Jul. 22nd, 2011

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Heh. Avalon & I are at the Long Beach roller derby, watching the Belmont Hot Broads vs. the Bixby Rollerettes with some friends from work. I think we're sitting in the wrong section - every one around us is rooting for pink and I think we're 'posed to be for turquoise.... Avalon was acting all excited to come and now she's acting like she wants to go to sleep. Silly girl.... don't you wanna learn how to throw a shoulder like that?

Edit: oops, sorry for all the typos - must not be able to see my phone as well as I thought. I'm actually surprised it posted at all, considering most of the time it won't let me comment...

I think I finally got it straight how the scoring works, by the end. I'm glad they're finding some use for the Spruce Goose dome.

PH and his wife came as well, good to see him since he retired about three years ago. He told me his favorite team is the Terminal Island Toosties - who whose uniforms look sort of like sailor suits and everyone roots for by their acronym, of course. *rolls eyes*

We'd gotten there by parking at the Aquarium and taking the free shuttle over, and it's a good thing - the parking at the Queen Mary is $12. Mary & Ian were going to give us a ride back across the bridge to the AOP, but we wound up standing around for half an hour until the press of traffic getting out died down. So we got to have a nice chat

They do have junior leagues, and there's one here in Huntington Beach. Might be something we'll have to put aside for; I think it'll be good for her.


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