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Angus has been playing a Pokemon Blue emulator he downloaded lately, and thinking of my drawing of Nathan Explosion as a grass-mouse Pokemon, and a little inspiration from this CreepyPasta story, drew me this:


Well, I guess Curse wouldn't be too effective against Nathan, since he's part of the Curse of Dethklok already. Maybe the Ghost better keep his distance! ;)
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Silly song from a cartoon... )
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So, Angus has decided, on a few viewings of reruns (seen fairly often in this household because my father recently became a fan), that he's soured a bit on Avatar: The Last Airbender because he didn't care for the ending.* Turns out that at 12, he's a total Zutara shipper. He decided to come up with his own solution. After viewing a few Kaput & Zosky episodes on YouTube (to jog his memory - it hasn't been aired in some time), he announced his latest comic book project is an ATLA/Kaput and Zosky crossover.

(Kaput & Zosky being another Nicktoons animation no longer being aired - a French import by way of Canada, I believe - about two bloody-minded bean-shaped aliens who go from planet to planet attempting to conquer them, usually being abysmal failures at it. It has a very simple, stylized art style, which I very much like, but it's very different from ATLA.)

Spoilers? But who's watching anymore... )
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Angus has been digging into all things Invader Zim lately and one of his favorite sites is the Zim Wiki. He's borrowing my phone at present, because I've been trying to figure out how to fix the PC - the both browsers suddenly stopped connecting, although everything else that connects to the internet still works. Grrr.

Anyway, he just brought the phone over to point out a particular caste of Irkens (Zim's species) called Advisors - who provide input to the leaders, the Almighty Tallest. The type specimen's name is Rarl Kove.

And then I had to explain why it made me laugh.

I love Invader Zim, but still haven't seen all of it yet. Or at least don't have the memory Angus does, to remember all the tiny details...Also, despite the number of times I've watched, I only in the last week recognized the voice of Tallest Purple as that of Kevin MacDonald (formerly of Kids in the Hall). Duh; thought I was better at voices than that.

Finally a Zim fan animation I favorited ages ago at DA, but it still makes me laugh.

Avalon wants to be Gaz for the next costume-appropriate holiday....
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So, brought kitty home Wednesday night, and after some initial mewing during the ride home, I was worried he (yes, we're pretty sure he's a boy) would want to hide for awhile and be scared. Absolutely not. He came out of the carrier and immediately started bouncing all over the place as if he'd always lived here. For the first couple of days we confined him to our bedroom, mainly so he's sure of where his food and litter box are, but now have started letting him out into the front of the house.

I really thought John would be negative about getting another cat, but allergies and all he's first in line to play with him and even woke up early on Saturday because the kitten did. Kitten has a fondness for sleeping right on someone's pillow, which makes it difficult to avoid the occasional face full of fur. I woke once to find him draped around the top of my head. I have a slight cat allergy myself, and for the first day had very itchy eyes and was taking antihistamines right along with John, but it's getting better now. Hopefully he'll acclimate soon too; he usually does after a couple of weeks exposure.

Avalon will NOT let him alone. We've had to get after her several times for carrying him around constantly and not letting him rest. He actually goes back into the carrier for naps, partly to get away from her. She's like the character with the boneless cat in the Peanuts strip. She was previously doing the same thing to Spot.

I was previously thinking some variation of silver or gray for a name, but his being male shot down the main one I thought of- the mom in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera; as a superhero, her name is Plata Peligrosa (Dangerous Silver) and she's a little bit crazy. Sounded perfect for a kitten to me and we have a precedent for cartoon names with Stimpy. I suppose the name itself isn't gender specific, but in any case, John didn't want a color and has dubbed him Scooter. I don't know where that came from - I asked him if he really wanted to name him after a Bush aide who went to jail. Eh.

Anyhoo, he's finally met his older brothers. They were hungry and Avalon let them in this morning. Everyone was more intent on breakfast than whether there was someone new around; Stimpy headed right for the bowl of kitten chow and polished it off; then I discovered we were completely out of cat food, so I pulled on my pants and headed to the store at 6 am. When I got back, Scooter (eh...) was still being ignored for the most part, so let's hope the interaction stays on that neutral level. If I know kittens, though, they do manage to ingratiate themselves - although Stimpy's the top cat now and will likely continuing the ignoring bit, he did the same thing himself to Bob, when he was a kitten. ;)
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So last week, Angus and I stopped by Big Lots to pick up a couple of plastic bins. On the way out he caught sight of a bin full of $3 DVDs and I relented and allowed him to pick one out, pending parental approval. He picked out a one containing some Garfield cartoons; not the series, but three half-hour shows that I think must have been primetime specials. I rolled my eyes a bit but said he could have it.

Now, I used to like Garfield the strip, it was actually funny when it first started. I even bought the first book; Garfield was huge and fat and obnoxious, and Jon had an actual job as a cartoonist. It got dumb about the time Jon's roommate Lyman disappeared and Garfield started walking on his hind legs; everything became round and cute, even Garfield himself, who wasn't supposed to be. I stopped paying much attention to it decades ago, but a few months ago, Angus brought home the same book, given him to the school librarian because it was beginning to fall apart.

Anyway the kids love, love, love this thing. Avalon has watched it four times in the last couple of days. The one special "Garfield's Nine Lives" is interesting because it's a bunch of different shorts, some done with different animators and art styles. Two of them appear very Disnyesque; "Dianna's Piano" doesn't seem like it had anything to do with Garfield at all, being all pastels and colored pencils and a long-haired female white cat, the other "Lab Animal" looked a lot like Dragon's Lair, which, now that I think about it, came out about the same time this was originally aired (I didn't recognize any of the animators in the credits - but a lot of people are alumni of Disney). Another,"In the Garden" with a sing-song narrator describing Chloe and the orange kitten in an endless childhood fairyland, resembles someone's psychdelic LSD drug trip, complete with rainbow mushrooms, and disturbing floating balloon faces. Of course, that short happens to be Avalon's favorite one. One of the other specials, with Garfield playing a film noir detective (Sam "Spayed") had music vocals by Lou Rawls.*

Huh. Well, I guess it's bearable every once in a while.

While searching for a video of the Garden bit (which I could NOT find), so I could show you just how weird it was, I found it was based on a book - which I vaguely remember but didn't read - but reviews said it was a series of stories (not comics) and more oriented for adults. Also that it (the show) was nominated for an Emmy, but was beat out by the Garfield detective special mentioned above. Must not have been a lot of choices that year.
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Noticed this yesterday; I'm not sure I've ever seen Cartoon Network doing this for previous inaugurations; then again they didn't have little blobby logo characters to display president's faces on until this season. I'm sure the channel's owner wouldn't have had any great impetus for doing something similar in the last eight years, but I don't think I remember anything previous to that either.

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We were all in the park at the end of my street, flying kites, late in the afternoon (note:in real life, this park is not all that great a place to fly kites; there are too many trees, and a couple of buildings for them to get stuck on the roof of). I think even my dad had come. Instead of flying them from west to east, the normal wind dirction, we were flying them from north to south, so we were actually standing in the street and the kites were in the air in front of the scout cabin. Our kite was pretty small and plain. Another man showed up and began setting up a series of figures in a semicircle on the grass in front of the scout cabin. The may have been cartoon characters or political figures or flowers, I don't remember, but we wondered why he was taking such care with how they were arranged. Then he came back to where we were standing and began sending a black kite up in the air. By this time, it was after sunset and it was getting fairly dark, so the rest of us were working on reeling our kites in. Once we had gotten them down and put away, we heard a BANG BANG BANG, and look up to see the man had set off series of fireworks along the string of his kite. They traveled up the string, and when the sparks reached the kite, it burst into a fan-shaped fountain, which burned for a few seconds. This of course burned up the kite as well, and it turned over and nosedived to the ground, crashing right in front of the figures set up on the ground in a shower of sparks. This set off lines of incendiary to each of the figures, of which the outlines flashed into flame from top to bottom. Wow. We all stood and clapped, as he smiled quietly and began to pick up all the remnants of his display.

This may have been triggered by commercials for Making Fiends running on Nickelodeon lately. where evil Vendetta brings a kite to fly alongside her would-be friend Charlotte's kite.

Charlotte: "Oh, you have a kite too Vendetta?
Vendetta: "Oh yes, it's a very special kite!

And then her black kite sprouts tentacles and teeth, growls, and grabs Charlotte's kite and eats it.

(I actually started watching these as web videos a couple of years ago before Nick started airing the series)

I was thinking about this dream when first got up (actually I was TMI! )), and it segued in my head to the the little kite I'd gotten once as a prize on the bottom of a Slurpee cup, and how free prizes in kids products used to be so much better than they are now. Cracker Jacks (a brand of carmel popcorn snack) used to have actual toys in them; I remember when I was about five, getting a tiny plastic elephant (assembly required) that had some kind of rider (a monkey or a mahout, I don't remember) that fit into a slot on its back. You pushed down the elephants tail, or maybe its trunk, and the rider went flying off somewhere (and you were lucky if you ever found it again). Nowadays, you get a sticker or a temporary tattoo. My father used to save Planters Peanut wrappers for me because you could send away for free stuff with them. I think I still have a Mr. Peanut bank out in the garage somewhere. Nothing on the backs of their wrappers now. I notice the Dums-Dums suckers my kids got in their Halloween candy have a "save wrappers for stuff" thing, but you order from a website and the wrappers only get you a discount.

An exception lately was the alarm clock from a box of Poptarts, which you needed to have several coupons from a box to able to purchase. It has pictures of a the little dinosaur from the commercial on the hands, and when the alarm goes off, it says:

"Get up. One of us has to get up, and it ain't gonna be me. Get up or I tell all your friends you wear jammies!"

It also runs backwards, so it takes a bit of squinting to tell what time it actually is.

I should make a pattern for that kite. It always amazed me that it actually flew. What do you remember getting out of a box or sending away for when you were a kid?
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And because I have managed to see the animated "Grinch Who Stole Xmas" about four times in the last few days on various channels, I am reminded of this; it's been in my sadly neglected favorites gallery at DA for awhile.

The Grinch Who Got a Black Eye...

Although she says that's actually the Jim-Carey-in-a-suit Grinch, because she loves the animated one.

Funny, I always couldn't wait to see that one every year as well, and even taped it one year in case I missed it. Now it seems to be on a half dozen different channels, several different times.
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Not suprising...


You are a Waterbender!


The first waterbenders learned how to bend water by watching the moon control the tides. Waterbenders use Chi, the energy that flows through life, in combat. They redirect their opponent’s Chi rather than using direct strikes. Waterbending is stronger at night and strongest during the full moon. Waterbending is not possible during a lunar eclipse.

Which Element do you Bend?

Seriously, I am so far behind on Avatar - I love it, but I only seem to catch the reruns. I think I've seen half the second season (but sporadic episodes), none of the third, and I swear I've seen the first episode at least a dozen times. I should just break down and buy the damn series... Ah well, this way I can stretch out the limited time I have left with Uncle Iroh...

Edit: Looking up a link below, and I found this - Live Action Movie by M. Night Shamyamalan? If I went to ComicCon, I might know these things. Not sure, I've really liked some of his stuff, but he's sure had some clunkers, too.
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I made lentil soup for dinner. I always like the way lentils look before they're cooked - little browny-pinky-green disks. Unfortunately, they just turned out sort of brown here. Soup turned out yummy, though. But can I get my kids to eat it? No.

also...Catscratch... )
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Ok, I happened to be watching Ed, Edd & Eddy with Angus on the CN website; the "Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Ed" episode in particular. Eddy manages to convince Ed (never the brightest bulb) that Double D is actually an alien ("C'mon, didja ever know any normal person who was that smart?"). After Ed gives him funny looks in the garage, Double D flees into his bathroom, thinking there's something wrong with his breath. After Eddy eggs Ed on a bit further, they corner Double D in the bathroom, where he's paranoidly brushing his teeth. When he tries to talk to Ed (while foaming at the mouth), Ed panics and runs out of the bathroom, slamming the door.

An aside here: while we never see any of the kid's parents in this show, Double D's parents at least leave evidence that they exist by leaving sticky notes all over the house for him, although they never seem to be at home themselves (this has led many a fan to speculate that he's so neurotic because his parents neglect him). There are quite a few little yellow squares in evidence all over Double D's bathroom in this scene. When Ed runs out, there's a view of the back of the door and the wall where a few of the stickies are visible. It's only visible for maybe a quarter of a second; I wasn't sure I'd really seen it until I managed to hit the pause button in the right place. I tried to grab a screenshot, but CN is being a stick-in-mud and won't let them be saved, so I finally grabbed my camera, and this was the best shot I could get.

Let's see, there's "Flush," "Lock Door," "Walk, Don't Run," and...

No wonder Double D is so repressed... )
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The Biology of B-Movie Monsters

I love weird creatures in my fantasy and science fiction, but it's also fun figuring out whether they would actually work. Granted, most of the B-movies mentioned are fun just because they're so implausible. Was E.T. really a B-movie, though? It got nominated for several Academy awards, didn't it? I'd think it a little too warm and fuzzy to fit the category - unless the criteria is merely having a strange creature in it.

Very fun video! Wizard Needs Food Badly!

(or iTunes podcast, Channel Frederator, ep. 36)
The video is the second one in the podcast, starts at minute 7:50, (after Dan Danger, which may look familiar to anyone who's seen Fairly OddParents, same animator).

I've had this damn thing on my 'pod since late June and hadn't gotten around to watching it. The animation is done by the same people who do the Esurance commercials, which have always reminded me of Samurai Jack. Nice surprise - I especially like the song; the lyrics could be talking about a few guys (and not a few gals) we've all known like that (it could also have described my mother and I), and the video's brother/sister rivalry reminds me a little of my own. My kids have asked to see it so much, I'm in danger of getting tired of it; and I keep hearing Angus going around singing the chorus. ^_^ The title is a reference to the 80's arcade game Gauntlet, which I remember playing quite a bit back in the day, although I never got very far in it.

Lyrics.. )

I found out since that the band, Five Iron Frenzy, is (or rather was - they've retired as a band) a Christian band, although it sounds like not all of their music is overtly such - it's not even mentioned much on their website, and the above song certainly isn't. This gave me pause for a moment, but if I enjoy Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around, the occasional bit of gospel music, Gregorian chants, and the sometime bits of religious imagery that show up in Neil Finn's music, plus whatever other music in the world that may be influenced by whatever culture/religion it has as a background, a little ska by such a band should be ok. And true to form, another band I discover after they're defunct...


Jun. 13th, 2006 10:59 am
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So, Angus recently attended a second grade assembly in which the staff of a local aquarium gave a presentation. He said one of the speakers told them that Bruce, the large deep-voiced white shark in Finding Nemo, was actually a girl, seeing as "he" lacked claspers.

Considering he was voiced by the same actor who plays Dame Edna Everage, I find this amusing. I'm now picturing Bruce wearing large, sparkly cat-eye glasses.
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Although it was created by the same person as Rocko's Modern Life, which I enjoyed, I haven't gotten so much into Camp Lazlo. However, my kids like it, so I do watch it occasionally. One character that does amuse me is Assistant Scoutmaster Slinkman of Camp Kidney's loyal Bean Scouts. He's a banana slug, and if you've spent any time in the Pacific Northwest, you're familiar with these critters. The biologist in me rebels against a slug with arms and legs though, so I had to depict him a bit more realistically. I put him perching in Scoutmaster Lumpus's antler (he's a grumpy moose), the better to remind him of the duties he tries to avoid.

(This is what they're actually drawn like.)

I drew this twice. I spent about 90 minutes on it Sunday night, and then I clicked "modify canvas" instead of the "save" button, and lost the whole damn thing. Tonight, the oekaki board would not let me save it (Image data transfer error - please retry...), so I had to take a screenshot and save it onto my hard drive instead. I don't know if it's my browser or computer settings or what. It's only OekakiBBS - Paint BBS seems to work ok. If anyone's got any ideas, let me know...

(Oh, and I'm nuts - I made a community at DA. alt - for marine life art.)

I still need to work on my holiday card, dammit...
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Just a little doodling. Obviously we've been the aquarium too much lately.

Speaking of marine critters, I noticed that Nickelodeon was having a "Where's Gary?" promotion, leading up to a new 'toon where Spongebob's pet snail Gary had run away. Today many of Cartoon Network's shows had a little animated snail that crawled across the bottom of the screen, with a sign taped to it that said "I <3 CN!" Don't know if it was related, but it gave me a giggle.

Much less amusing stuff happened also, which is why I spent most of the day watching 'toons with the kids.
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This week in the magazine, The New Yorker announces the winner of its sixth Cartoon Caption Contest. This year’s illustration was drawn by Alex Gregory, a New Yorker cartoonist who is also a television-sitcom writer.

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OK, a couple of rather trippy musical moments for me in American Dad on FOX this evening.

  1. Patrick Stewart, playing the head of the CIA, singing Oingo Boingo song, I Like Little Girls. In a pink, frilly bathrobe.

  2. A clip from Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over playing during a post credit slow-motion scene of Stan entering a room and hugging someone, captioned "In Memory of..."

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Please forgive me for this, but my daughter was awake til 2 a.m. and I was hallicinating from sleep deprivation and too many Nicktoons. I can't draw people worth beans, so if you're expecting high art, forget it.

Ed n' Al meet the Ultimate Obliterators...

Ah well, guess you had to be there; the same people liking both FullMetal Alchemist and Kaput & Zösky is too much to hope for...


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