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Umm, Happy Solstice? It's kind of hard to tell it's the first day of summer here - the June Gloom has been pretty fierce. It may have been sunny for a few hours by the time I leave work, but often by the time I get home to HB, the marine layer is starting to form up again. On the second leg of my flight home from Spokane the week before last, I was sitting next to a couple who were recent transplants to Seattle from Sacramento. They asked if I was coming or going; when I said I was heading home to Orange County, the girl sighed and said "Ah, you live in the SUN!" They were en route to visit his brother who lived in Irvine. If they really wanted sun I hope they weren't too disappointed, although Irvine is few miles inland and it probably clears up sooner.

Side note: she apparently was a Starbucks employee who had seemed to have totally bought into the company propaganda; she spent several minutes asking me whether I liked them, which baked goods were my favorites (apparently, they only sell maple oat nut scones in California - and quite frankly, while I like my strong coffee, I'm not so much of a connoisseur that I can tell one variety from another). She had me read a printout, apparently from the company's annual report, of all the goals reached, or newly set. They seemed to be making progress on most of them except for electricity use, which they were supposed have cut down on 25% by 2010. It's only been about 1.5%. Maybe they should start grinding their beans with a crank.
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I thought we were having some kind of bug invasion, but there must be some sort of training course for pest control technicians here today. There are about sixteen bright yellow trucks from Western Exterminators (all with their company logo, a guy in spats, sunglasses and a top hat, with a mallet behind his back mounted on the back end), a good six from Orkin, and a couple of other termite control companies in the parking lot.


ETA: Turns out it was a trapping permit test. One of the admin staff told me some of them have taken it about 6 times - but apparently it's fairly difficult.
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I have a number of things I want to post about, but I have a couple of work deadlines I have procrastinated on for way too long and now I feel like Garrison Kiellor's Winged Motivational Products™ are glaring down at me from my cube walls. Gonna have to wait until at least the first one is finished with, but at least need to get something off my mind. To do:

  • Concert.

  • Spokane.

  • Brothers, sheesh.

  • ?

Meanwhile, today is my dad's birthday. I was aware, but [ profile] runsamuck mentioned it to me after dropping the kids off at school as well. Every time I do something for the first time since he died, I remember he was here the last time I did this. Almost every time I take a can out of the cupboard, I remember going with him to Smart & Final and arguing about the checkbook. The frozen burrito I brought for lunch today he was charging around the store pushing the grocery cart for, disdaining his walker. It's Flag Day and I never remember to put the flag out - that was always a good reminder of what day it was.
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Whee! We get to go see this tonight because some friends of mine bought tickets, but then one of them had to go out of town, and she didn't want to go by herself. Mainly because it was his idea, and she'd rather go to the roller derby. She threatened to take my daughter along with her; that might be a good idea. She told me they even have leagues for girls her age, and given what an instigator Avalon is, maybe she'd be good at it. Maybe it would get her to lay off her brother - she and Gareth both got put on computer restriction the other day because I told them about SIX TIMES to leave each other the hell alone. BECAUSE GODDAMMIT MY BED IS NOT A CAGE-MATCH RING.

But I digress. John's mom is taking the kids for the evening and we're going to take the special bus from Lakewood that goes straight up to Hollywood Bowl, no messing with parking, whatever. I picked up some fruit, chips, etc. at lunchtime, and John's going to grab some sandwiches - and maybe an alcoholic beverage or two, and maybe a picnic before John Williams. Yay! Should be fun - John's picking me up in maybe an hour, and off we go.
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My work family (and people here do seem like a family, especially those of us who've been here a long time) not only made a donation in my dad's name to the American Heart Association, but also sent us a tree seed from Seeds of Life. It's a Canyon Live Oak, a native Californian, as he was, so it's very appropriate. They even grow around Oxnard and Moorpark, where he was born and grew up.

We planted it in its biodegradable pot a couple of weeks ago, and the acorn is sprouting! Very exciting!

I don't know if we're going to be able to plant it here at the house, once it gets big. I'm wondering if maybe the Shipley Nature Center in Central Park might let us plant it there? Then it would still be here in HB, and we'd have a nearer place to go and visit.
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(banner by spraypaint - who also did this nifty FlashFreeze Geocache Event we went to a couple of years ago - small world!)

Really could use one lately... I've been reminded that today is Towel Day, on the day at least and not the day after (when I usually hear about/remember these things). Most of my towels seem to be either in the laundry or otherwise damp, so I quickly grabbed this one at the 99¢ Only store.


It's really more of a cloth than a towel, but hey, it's super-absorbent! It's already come in handy for dusting off my monitor. And I'll have to pull some Douglas Adams off the bookshelf...and remember not to panic.

Had to go back and get a six-month mammogram this morning; there were some elderly men in the waiting room, too. Although I know men are not immune from breast cancer, it turns out they came for bone density scans. Maybe that's why the place is less pink now. All the better.

The tech asked if I'd had any problems since the last one. So I told her that particular side has been feeling kind of tingly and weird lately. However, this started almost immediately after I was told I had to come back for a closer look after the last mammogram. So I was inclined to think it's all in my head, but thought I'd relay it anyway. She raised an eyebrow and asked if I kept my cellphone in my bra - and while there's probably room, I've never really used my bra as a purse. She said her mother used to carry her phone there and complained of the same thing. When she stopped, the feeling went away. Go figure.

But apparently all is well - whatever they noticed last time is completely gone. I still have go back again in October - a follow-up follow-up? - but I guess that can be crossed off the worry list. Although it was pretty far down there to begin with.

(and new icon - borrowed and modified from outside a bar downtown...)
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Last summer, [ profile] runsamuck and Gareth built a birdhouse as a kind of father-son woodworking project.


We stuck it up on the Moreton Bay Fig tree in front of our house, just on a whim. I thought it would be purely decorative - it's a rather odd size, and the hole is bigger than ideal. It's also located only about 10' above the sidewalk, with people walking their dogs under it every day.

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And something I should probably spend some time doing in the front yard before the city comes after us. Again. The grass gets mowed but the planters are sorry.

A philosophical approach to weeds...
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One of our last walks around the block before he went back in the hospital. It was a gorgeous day, having rained that morning; you can see the clouds in the background. He saw me taking these and told me, "Eh, you don't want me in your nice pictures." I assured him that I did, very much so. Then we went home and I packed to go to the Bay Area for work for the weekend. The next Wednesday, after an xray by his doctor, he was admitted to the hospital once again; he'd only been home for about a month and a half.

The following is an account of my father's death. I'm leaving this public because after my mother passed away, I found similar stories comforting, but maybe I'm just morbid. Please skip if you find such things distressing, or if needed I could make a filter, because there's likely to be more related stuff here for a while.

Alternatively, other entries from this journal about my dad are here - or by clicking Dad in the tag cloud on the right on my LJ page. They may be happy or not so much. Also, I had made a journal for him where I was transcribing some of the stories he told me at [ profile] deadwood_bob, although I always intended to write down more of them. If you knew my dad and have a story about him, I would love it if you could write it down and send it to me, and I'll include it there as an entry.

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Robert Stephen Laughlin
June 14, 1926 - May 1, 2011

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Five Wishes

This focuses on aging, but would probably be good for everyone. You never know when something might make it necessary.
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Just to take my mind off things...

Avalon found this the other day. Has bad language but this is hysterical. I needed the laugh at the time, so I'm not gonna get after her for it. Besides, her dad is worse.

Entire playlist...

Plus, Sylvester is mean to the dog...

Between this and The Engineer's Guide to Cats...I think I have to send these to all the people who like to send me cute animal pictures. ;p
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Dad's been put in ICU again. I have not been able to to talk to his doctor, but it seems while the CHF cleared up, his COPD complicates things. He's got pneumonia again and his oxygen levels are not improving, so they putting him where they can keep a closer eye on him. He is stable and the nurse who called me said he was alert and joking (flirting was the word she used), so I guess that's positive.

Kids are out of school this week.


Apr. 14th, 2011 06:05 pm
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I stopped by to see my dad in the hospital after work yesterday - stressful enough in itself as I'd forgotten to get back to someone who'd requested a data summary of me, I couldn't get hold of my boss all afternoon, and had a newspaper call about shark populations - I hate media calls, and oh btw, must remember to submit a media contact form! :p He told me, after a course of stronger medication than he's been taking at home, the doctor told him he's much improved and should be able to come home soon, maybe even tomorrow.

That's a relief...

So have a funny...

Where do new fake tree cell phone towers come from? )
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I meant to mention, when I doodled this for [ profile] tikistitch the other day, I was listening to the following from Crowded House's newest album...kinda reminded me of those two...

(There were a bunch of videos with concert footage, but damn if I can't stand that pornstache Neil had - thank gods he shaved it off halfway through the tour...)

lyrics... )
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After buying the new laptop, soon after John had rush out and buy Hoyle's Casino, because he can't be long without a gambling game.

One of the slot machine games is called Ninjas of the Caribbean.

Angus made a character that wears a cowboy hat and a monocle.

Just thought I'd pass that along...I'm easily amused...

Ok, finish my coffee and go get something done...
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While getting gas this morning...


Well, at least he's honest...

He could flip and fold it to say "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" and "FREE TO GOOD HOME!" as well.

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We seem to have a number of musicians in the neighborhood. I'm just now hearing someone practicing drums in their garage - maybe the kids who have a punk band on the corner of the next block. I shouldn't say kids - they're probably in their mid-twenties. And the lead singer from a fairly well-known band bought the house at the end of my block after it had been sitting empty for almost a year after the real estate bubble. I haven't met him, but [ profile] runsamuck (who is waaay more outgoing than I and knows ALL the neighbors) sometimes goes down and plays nickel n' dime poker with him and his buddies in the garage. I nod and smile at his wife when we run into each other on the sidewalk when we're out for a walk, and she's walking their little dog. [ profile] runsamuck mentioned he'd seen something about them going on tour, and sure enough, when I came home from work the other day, there was a big bus parked next to the house. They hadn't been for awhile because their drummer passed away last year.

One of [ profile] runsamuck's friends found a guitar in the trash out the alley - looks very much like this one, it says S-classic on the head, but I can't find that model on the website - it's a little beat up but still in working condition. He took it to Guitar Center and got it some new strings, had it cleaned and tuned, and the tech couldn't believe someone had thrown it away. Gareth cabbaged onto it and has managed to pick out the first couple of lines of the Skwisgaar's tutorial from the DVD we have. Well, he didn't sign up for band this year, but maybe we should get guitar lessons instead. Maybe when he gets his grades up. He tells me now he'd rather teach himself. Arrogant pre-teen. Skwisgaar you're not. ;p Ah, what do I know? Neil Finn is my musical genius.

We don't have an amp for him yet,and the pickup on the camera is not very strong, so it's very soft. He's only been fiddling around with the guitar for a month or two...I'm actually kind of impressed he's done this on his own.
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Just doodled because I was going to try to replace the battery in my iPod, but Gareth was in the middle of a game so I couldn't look up the directions... and I hadn't done anything for N/C month at [ profile] brutalbusiness yet...

Title: Coffee & Tea
[ profile] senoritafish
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Nathan/Charles
Rating: G
Warning(s): Might keep you awake
Disclaimer: Not mine
Artist Notes: I asked someone what Nathan and Charles should be doing, and that person told me "Drinking coffee and talking about movies." Specifically District 9. Originally I was thinking just the mugs and their hands, gesticulating. Then I remembered I can't draw hands worth shit. And I still haven't seen District 9.

coffee & tea

Actually, I think Charles's preference for tea, if he were in the mood for it at all, would be the whole ritual with a kettle, a Yi Xing teapot and loose tea, something like Lapsang Soochong. But Nathan gets too impatient for all that and just wants the already-made Duncan Hills from the big urn in the corner of the kitchen, so Charles has to rely on method #2 here for his cuppa.

Up way too late because I just agonize too much about hitting that post button.

ETA: I was just reminded, that Nathan does drink tea in ep. #32 The Revengers, (aka Sickklok). He has a cold, and has a rather lovely red and black teapot sitting in front of him during the band meeting, with one of those little bear-shaped honey bottles. I want that teapot.


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