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Angus has been playing a Pokemon Blue emulator he downloaded lately, and thinking of my drawing of Nathan Explosion as a grass-mouse Pokemon, and a little inspiration from this CreepyPasta story, drew me this:


Well, I guess Curse wouldn't be too effective against Nathan, since he's part of the Curse of Dethklok already. Maybe the Ghost better keep his distance! ;)
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I meant to mention, when I doodled this for [ profile] tikistitch the other day, I was listening to the following from Crowded House's newest album...kinda reminded me of those two...

(There were a bunch of videos with concert footage, but damn if I can't stand that pornstache Neil had - thank gods he shaved it off halfway through the tour...)

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Just doodled because I was going to try to replace the battery in my iPod, but Gareth was in the middle of a game so I couldn't look up the directions... and I hadn't done anything for N/C month at [ profile] brutalbusiness yet...

Title: Coffee & Tea
[ profile] senoritafish
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Nathan/Charles
Rating: G
Warning(s): Might keep you awake
Disclaimer: Not mine
Artist Notes: I asked someone what Nathan and Charles should be doing, and that person told me "Drinking coffee and talking about movies." Specifically District 9. Originally I was thinking just the mugs and their hands, gesticulating. Then I remembered I can't draw hands worth shit. And I still haven't seen District 9.

coffee & tea

Actually, I think Charles's preference for tea, if he were in the mood for it at all, would be the whole ritual with a kettle, a Yi Xing teapot and loose tea, something like Lapsang Soochong. But Nathan gets too impatient for all that and just wants the already-made Duncan Hills from the big urn in the corner of the kitchen, so Charles has to rely on method #2 here for his cuppa.

Up way too late because I just agonize too much about hitting that post button.

ETA: I was just reminded, that Nathan does drink tea in ep. #32 The Revengers, (aka Sickklok). He has a cold, and has a rather lovely red and black teapot sitting in front of him during the band meeting, with one of those little bear-shaped honey bottles. I want that teapot.
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Alrighty then. I joined a couple of Metalocalypse fan communities, and finally worked up the courage to actually post something. Never mind that I'm about twice as old as most of the people in them... ;p A post in one of them actually inspired a little Metalocalypse/Pokemon crossover fan art (weird as that may be) of Charles and Nathan, because it made me crack up. I'm just transferring the whole post here, rather than writing up something new. Because I'm brain-dead from trying to write Council briefings, catching up on the dishes, and trying to come with three Halloween costumes on a shoestring. Also damned Meg Whitman (Nut-meg) election commercials making my head explode every time I can't avoid them...

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So, Angus has decided, on a few viewings of reruns (seen fairly often in this household because my father recently became a fan), that he's soured a bit on Avatar: The Last Airbender because he didn't care for the ending.* Turns out that at 12, he's a total Zutara shipper. He decided to come up with his own solution. After viewing a few Kaput & Zosky episodes on YouTube (to jog his memory - it hasn't been aired in some time), he announced his latest comic book project is an ATLA/Kaput and Zosky crossover.

(Kaput & Zosky being another Nicktoons animation no longer being aired - a French import by way of Canada, I believe - about two bloody-minded bean-shaped aliens who go from planet to planet attempting to conquer them, usually being abysmal failures at it. It has a very simple, stylized art style, which I very much like, but it's very different from ATLA.)

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Anyone here going to be in Portland, OR this summer? Happened to see this at Flickr and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

I expect reviews...
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Angus has been digging into all things Invader Zim lately and one of his favorite sites is the Zim Wiki. He's borrowing my phone at present, because I've been trying to figure out how to fix the PC - the both browsers suddenly stopped connecting, although everything else that connects to the internet still works. Grrr.

Anyway, he just brought the phone over to point out a particular caste of Irkens (Zim's species) called Advisors - who provide input to the leaders, the Almighty Tallest. The type specimen's name is Rarl Kove.

And then I had to explain why it made me laugh.

I love Invader Zim, but still haven't seen all of it yet. Or at least don't have the memory Angus does, to remember all the tiny details...Also, despite the number of times I've watched, I only in the last week recognized the voice of Tallest Purple as that of Kevin MacDonald (formerly of Kids in the Hall). Duh; thought I was better at voices than that.

Finally a Zim fan animation I favorited ages ago at DA, but it still makes me laugh.

Avalon wants to be Gaz for the next costume-appropriate holiday....
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Well not quite "seen while driving" - the LJ tag I have this marked with - but a license plate frame I saw in the parking lot while walking back to my car.

"...And then Buffy staked Edward. The End."

Not a member of either fandom referred to here (guess I'm more of an old-school Bram Stoker Dracula fan), but it gave me quite a chuckle, nevertheless. And then I swore because I'd gone over to Ralph's to grab some lunch and brought neither camera nor phone-with-camera with me. One of [ profile] mylife_onceaday's scavenger hunt items for May was "bumper sticker" - not exactly the same, but at least it's a phrase on stuck on a car...
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Gods (insert your pantheon here), it's November already. My Inuyasha calendar at the office has Naraku leveling a malignant smirk at me; boy, I would've thought he would have been more appropriate for October, evil demon that he is. I'm not sure I really want him looking this direction all month. So if Billy Joe Armstrong and Peter Gabriel wear guyliner and manscara (thanks [ profile] a_hollow_year, I did not know those were the correct terms), what do you call eyeshadow on males? I'd say guyshadow but that's a bit repetitive. What did Spock call it? 'Cause dammit, he wore a ton of it. Yes, Lord Naraku, the purple looks good on you, meant no disrespect...


I've been reminded that I haven't really made a proper post in awhile. ;) So, what's the haps?

  • School - the kids started 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade. Strangely enough, while Angus isn't real fond of school, he seemed to kind of be looking forward to middle school. One, it's back in a familiar neighborhood, next door to his old elementary school, and two, there are old friends there, his friend Connor from 1st thru 3rd grade for one. He's having to get used to doing homework every night, though, which his 4th-5th grade teacher didn't seem to require, and that's a little tough for him, and us. Changing for PE also required some getting used to, as well as the requirement that he needs to start wearing deodorant every day. Gareth somehow got placed in a GATE class - he hasn't taken that test, but apparently, if there are spaces, they will put kids in if they think they can do the work. He's there for everything but math, which he has with a teacher who weirdly enough was my brother's 5th grade teacher (my brothers turned 45 in August). I'm not sure, but I think she's the only one still there from our years at that school. Avalon is starting 3rd grade, despite her 2nd grade teacher's trepidation, and it turns out she got a 100% on her first math test (adding triple digit numbers) and despite low test scores in reading last year, she is reading chapter books on her own at home. Her teacher agrees with us that it's more a matter of finding the right motivation for her, which seems to be easier said than done.

  • Health - at the beginning of October, I was getting ready to head to the docks at 5 am one morning, when John sat up in bed and told me his chest hurt, as if someone were trying to shove their fist through it somewhere between his sternum and his clavicle. He aslo felt extremely anxious, like if I left something horrible was going to happen, and clammy all over (not uncommon - he sweats like crazy in his sleep). I thought about Beth, who narrowly averted her brother's heart attack by calling 911 when he thought he was fine, and my grandpa - who complained of just feeling mucky and heartburny all afternoon and passed away on the couch watching TV with my grandma. I looked up symptoms and he had several on the list - in addition, he's gained quite a bit of weight recently and was recently prescribed high blood pressure medication - so I insisted we go to the emergency room. They checked him out and gave him an EKG and a few other emergency room tests - then said everything appeared normal, but they couldn't rule it out completely on the basis of emergency room tests. So they admitted him overnight. They gave him blood thinners among other meds, which left huge black bruises on his stomach, then a stress test the following morning - turned out his heart is fine, but they had to call the respiratory therapist because he started wheezing so bad.

    They'd put him in a room with two other people - one was a younger guy suffering from what we normally wind up there for - asthma. He'd tried to walk to the pharmacy to refill his inhaler and wound up collapsing on the street. He'd recovered and left the same afternoon. The other guy was older, but not so old as we originnally thought. He was quite clearly delerious; kept trying to get out of bed when he wasn't supposed to, talking and moaning, and kicking the covers off. Social workers and doctors kept trying to talk to him, but couldn't get much sense out of him -I did hear once "And how long have you been doing the heavy drinking?" Made it a little difficult for John to sleep, hospitals not being the easiest places to sleep in any case. The nurses only tried once to wake him up by shaking his shoulder - he has a rather violent way of waking up, especially in an unfamiliar place - and from then on woke him from three feet away, calling "Mr. Walton..."

    Anyway, he finally got in to see his own doctor, who did a bunch of bloodwork and gave him some Nexxium for his near constant heartburn (caused by other meds). We haven't heard back about any results yet - I need to get on him about that because he WILL NOT do it himself. It also made him angry that the blood thinners he was given caused the Red Cross to defer him donating blood for a year.

  • Work - not hugely busy since the Management Team finished the SAFE document, and another Council meeting behind us. This time it took place at a hotel in Costa Mesa, the next town over from me, so I didn't really have to travel. I was especially grateful for this as it turned out to be over Halloween/Gareth's birthday. I guess the Council hasn't gotten the message CalCOFI did, when so many people complained that it was scheduled over Halloween, they finally stopped and moved it to the first week of December. Another issue coming up, that of Annual Catch Limits, promises to wind up being way more complicated than it should be, especially since the US only catches a fraction of HMS species in the Pacific and management is actually handled by international agencies. Eh, I still have problems getting my head around it, sometimes.

    I need to get the desk cleaned up -I tend to let things pile up when I'm working on a particular project. Also need to get started on mackerel otoliths for the year. The fishery's been pretty slow for them, partly because of a lowered Harvest Guideline, but also because the larger fish that are mostly in demand are just not coming close enough to shore, or shallow enough, that the boats can target them. There's only a about 2 dozen samples for the entire year, divided between the three of us who read mackerel, so that's not too big of a burden. I kind of enjoy it anyway.

  • Home - ech. Must get areas cleaned up - my dad called and ordered FIOS installation, and I've put off the appointment a couple of times already, because I wasn't ready. Need to get back on the FlyLady track (I haven't found anything else quite comparable, and I have to have an outside kick in the butt apparently) - but it's also frustrating when the other person doing housework has his own method and refuses to listen to anyone else's. Also that the third adult does absolutely nothing. I would excuse him for being 84, but he didn't help much long before that.

    Avalon is out of the bedroom with the boys now - we set up my old twin bed for her in a corner of the living room. We're not quite done making a "room" for her - involving moving some of the larger furniture around so she has "walls" - a disadvantage of six people in a 3-bedroom house, but that's the goal in the next couple of weeks. John's looked into getting something like cubicle dividers, but they're just too expensive, but we do have a tall hutch and an upright grand piano to be moved around.

  • Other - I've been hauling my camera around religiously although I haven't been keeping up quite with the [ profile] mylife_onceaday thing. I have been wanting to do something creative other than photography, but just totally lacking in the inspiration department. Somebody give me an idea for a holiday card and you get a free one. Well, you would, anyway. Just send me your address. What, do I have to smack you upside the head with a hint? ;p

So there's a nutshell. Long stretches of fairly boring punctuated by a few moments of high anxiety. Rather like real life, I suppose.

Time to plug in the pod and get something done...
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Avatar: The Last Airbender at McDonald's
Huntington Beach CA
Canon EOS 1000D
04 September 2009

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Couldn't resist - I had to buy a box. Whatnhell is going on with the milk though? Is the Enterprise torpedoing it?

Fannish cereal
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18 May 2009
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Hmm. (a biology/atheism blog) seems an unlikely place to hear slash referred to, even if he's doing it sarcastically (the piece in question, not slash in general). Although, I suppose I shouldn't be suprised; PZ mentions science fiction and fantasy enough that I know he's a fan. However, doesn't slash just refer to fanfiction?

Glad to see him give a plug for NO on Prop. 8, too, even though he's in Minnesota. The YES signs have been popping up all over my neighborhood, and it's enough to make me sick. Especially the little joyous dancing family with upraised arms (specifically with a large Male and Female). The pro commercials are absolutely hateful. I feel like making a giant sign for the front window with "My Marriage and Family are Fine - What Are You So Threatened By?" or "Prop. 8 = Bigotry, plain and simple." Especially since most gay people I know (including in my family) grew up with a parent of each gender, so the "omg, they want to subvert the children" argument just doesn't wash.
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My brother recently sent my spouse and I these t-shirts as an early birthday present; we opened the package and started cracking up.

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Hmm, I'm not really a fanfic writer; and frankly, I'd sort of forgotten about this. I wrote it several years ago and though I meant to, never posted it anywhere; however I recently stumbled across it again in a little used folder on my harddrive, and was nudged to put it up somewhere. [ profile] bakayaro_onna, I know you beta'ed this, and I think I incorporated most of your suggestions; unfortunately, there were a few I couldn't quite figure out how to do at the time, and in changing computers between then and now, I lost the document you sent me, so you'll have to forgive me. And [ profile] megthelegend, thanks for inspiring this and letting me run it by you, too, even though you're not a Bebop fan (and hope you don't mind if I quote you).

This is perfectly tame general, although it could be a precursor for something JetxFaye (although I like JetxSpike, I'm afraid my own imagination left to itself is pretty vanilla...)

Distractions - Just a little vignette from a day in the life; Faye is a bit confused....

or at

(Thanks in advance for reading...)
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Actually, my daughter gave me this - they have a little gift boutique for the kids to buy presents with at school. Avalon had a dollar left over from her lunch and decided to get me this. I don't wear it very often, but purple is acceptable (I thought the bottle looked like the one in the old "I Dream of Jeannie").

(art by liliesformary at


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