranet website:
    Dust off the ol' crystal ball again!  Take the State Budget Survey! (Looks like those of you who chose "When the cows come home" got it right!)

  • Part of the update laziness, I guess, is only having a non-starting home PC to write on currently. I could use my phone but I'm just not up to typing the size entries I usually do with my thumbs (and I don't thing the phone browser likes them either - letters start becoming invisible at the end). Anyone just upgrade to Windows 7 and have no further use for their XP disc? Mine didn't come with one, and I'd only need it for attempting repairs and reinstalling a backup registry.

  • Scooter is now neutered. In trying to find a vet with a reasonable price for doing this, [ profile] runsamuck found the range went from $75 for a place in Santa Ana to $350 for the vet closest to us - who used to be our animals' regular vet when her office was in Sunset Beach. However, since she moved to the shopping center close to us, she more than doubled her charges. I suppose it was the rent - that all goes with the realtors calling my neighborhood "prestigeous." We went with Santa Ana. Anyhow, he was so out of it when we picked him up, poor guy.

  • [ profile] runsamuck decided his ponytail is a pain and cut it off. He must have asked me ten times if it was ok with me; however, it's his hair. I'm not going to force him to keep some way he doesn't want it. If I were smart, I'd do the same with mine, but I actually kind of like it.

  • We've all had colds; and the dishwasher is going kaput. It refuses to get anything clean, so right now I'm just using it for a giant dish drainer. Which I need to leave for home and go do more of.

  • Bleh.


Apr. 1st, 2010 11:45 am
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In case you missed the Star Trek Movie cereal...

yum... )
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Another combo, this time around home...only six this time...

close-ups, just for fun... )

Ignore the black & white beads; I forgot I'd already taken the bird picture.
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Good grief, I was wondering why I couldn't find this stuff at World Market anymore!! That is on the every other month or so I stop in there.

(I'm ashamed to say I thought it was Japanese, not Chinese. It has the same rice paper wrapper as some other candy I like. Guess I didn't read the wrapper as close as I usually do.)
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This may not look too far out of date. However, you might want to check the date below. For people who like to start celebrating really early, I guess. Had to be sneaky with the phone camera as there is a fairly obvious sign about no photography in the grocery store. I don't think this is giving away any trade secrets though. This just had to be documented. I mean, yes I see decorations and ornaments for sale starting about August, but perishable food items?

Slightly out-of-season bakery goods
Huntington Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
2 October 2009
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Avalon picked out this cookbook at the bookstore, and wanted to make this recipe from it. A little heavy on the cream cheese, but still tasty. I'm not sure whether the recipe actually called for the Fruit Snacks on the top, but she thought they'd be a good idea.

Perfect Parfaits
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
16 August 2009
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Bob is not quite officially retired just yet, and he and my boss visited our office as well...and he got another cake. I don't think I actually took this picture; Paul borrowed my camera and got this nifty angle, which I'll have to keep in mind.

Frosting Octopus
Los Alamitos CA
Canon EOS 1000D
13 August 2009

(and I have to remember to make Bob a CD of all these pics and mail it to him in Utah...)
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My dad bought these. I am afraid to open them.

Habañero HOT!!!
Kitchen, Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
28 June 2009

(Even as of this posting [10/28/09], they are still in the freezer.)

edit 11/5/09: I eventually chopped them up fine and used them in lentil soup, where they were quite tasty. Still not sure I could handle an entire one by itself.)
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Avalon attending a birthday party at one of the last bowling alleys around here (along with ice rinks they seem to be going the way of the condor, around here at least). Nothing like a gaggle of squealing 2nd graders bowling in their pajamas. Also (funny if you live here), not only was there an Avalon, there was a Catalina, too.

Floating round things
Fountain Bowl
Fountain Valley CA
Canon EOS 1000D
2 May 2008

Later... )
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Couldn't resist - I had to buy a box. Whatnhell is going on with the milk though? Is the Enterprise torpedoing it?

Fannish cereal
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
18 May 2009
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For dinner on Friday at the meeting, I bundled up and set out for a walk to see what I could find for dinner - we're provided a list for these meetings but none looked appealing, and the hotel's restaurant was far too expensive (they wanted about $25 for chicken breast!). About a mile down the road from the hotel, I discovered a Benihana restaurant - sure, it's a chain, but I wasn't in the mood for Mexican. I opted for the quieter and less crowded non-teppan side of the restaurant. They seated me by the window, and I was really wishing it was daytime, as it was right on the bay, but all I could see was dark, and a few lights and the traffic from the San Mateo Bridge (I think).

I ordered a sushi combo, and was amused by the tablefull of women next to me, who were done with dinner by the time I sat down, but were finishing up with cocktails. They all had cameras and were having a great time taking pictures of each other and comparing them on their little screens. Sadly, I forgot the real camera and had to rely on the phone, which does not convey the jewel tones of the sushi above. They were still there giggling when I got up to leave.

Flying fish roe
Burlingame Benihana, CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
3 April 2009

Giant cat! )
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Picked up by Dad on his last trip to the store. Yes, I like clam chowder, but I can't imagine us ever making it so much or so often that we need an entire jar of clam base. We have similar jars of chicken and beef, but we use those a lot more often.

I guess he's trying to tell us something.

Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
27 January 2009
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The tiny Thai place we order take-out from. It's decorated as if it were a big restaurant, but they only have about six tables. I have to wait outside to get our order. When [ profile] runsamuck's not feeling well, we've been known to order Pad Thai two or three days in a row. Mmmm, Pad Thai. We really ought to order something different, but damn, I love nooodles.

Thai Gulf
Huntington Beach CA
Kyocera Switchback phone camera
03 January 2009
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Spaghetti for dinner; we started using the organic whole wheat kind from Trader Joe's about six months ago, and damned if anyone can tell the difference.

Huntington Beach Ca
Sharp VE-CG30
27 July 2008
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I made 15 Bean soup for dinner. I always like all the different colors of beans before they're cooked...

Bag o' Beans
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
15 May 2008
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We seem to have a new neighbor! I have lived in this neighborhood in Orange County since I was a small child (going on 40 yrs), and I have never seen tree squirrels here, a mile from the beach. Ground squirrels occasionally, but not tree squirrels. I've seen this one on my street, and I saw a group of three of them a few blocks away. This one does not have the typical fluffy tail, but he holds it like a tree squirrel, and he's got the right coloring.

My brother lives in West Hollywood, and I will sometimes see them scampering down the power lines when I'm visiting, but he isn't too far away from the Hollywood Hills, which probably serve as a wildlife corridor. This is a suburban area probably a good twenty miles from the nearest place I've seen a tree squirrel. Someone suggested the fires last fall in the Cleveland National Forest might have driven them into the city, but much of what was burned was charparal, not trees.

Tree squirrel
Huntington Beach CA
Sharp VE-CG30
16 April 2008

Crossposted to [ profile] urban_nature

Edit: Definitely fox squirrels - The Southern CA Fox Squirrel Page (someone's master's thesis, apparently) says -

Fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) were introduced to the Los Angeles area in about 1904. Civil war and Spanish American war veterans residing at the Sawtelle Veteran’s Home on Sepulveda and Wilshire Boulevards brought fox squirrels to this site from their homes in the areas surrounding the Mississippi Valley (possibly Tennessee). Other introductions of fox squirrels to the Los Angeles area may have taken place during more recent times but detailed records are not available.

...and grunion greeting! )
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Office Breakroom
Los Alamitos CA
Sharp VE-CG30
28 March 2008

One of my coworkers organized a vegetarian (although not completely vegan, there were a few lacto/ovo dishes) potluck, as a way to welcome spring. I made Broccoli Mushroom Noodle Casserole (from the Moosewood Cookbook, which I had to run to B&N to buy a new copy, because both copies we had mysteriously vanished from the kitchen [possibly gone in the Big Cleanup]), in the half-empty square dish near the front. It went surprisingly well, considering how much resistance to the idea there was in the beginning - this is an office with a fairly high percentage of people who like to hunt and fish. I was full, anyway, and everything was delicious. Well except for the the eggplant. Blech.

Note: me - omnivore, but not averse to meatless meals. Also, any new Trek icons you see are by mrs_spock [ profile] lemonrocket, who is a genius icon-maker, and I have been meaning to glomp some of hers for some time. ;) Present icon: one of my favorite vegetarians.
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Someone is not clear on the concept...

Our scientific aide is leaving at the end of the week, so we took her out for lunch to a Pho restaurant. And had to shake our heads a bit at the vegetarian entrees...
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13 February 2008

Valentine octupus cake my coworker brought in. It's so great she's able to do this again; not because I like cake, but because she was off work for six months being treated for cancer, and she's feeling well enough to come back for several days a week. I want one of those pans!


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