Jul. 7th, 2011

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So I nipped out to the grocery store to grab something for lunch yesterday and toyed with the idea of getting some chips - I wound up getting a pack of sushi and a mango from the produce guy who comes by our office once a week. But in the healthy section of the aisle I noticed some small bags of kale chips, which I've heard about but never tried. They came in a number of flavors and actually looked fairly tasty. Then I caught the price. $6.99 for a small bag - maybe 3 ounces. Yikes.

Maybe this is a better idea.

Crunchy, salty (and easy) kale chips

Huh. The LJ link on the article actually puts a title in the post. I did not notice that until I came back and edited this.
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I love all kinds of animation, and this video was a free download from iTunes awhile ago. The song's not bad either. I think the little sock fish are my favorite part.

The making of it... )
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Angus has been playing a Pokemon Blue emulator he downloaded lately, and thinking of my drawing of Nathan Explosion as a grass-mouse Pokemon, and a little inspiration from this CreepyPasta story, drew me this:


Well, I guess Curse wouldn't be too effective against Nathan, since he's part of the Curse of Dethklok already. Maybe the Ghost better keep his distance! ;)


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