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Oh my gosh, it's getting light once again. my 24 hours is up and I'm getting a cramp in my calf. It's been fun, and thanks so much to everyone who sponsored me! I still a few things I could add to this trip I've dragged you along on, but I'll have to do them later. I think I'm gonna call it a night day. Aw, Look what they gave everyone! :D

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I did promise some fish. Here's a sinkful. )
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And just because everyone needs a seven foot fiberglass rabbit in their front yard.

Yes, you do need it. Of course, you do.
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Down on the rocks...Striped shore crabs look for a meal.

I love watching these guys... )
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Ummm, eight more posts after this one. Alternating carrots and Good & Plentys that John just handed me. About to go get a cuppa.

One day I was looking for boats and found a memorial where I wasn't expecting one...

To be continued...
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Black-eyed susans grow where the United Food Processors cannery used to stand...

My dad and my cat should be happy... )
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Probably the busiest processor at Terminal Island, where we observe most of the bycatch, because we can watch everything going by on the coveyors inside the building.

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I'm told, Terminal Island used to have fancy homes all along Seaside Avenue, and all the street names reflect it's importantce as a fishing port, Tuna St., Pilchard Ave. Now, much of it is devote dto shipping facilities,which expand every year. While many smaller boats still call Fish Harbor, on the west end of Terminal Island home, the industry is a shadow of its former self.Terminal Island used to be home to at least three canneries not so long ago. The fisherman's co-op cannery closed due to mismanagement and was torn down, the pet food cannery moved its main canning operation to the midwest (no great loss to us as sampling there was an exercise in developing a strong stomach), and this building was the last tuna cannery in the continental U.S. They finally moved all their operations to Costa Rica and American Samoa and the plant is for sale, but for several years there have been no takers.

Turning up the color saturation doesn't keep this from being a boring picture.

The plant's weigh station sits decrepit and abandoned...

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Squid, drawn by a co-workers son.

budding artiste )
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Alright, transferred a bunch more pics over. Now maybe I have enough to finish the 24 hours. And yes, there will be fish!

Switching back to the new-to-me comp.
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Dr. Girlfriend: Look, sweetie, it's that guy from Depeche Mode!

Monarch: Jeez, isn't he gay?

Dr. G: Nope, he's totally straight. I saw it on the VH1.

Monarch: But he was in Depeche Mode!

Dr. G.: *shrugs* I'm tellin' ya - straight.

My personal favorite Venture Brothers episode.
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Drat it, I've been searching all over for some photos I wanted to post later and can't find them. I know they're on my computer at work, but i don't usually just have photos downloaded at work. Grrr.



Zooming in.... )
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Futzing around again...

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Well, no more boats coming in to San Pedro; it's foggy anyway,

let's go... )
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Gareth: Is there really a Big Rock Candy Mountain?

Me: Nope, don't think so.

Gareth: Then Paul Bunyan doesn't exist.


(no, I haven't read the book yet)

I'm from Ravenclaw!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

made by The Genki Gang

You are smart, calm and calculating in a situation
or problem you're faced with.

You base your decisions more of logic than a standard of morals.

But be careful, sometimes in your search for knowledge you come across as
cold as Spock.

Erm, not so sure about that.

As for ruling the world, I quote The Monarch - "I'll leave that to the religious nuts and the Republicans, thank you very much."
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(My, 12 hours - halfway through - and I'm still in San Pedro...)

Bow... )

Midships... )

Stern... )
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You'll have to excuse me; my son can't find any pants. I must assist him lest he run outside without any on - it wouldn't bother him in the least.

Hmm, the weather station says rain - interesting. It's been perfectly sunny and we don't usually get rain here in August.
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Here's some artwork of the fish these boats have been bringing in.

Read more... )
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Tons at a time... )
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Looking the other direction you can see the isthmus at Catalina Island....


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